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thanks 3_opihi & spastica - I appreciate your responses! just realized its 11am and i still haven't washed my face with honey. ttfn!
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I have been happily washing with honey, toning with ACV and moisturizing with shea butter for several weeks now. However, I need to eliminate all sugars (honey) and fermented foods (vinegar) for a few days to clear up a yeast infection. I washed with just baking soda and water this morning for lack of something immediately on hand. Does anyone have any good suggestions for washing? I am prone to acne and do not want to return to soap. I am okay with using baking soda just for the next few days but wondered if there was a different option. Thanks!
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The lack of sugar and honey for a yeast infection is for eating purposes and putting honey on the affected area (since sugar feeds yeast, but you need to eat it or put it on the yeast for them to feed off it it) ). It won't harm your face or hurt you otherwise. You can use honey and baking soda to wash.

If you don't want to use honey still, then do a baking soda wash, and do a diluted apple cider vinegar toner afterward (you can either pat some on your face and rinse or use a cotton ball and apply). No need to rinse apple cider vinegar off, it's antiseptic.
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i have been doing this for the last three nights and this is awesome!! my face feels so smooth and my acne is going away so fast! my face feels great! i love this stuff! i recommend this to anyone with acne!
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so when you put the honey on your face, is your face dry or wet? Also do you warm the honey up first so it spreads easier?
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I put it on my face while its dry usually. Sometimes I do it in the shower too. Just add a little water to your scoop of honey and rub it around on your face. The water makes it kind of non sticky and soap like. HTHs!
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For nightly facial wash (sans shower) I put a blob of honey in my hand and shake some baking soda in it and mix it with a finger. The baking soda cuts the gooeyness and makes a good exfoliant. I take my free hand and put a drop or two of warm water in that batch (mix it with finger again) and/or splash a little warm water on my face. The mixture works like cleanser at that point.
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This thread rocks.... someone mentioned toner. Any ideas? I have used witch hazel with TTO or a little peppermint. I have a recipe for a great oatmeal/honey mask if interested.
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This sounds awsome. I can't wait to try it.
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I've noticed that with honey and a pinch of baking soda, there's not much of a need to tone since honey is already a little on the acidic side. I do put moisturizer on afterward though (very necessary for skin health).

Your witch hazel toner sounds great, you can stick to that. Toners are great if you use natural soap, commercial cleansers, or baking soda only.

Or, you can try a natural alpha-hydroxy toner using diluted apple cider vinegar at bedtime, and use a cotton ball to apply (no need to rinse). ACV tones, improves skin quality and texture, shrinks pores, prevents acne, fades dark marks from acne, and improves acne redness. Don't forget to swab your neck too. You don't want fabulous skin jawline up and forget your neck

Some people use diluted lemon juice to tone, but that's not something that keeps well in the bathroom, and it makes my face itch personally.
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I too am loving the honey wash!!! I have been rotating it with OCM (using jojoba oil) -- MAN how I wish I'd learned about this 20 years ago!!!!!!!!

Think I'll try the bs and honey mixture next!
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I tried it .... I love it!!

I will be not be repurchasing my facial scrub after its gone.
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Help! I am totally breaking out, and I know it's from the pregnancy (well pretty sure, it happened before.) What do I do? Just keep up with the honey and use bs and acv more often? I can't use tea tree oil. Did I read that just leaving honey on a zit would help? Ugh.
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Are you using raw honey? If not, definitely switch now. I would also do a mask. That helps with my monthly breakouts. Leave it on for 10 minutes or so, or longer then wash it off.

What is your system right now?
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Oh, and I've found that taking yellow dock tincture during all my pregnancies really helps my skin - gives me that healthy glow. It's high in iron and is one of the "tonic" herbs, so it cleanses the blood and liver and helps regulate the body. Any of the tonics will work -dandelion, nettles...Yellow dock is best for pregnancy though.

Try it! (warning - it tastes awful)
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Hazelnut - agreed with previous post, we'll need to know your current skin type, situation, and regimen before troubleshooting
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I tried this last night & my face feels great today!
I used it as a mask while I was in the tub. It smelled so good I was craving for tea with honey when I was done.
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Well, I'm 34, so not very oily anymore, mostly combo to normal I guess. I still had some blackheads on my nose, a little redness, and rarely some little bumps on my forehead. I have more bumps now and and a couple big zits. wah. I've been using raw honey twice a day, bs maybe twice a week, acv nightly. And the african black soap too.

Where do I gind that tincture stuff?
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This is an insanely long thread. : I have gone through a few pages and I can't find my question addressed so forgive me if I am repeating something that has already been discussed.

I have....let's call then adversions to certain textures and what not. One of my things is that I don't like anything sticky on my skin. I HATE lotion, oil, etc. The thought of putting honey on my face is somewhat disturbing, . (Hey, I never claimed to be totally stable) Is there another freak out there like me that has taken then plunge and can assure me I won't be totally creeped out.
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If it bothers you that much, put some honey into a bottle, put some hot water and a pinch of baking soda in it, shake it up and use that as a cleanser. The baking soda and honey does feel good on your skin, so you'd be missing out

Oils and lotions are good for your face, just find something that's not sticky or else you're going to look like a shriveled old prune VERY early in life.


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