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Interesting.... im going to give this a try.  My face is so oily by 4pm you can see the gleem from miles away...ugh.  And i get huge boils/zits on my shoulders.  They are SO painful.  I really hope this helps!

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hey hi, Can a man also use honeyface pack? I heard that if honey touch the hair on the face , the hair start turn into white, Is this true? Waiting for ur reply

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I won't be able to read ALL these posts. But I got the gist of it and thought I'd have my 9.5 yo try it.  She's starting some hormonal changes and her skin has gotten a wee bit oilier and she's had some bumps near her nose.  I tried it first, advised her on how to try it in the shower and left it at that. She didn't seem thrilled but the next day I looked at her face and I kid you not the bumps were gone.  Previously I only had her wash with water and a Norwex body cloth.


Maybe they would have disappeared on their own that very same day, but they've stayed cleared and I've got a nice, chemical-free option for her.  She is really happy with the results, too.  We just used fairly local honey labeled raw but not raw to my standards. 

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This is so funny!  My hub is a beekeeper and we have an abundance of honey so I knew that honey was used in a lot of skin care so I thought "Why not be lazy and just use honey?"....Been doing it for a whilie now and feel good about it on multiple levels....I should have known to come look here first!   :)   I was surprised at how something so normally sticky kind of turns into this yummy rich non-sticky conditioner that I barely have to wash off...it just seems to absorb well and moisturize nicely!  Fun!

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I use honey too. I only use raw honey because it has all the useful things. My skin also love honey. :) I'm almost 40, but my skin looks like 20 y.o.

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Originally Posted by raviame9 View Post

hey hi, Can a man also use honeyface pack? I heard that if honey touch the hair on the face , the hair start turn into white, Is this true?

A man can use honey. It's natural product.

I've never heard about "hair that turn into white". :)

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Trying this now! Yummy!

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Honey is an amazing natural substance and I am not surprised it works for you. I use Mama Nature's Queen B which is a natural beauty balm containing beeswax, honey royal jelly etc. I have been using it now for almost six months and my skin is the best it has ever been. It has definitely reduced the number of wrinkles and my skin is plumper and less saggy. It has also given my skin a lovely glow. I have lost count of the number of anti-wrinkle creams and serums I have tried and this is miles ahead of them all. Apparently a lot of the stars make up artists etc. have cottoned on to how good it is and it is going to be the next big thing so I'm going to buy a load in case it sells out!! If it's good enough for Keira Knightley then it's good enough for me.

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So. I have suffered from acne for a long time. specifically the most irritating and painful is cystic acne. Is honey good for this?? any tips for me ?? I am absolutely miserable! 


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I read this thread a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a try. Mixed a dab of honey with a pinch of dried lavender and a pinch of steel cut oats....it made a wonderful scrub and I've been using it about every 3 days. So thanks!!!!

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Have to sub.  See siggie.


Awesome thread.

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Sooo true! I broke out bad!! All around my chin and neck! It was baaad! I found that many people use honey so i gave it a try this moning was my third wash, only i sprinkled baking soda on the honey an d it made a really soft scrub! It felt si good! Anyway by this third wash (yesterday mornong, last night and this morning wash) my face gfelt soo goid! My acne i had broke out was dried up and no longer red. And it alo doesnt hurt anymore. My face was sore from such a bad brek out! I lov this! Im on my way to pick up some raw organic honey to keep in my bathroom! And baking soda! I really like the feeling of the baking soda! Thanks for sharing a great tip and seriously i may never go bak to regular face wash again!
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Hey, I applied the honey mixed with milk on my face and it made my face super soft!!!!! so I'd recommend you leave it on a few minutes and wash of in the shower. 


Also my skin colour looks more even!!! hope you try this mixture. 



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its my 3rd day using honey. my face feels soft but not really that smooth . i still have pimples break out. wat to do? but i wont stop using honey^^

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Yes honey face wash is a great thanks giving this tip its a naturally good tip.

I have one tip for acne faces.

Acne Honey Face Mask Recipe:

For an acne mask, add a few drops of lemon juice and a few drops of essential oils of tea tree (melaleuca) and/or lavender oil.  Both of these oils are antibacterial and tea tree is anti microbial wiping out acne bacteria.

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This is a great thread! Tho I don't think I'll ever make it thru the whole thing (I tried).

I like washing with honey. Been doing it for almost 2 weeks. I have to admit its a bit drying (could also just be the weather) and I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin. I just broke out a little a couple days ago. I will say my breakouts have seemed to clear up much more quickly with honey.

I also started using coconut oil but that wasn't moisturizing enough so I bought some shea butter. Unfortunately it's not raw & I'm not sure how processed it is. It's the NOW brand.

Anyone have a good source for shea or good jojoba oil (I think I'd like to try that next)? Thanks!
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I have used honey to wash my face off and on for 5 years (since I read about it on here!) and it is wonderful!  I love it! 

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MountainRoseHerbs.com is a great source of shea, t2009. smile.gif
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I have quite sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I apply to it, I've tired lots of products, including a chemical peel but I had a reaction to it, but I also use the cupcake face mask from the body shop and it did work but your only supposed to use it once a week I think. I've heard of the honey face mask and I would love to try it but I was just wondering after you have washed off the honey would u wash it off with warm or cold water and after would you apply a moisturizer, and if so which one? smile.gif
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Would you wash the honey off with warm or cold water and after that would u apply a moisturizer and if so which one?
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