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Wash it off with warm water; it works better.


Honey is very moisturizing, so you probably will not need additional moisturizer.  Give it a try and see.  In the driest winter weather, the lower part of my cheeks gets flaky, so I put just a tiny dab of coconut oil on my fingers and rub it in there, after washing my face.


Last month, I slipped and scraped my upper cheek on the sidewalk.  I had a scab about an inch in diameter.  I washed it with honey daily and patted coconut oil onto it afterward.  After 5 days the scab came off very smoothly and painlessly--it just sort of rinsed off with the honey--and then the area was pink for about another 5 days.  Now there is no mark at all.  I'm thrilled with how quickly and completely it healed!