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mcs - we have many pairs of wool socks but thanks anyways.

bama -

Vent session - We were at the Toy Library today for 'Move and Groove'. It's about 15 - 20 minutes of listening to different kids songs and dancing with actions. Lots of fun. The library is open to the kids from 10 am - 12 pm, so the rest of the time is unorganized play. The limit on kids ages is from 0 - 6, most are in the 1-3 year old range. It's an excellent opportunity for socializing.
BUT...It's becoming more and more apparent that most of the mums (especially of older kids) are there just for their own socializing. I can understand how tempting this is, but there is no excuse for not watching your children. It's getting to the point that it's no fun anymore. There used to be just one 2 year old boy who would hit and push the other kids but now there are 3 or 4 of them and it's getting worse. As I was putting Sage in her snowsuit to leave, this 20 month old started whacking her on the back of the head with a toy. Another occasion saw Sage getting pushed down the slide. I have started disciplining these children for their mothers. I know that may be taboo but since they're not watching their kids, they have no idea that I'm doing it. I want Sage to learn to stand up for herself and if she doesn't see me standing up for her now, I'm scared she'll think this is acceptable behaviour from other children. Very frustrating. Thanks for listening.
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Hewather --- kid group dynamics are so frustrating, esp. when the parents are no help!

I've been reading along but quiet -- stressing about negative cash flow here, am busy selling Pampered Stuff in the basement.

Gotta run but wanted to post a not-so-cute pic of the guys from Halloween:

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I think that's pretty darn cute, Meli!!
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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post
Claire has enough food allergies so she doesn't deserve environmental allergies too!!! We've all had colds so I think she is just picking up them from us. She just drips and we have to chase her with a kleenex.

I don't think I would worry about the diarrhea. (don't you wish there was a spell check sometimes?). As long as she's staying hydrated and you can keep her bottom from getting too red and irritated you should be OK.
Firefox 2.0 runs a spellcheck like MS word... I love it!

Meli- those guys are supercute, what are you talking about?

bama - tube update?
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Meli: the boys look great!

bama: thanks for the paper towel name.

How can an afternoon be slow and dragging, yet I know it will get super busy here soon and I'll be wondering how I'm going to get all of my work done????

I'm ready to go home and go to bed. I need some sleep!
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Thanks, guys. They were SO much cuter in person though.

I loved seeing everyone's Halloween babies, though thedy are hardly babies any more, sigh.

Bad financial stuff always makes me tense and angry, and dh has confounded the problem by (a) eating the (organic!) chicken breasts I had cooked for the kids' dinner -- for his lunch, and (b) sneaking a check out of the checkbook, writing a $100 check for his credit card, and sneaking an entry into the checkbook two weeks later. He is TERRIBLE with credit, simply cannot be trusted with a credit card. I hate this -- it is really like having a third child. I hate what it does to our checking account, and I hate what it does to our relationship. :
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oy Meli. I'm sorry.

My dad was like that. ouch.

I gotta call the stupid med supply place and i dont wanna. I am so tired of waiting.

no tube yet..today sometime.
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melissa- that would put me in a bad mood too.
the boys are cute! that look on miles' face is hysterical!

so bama- i found two coats on sale on the hannah anderson web site. for toddlers- but in the picture they don't look that warm- are their coats always super warm? it doesn't specify "parka" or give any indication of superness, but maybe that is implied? anyway, i don't want to spend the money if they arn't real warm b/c we already have one o.k. coat.
sorry that the waiting game is still going on. what will happen, will nurses come everyday or just for the start up?

eisa is going crazy with the mouse- gtg
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they'll come and put it in, and then 2 more times as we need them. To check in or if he pulls it out.

They're here to do the teaching, so dh and I can put it in and out by ourselves.:
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Bama -- you are so sweet. I've been thinking about you, too

I am reading "The Mama Trip" by Ariel Gore and, honestly, it is a life saver. That, and this wonderful group. : Love you guys!
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meli-my dh is the same way. i have his credit card hidden and only give it to him on his business trips. i keep the checkbook stashed as well. it's sad, but he just can't handle himself with money and we're not in a place financially where if he goes overboard, we;ll be ok.:

bama-they're having you and dh put the tube in?!? or is that only if he pulls it out more than twice?

heather-ugh, that would be annoying. it's not fee babysitting, they're supposed to be INTERACTING with their kids. good luck with that.
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%^%$^#$%^#$%@*^&*%&*$%^#$%@#$%!#$%!#$%&*^&#$%^@#$! ~##$%@#$%#^#$%^#$%&#%^&$%^


wont put the tube in til monday.

they couldnt get the order all together a pparently.

i'm not happy.

anne...its standard to teach parents how to put the tube in and out, so they can do it if the kids pull it out.
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page 3?!
where is everyone?

i have the flu so that's where i've been. ds is sick too: hope everyone else is having a better weekend then we are!
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Page 3??? This is really sad.

Bama - How's everything going? Are they back to put the tube in today??

I went to a Pampered Chef party on Friday night and some of the mothers (of the older kids) from the Toy Library were there and were saying how they remembered having the younger kids and thinking of the older ones "why aren't their mothers watching them?" and now they're those moms who have the crazy, hitting kids. I just sat, smiled and nodded. I shouldn't judge. I don't have two kids yet. I hope I'll be different, but I don't know what it'll be like.

On another note, I think I officially went crazy yesterday. This pregnancy has me way more emotional than the last one and I just cried all day over the littlest of things. I think I scared DH a bit. Sage was sweet, she gave me hugs when I was upset.
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I hope they put it in today. I talked with the woman at the medical supply place, and she is having a hard time getting the specifics of the order.

She has to have it written down from the doctor, and all the stupid doctor's office did was write a generic order such as " NG Tube feeds, 50mls / hr, 9 hrs per night"

She is working on it.

I told her we could do the tube in a pinch with the home health nurses, while she works on the other parts.

We have tubing, and tape, and she has the pump, bags, and neocate.

We'll see.
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Heather, now that you mention it, although my Miles is an angel (ha! but he's not one to beat up on other kids, anyway) Danny does tend to take 90% of my attention and it is easy to lose track.

It's those non-AP kids you have to watch out for, IMO.....

We had a busy weekend and the house is trashed -- need to clean this afternoon. I have five days to go before payday, and so far, so good, with a lot of economizing and selling things. Phew! I don't want to do this again soon; it should encourage me to be more thrifty.

Mcs, if you are coming to Cleveland, please let me know! I would love see you all
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Gwen keeps biting the inside of her mouth. I don't know how she does it, but I'll see her holding her tongue funny and will look and there is a big chewed spot. ??? Its really odd. She had one on the right, then on the left... just now she came over with one on the inside corner of her lip. I'm assuming she just bites when she falls or bumps or whatever, but it is still weird.

Bama, I hope they get things cleared up soon and he gets his tube today.
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could she be testing out her new teeth?? they probably feel weird to her tongue..
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bama: just wondering how the tube is going. Too bad everyone can't get their act together now that they have a plan of what should happen.

Meli: what's your best economizing tip?
mine: wipe your kids' butts so that they don't use 1/2 a roll of tp each time they poop

I ordered freeze dried blueberries and raspberries from justtomatoes.com. Claire loves the blueberries. She ate a bunch last night for supper. She looked a bit cyanotic because her face was stained blue around the lips.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!
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No action yet...I am tired ofwaiting, but at least I'm not worried sick over it anymore!
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