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Originally Posted by bamamom View Post
Kathleen!! I was thinking about you today, but I can never remember your username!!!

I can remember. It reminds me of KY jelly Sorry, I see the first two letters and my mind thinks faster than I can read. I just see the ky together, rather than the K and then the youell.

Bad, bad, bad me.
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Fey, maybe an ear infection, too. If so, she may be through the worst of it. I thought Gwen had a sinus inf and it was her ear, she did kinda the same thing you described, only less of a fever. I took her in, got a scrip written out but never filled it b/c she didn't get any worse. Hope she feels better soon.
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Thx Davina, maybe so. We've decided that unless she worsens today, we'll take her in tomorrow if she's still feverish. At least get a prescription for antibiotics if the doctor wants... I really don't want to give em to her unless necessary though.

I don't like having a sick baby
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ugga. eisa had a terrible night- up from one till four? i don't know, i couldn't read the clock anymore. and now, just now- at two, she fell asleep for her nap. she was soo tired, but it took me over an hour to get her to sleep and laying by herself. teeth? she has some coming. i finnally gave her some baby tylonol- that is her first dose ever. i think it was neccesary, but i still felt nervous giving it to her. i am supposed to make dinner for a friend tonight and i just don't know how i will be able to make it to the store and cook before then. i think we might have something more simple than i was planning.

fey- cute picture as always (well, cute elania) i hope she feels better soon. sick babies are no fun.

bama- thinking of you and schuyler. let us know when you get home.

not much tv here- i guess i have confessed to you all each time i let eisa watch it. your confessions make me feel better, like i could loosen up a little. i do watch the news most evenings so she often sees that. i, though, have been watching to much after she goes to bed. it is just so easy. i have never had all of the channels that we pick up right now. hopefully that novelty will wear off soon.

lunch! (and maybe a little charlie parker on pbs)
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As we speak, I'm uploading photos on Flickr. They're from August and our travels to NWT (also some from at home). I'm charging the battery on my camera so I can post some recent ones.

Bama - I really wish there were more I could offer than hugs and prayers. We are praying for you, though and here are some good hugs:

Sorry for all with sick and teething babes. Sage is still working on her molars so I feel your pain. Don't feel too bad about giving Tylenol, mcs. Did you see the thread on drugging babies?? Sick!!!

TV - I was getting pretty self righteous over the summer about Sage never watching TV. This is because we decided not to have satellite all summer. Now we have channels and it's a lot harder. I was good for a while but ended up resorting to Treehouse when supper has to be made (not that it worked very well!). When my parents were here, my dad had the TV on 24-7. He's deaf, too so it was loud and annoying. This week, I'm making a promise to myself and Sage. No TV!!!! There, it's in writing. We'll find lots of other fun things to do.

Do your kids like playdough?? So far, Sage doesn't like the way it feels on her fingers. I'm sure she'll come around. I can't wait until she's really into all those crafty things. We want to get her an easel for Christmas.

OK...here are some pics: http://flickr.com/photos/78952464@N0...n/photostream/
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She's so cute!! Her little pigtails are so sweet.
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Feeling much better knowing that Danny isn't the only TV-watcher. Now I can post this -- him fallen asleep in front of the TV!


Mcs, I was wondering, do you miss the country at all?

And I wonder how Nancy is doing .....

Hope she's better today, Fey!
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such a reassurance that other kiddo's watch TV too. ds loves animal shows, especially March of the Penguins. when he got to see penguins irl at the zoo he was so excited.

sage is adorable! lvoe the pigtails

danny and miles are so cute together. looks like danny makes a good pillow
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That's adorable Meli. It looks like they really get along.

mcs - saw your post on the library thread and I'm still laughing.

Here are more recent pics. DH is in these and I think he looks pretty hunky:
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hattoo!i couldnt see your hunky dh!!

and the Dr's office was frustrating...grrrr

the doc wanted to do a trial of a med that will make him hungry....

which is sortof the problem...he's hungry and doesnt want to eat! Grrr..

for a lot of reasons..

anyway., he said if it doesnt work in a week, and cause him to take more calories in a day, we'll start NG tube feeds at night next week.

So now we wait...


he went to bed tonight, and i figured he had around 300 cals all day..

that is just not acceptable!
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Oh bama! No wonder the guy isn't growing. One more week then you can do the NG feedings. That's nice that you can do them at night. My SIL's SIL had a little girl who had horrible reflux and spent a year with the NG tube. She was not quite a year and they had to do them during the day as well. She might have eventually gotten a PEG, but now at age 3 she's huge and doesn't have any more issues. So hang in there! It's going to get better.

Claire is up to 21 1/2 pounds. She's on the growth chart! Then we had Ellysia weighed and at 3 1/2 she weighs in at 27 1/2 pounds.

I was feeling grumpy this morning because I hopped on the scale and realized I'm up 5 #. Then I reminded myself that I'm 17 weeks tomorrow so that isn't half bad. Much better than what I did with the other 3. People are so funny with their comments. Oh you have 3 girls, trying for the boy are you? They would probably flip out if they knew that DH would like another after this. Yes, we are crazy. I'm with Ellysia (who talks non-stop about her baby sister) that I think this one is a girl.

They have awaken upstairs.
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Oh cute cute cute pictures. Yes, hattoo, your dh is pretty hunky!
That little girl is precious - I love the picture of her nursing her baby doll. And I'm jealous of the pigtails! Sammy didn't have enough hair for pigtails until she was about 3, and right after that she gave herself a mullet.

Melissa, love the picture of the two boys on the couch. They look so much alike in that shot.

Bama - wish there was something I could do for you guys. Keep us posted on how those meds work.

I think I'm going to put an ad up on craigslist to have someone come over and teach me how to use my sewing machine. I made Cully a pair of flannel pants for his little punk halloween outfit, and they double really nicely as a pair of jammie pants! But I realized I have no clue what I'm doing, so I'm willing to pay someone to come teach me.
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Hattoo... Yup. Definitely hunky. Lucky. (That was my best Napoleon.)

Emmy, I feel that. I don't think Gwen will have enough hair for pigtails for quite some time.
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks View Post
Hattoo... Yup. Definitely hunky. Lucky. (That was my best Napoleon.)
Picturing that voice coming out of you made me cackle.
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Hehe, yep your dh is hunky Hattoo You are a good looking family all around! Sage's pigtails are tooooo cute.

Elaina is feeling better today, thank goodness. Yesterday she pooped right after I took her diaper off and when I wiped her down she was screaming and freaking out and as i was cleaning her up I noticed a RASH on her back so I panicked and called and made an appointment for later in the evening. But then she fell asleep and it seemed like her fever had broken so I cancelled the appointment, not wanting to expose her to the stress and germs at the doctor's office...

but when she woke up she was screaming and arching her back like she was in pain and I couldn't get her to calm down, finally I showed her some videos online and she calmed down and I could hear her glurping... I had thought maybe I had some chicken breaded with parmesan over the weekend but I wasn't sure til then. So, on top of the fever and the rash and the runny nose she had dairy induced reflux too

She was hot again in the late evening so I decided to take her in in the morning if she was still feverish, but she didn't have a fever last night and doesn't still Her nose seems to not be runny either and no sign of reflux so maybe we're over it all.

Now I just have to watch the mysterious rash.... since we don't vax I'm paranoid about her getting one of those diseases and when I saw it I said "Aggggh measles, what if it's measles? Agghh!" (in my head.)

Anyways, whew. What a rough few days.

Meli - your boys are so cute with their matching (or similar at least) haircuts.

Bama - poor Schuy

Emmy... I would like to learn to sew for real too. I do really well... so long as there isn't a pattern involved. Or sleeves. : Can't wait to see cully's costume.
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Fey... I hope she feels better. Poor thing. But aren't measles pretty mild, like chx pox??
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Thanks for all the compliments . I love the pigtails too. Now I can dress her in 'boy' clothes and people don't get all mixed up. Although, last weekend I had french braids in her hair and she was wearing a shirt with pink flowers on it and someone told me 'he has beautiful eyes'. Go figure!!

Mclisa - Sage is 27 1/2 lbs too!! Crazy large child that I have. She's tall, though (32") so doesn't look like the Michelin man.

Fey - I'm totally with you on procrastinating the doctor's visits! I find when I do go, we just wait for hours to be told 'it's nothing' or 'it might be this, but we can't do anything for that'. It's got to be pretty serious for us to bother. At least they aren't pushing antibiotics though.

On a more personal note, hunky DH & I got it on this morning for a whopping 30 seconds !! For some reason, when I'm pregnant he never lasts long at all. Anybody have the same prob??
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Yep, he's a hunk!

Bama :

Emmy, I'm impressed. I drug around a sewing machine for years that I used once (to make kitchen curtains when I was literally snowed into the house for three days!). Finally gave it to my now-estranged sister-in-law. But some of my friends make such cute things, and now that I'm in my quilting class I'm getting a yen. Good luck and let us know how the lessons go!
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Still lurking...

We've been sick with a never ending cold. It's been almost a month...we seem to catch the next cold before fully recoving from the previous cold.

Hope y'all are well.
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bama! i hope S starts getting bigger soon.

emmy-i too have a machine but really suck when i try to use it. i've made a few things but i spend most of my time ripping seams.

hattoo- you do have a hunky dh

fey-sorry to hear about all your troubles with E. i hope she stays feeling better!

pgmichelle-ds only weighed 22lbs and is 33 inches tall. he's a real beanpole
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