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the pediatrician was a useless moron for us too. ours recommended long-term use of m.o.m. which can be toxic to the nervous system, another ped. told me. good grief! I would be concerned about the pain, too. I'm surprised the dr didn't at least suggest doing some sort of scan to check that he's not impacted, that can cause pain...

we use glycolax (generic for miralax), which can be given long-term and doesn't cause the cramping pains that many other products cause. we haven't used lactulose, but I know others here have. I thought it was ok for long term use though... ??

I would avoid the glycerin suppositories since he's already having pain. they can really burn and cause severe cramping. my ds shrieks his head off when he gets those, so he doesn't get them anymore.

it does sound like something is wrong, maybe some micro-tears on the inside or hemorrhoids. you could squirt his bum with some witch hazel (no need to rub it on or try to get it inside, just douse him and it will find its way ) to help with hemorrhoids... there's a really great salve called "green wonder salve" made by red moon herbs that's great for soothing sore bottoms as well as any other minor cuts/abrasions. they are at www.redmoonherbs.com . that has healed some really nasty diaper rashes overnight for ds.

keep asking questions and searching, you'll eventually find out what works for your child. we've all felt horrible about this problem that it seems like no one else has-- be gentle with yourself, too! good luck!!
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thanks, i will definately think about those tips. right now im hoping it sorts itself out and gets better, while i keep giving him the lactulose a few more days..maybe weeks, not sure yet.

today he didnt poop but there was some on his butt almost on his pants, so he obviously had needed to go at some point in the day and held it in instead....damn. he also said he had stomach ache a few times, but he seems to get that daily unfortunately

hopefully he will poop tomorrow, i'll encourage him to do it in the bath again, even though its nasty to clean up afterwards, being in the warm water seems to give him a BM and yesterday he did the poop in there.

hope everyone else is doing ok in this area......
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Does anyone know for sure if Milk of Magnesia is toxic for the nervous system? We've been using it for awhile.

If DD1 was egg/cow milk intolerant (possibly allergic) during the first 1 to 1 1/2 year of nursing, how likely is it that dairy could be constipating her if she is otherwise asymptomatic now? If a dairy allergy is suspected, is a total elimination diet absolutely necessary or is it possible that simply cutting back would be helpful?

Here's a strange question, has anyone here ever suspected one particular food as a trigger? In our case I am starting to wonder about our "go to" lunch for her, "Beefaroni" which would have some incidental dairy.

Has anyone heard of "Aunt Sandy's Secret Poopie Cookies Recipes - Plus A Whole Lot More On How to Live Life Constipation Free"? It's a downloadable e-book that costs about $15.00. For that price I'd be willing to buy it at the bookstore on a gamble but you have to go through their site. I don't think you can get it from a well recognized site like Amazon. Here is a link to their site.


Otherwise does anyone have any tasty high fiber / ground flax seed / flax seed oil / Etc. cookie recipes that might appeal to a toddler and "get her moving", so to speak?

Also, can anyone tell me more about OTC Maltsupex. A covering Pediatrician recommended it once and I never looked into it. I see a couple of people have mentioned it here but more people seem to be using Miralax or Lactulose by prescription.

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CathMac I just wanted to let you know, I use lactulose but not on prescription. Yes you can get it on prescription, but you can also buy it over the counter at the pharmacy/chemists. So you should be able to get it, if you want.

I decided to keep using lactulose instead of trying milk of magnesia, because a friend said m.o.m is too harsh on kids and gives them bad cramps. i dont know if thats true but im not risking it as lactulose seems to be helping for now.

please poop today DS!
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well ds had tummy ache all day yesterday i tried to explain yes your tummy is full of poop and you need to push it out into the toilet, diaper or bath, to make it feel better.

gave him a bath in the afternoon, made him have a bowel move but he refused to do any in the bath..i thought he would since he did the last time.

he had tummy ache still when i put him to bed in a diaper and he finally pooped in it a few minutes later he yelled out at first but was ok the rest of the time he was still pooping. so it definately seems to be getting less sore.

i know we have gone back a step because hes now pooping in his diaper and not on the toilet...but at least hes pooping. thats a step better than him holding it in for days and days. fingers crossed he continues to do it in his diaper at night then soon hopefully can try getting him to use the toilet again.

continuing with the lactulose.
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it was a pediatrician who told me not to use m.o.m. for more than a week because of the toxicity; I verified it by looking it up. because magnesium exists in solution (such as when it's in the body) as Mg2+ (an ion with a plus-2 charge, for all the non-chemists out there ) it can replace calcium (also a plus-2 ion) but it's the wrong size, so it causes problems, including, possibly, permanent neurological damage. needless to say I was pretty miffed that the first pediatrician had recommended it without giving me any warning : I was never very successful in getting ds to take it anyway, and ended up wearing it more than anything BUT, to reassure you, I think you would know if this type of damage occurred-- it's been a while, but as I recall the symptoms were very obvious and of the "sudden onset" variety. however, once that happens, it's not reversible. that's why I dropped it.

regarding a dairy allergy, from what I understand, you do have to *totally* eliminate it for several weeks, including all those hidden places you wouldn't think of. even a tiny bit can produce the allergic response (although this depends on the kid). some parents have found that their dairy-sensitive kid could handle raw milk just fine, fwiw. eggs, as you mentioned, can be a culprit, and also wheat, particularly wheat gluten.

and yes, I have suspected certain trigger foods along the way, but ultimately our primary problem was just the withholding. right now we're still progressing towards potty usage with very mushy miralax poo many days he doesn't go to the bathroom until after he starts pooping, and there's still a good bit of mess, but he's at least finishing on the potty most times... it's been a long hard road! :
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For now we are still using Milk of Magnesia (MOM). I did a little research and am somewhat reassured. Apparently it is only an issue in the event of kidney failure (as magnesium is disposed of through the kidney) and we aren't giving the maximum dose.

However, I am looking for alternatives so perhaps we can reduce the dosage.

DH picked up some Bob's Red Mill High Fiber with flax and we have been giving her undiluted apple juice. One or the other of these things seem to be doing the trick so at least we don't have to increase the MOM dosage.

I have given her different versions of Bob's Red Mill hot wheat cereals before without results this dramatic so it's either the flax or the apple juice that's making a real difference.

Hope this info helps someone else.
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Our big problem is withholding too, and our triggers, instead of food, seem to be situational. For example, we'd been on a good run of pooping, but we had out-of-town guests and everything was thrown off. He even started withholding pee. It was so frustrating to go backwards, and we had to adjust our family's plans because my son's behavior was just so atrocious.

I think it's possible he caught a little stomach bug, because his poop started getting realllly runny--way beyond a miralax poo. I've stopped the Miralax and it's still pretty runny. When it gets that bad, I think it's very distressing to him and even harder to hold.

Now the guests have gone, our regular routine (morning preschool) has started again, consistency is improving, and we've had two good poops in a row. I'm crossing my fingers for more success.
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New to this thread but not to constipation issues. I've finally decided that miralax is the way to go, as we have an on-again-off-again problem that seems unrelated to dietary issues. My DD is almost 2 and eats whole grains, oatmeal, veggies, fruit, and still has issues. She doesn't drink much (like maybe 4 oz a day!) but is still nursing. Does anyone else have the issue where nursing seems to be part of the witholding pattern? My dd sometimes nurses and then, when relaxed, gets up and poops (standing up always). But other times she seems to be squirming (gotta poop) and then really wants to nurse and then doesn't poop.

Also, M.O.M. can apparently increase constipation problems if the child doesn't drink enough, whereas Miralax doesn't do that. Of course more liquids are good, but we had gotten to 1 T of M.O.M. a day for 3 days and no poop, b/c she was a bit dehydrated! Horrible to think you are doing the right thing and maybe it is making it worse! Ditto for the fiber - I think that people who give their child mostly happy meals and white pasta with cheese are the ones who need to add fiber, not those who are already having whole grains, veggies, fruits, etc. We gave dd prunes and it didn't seem to help!

Another question about miralax - we had luck (though sporadic) with flax seed oil, and at first the doc told us to stick with it and add M.O.M. But now she says stop the oil and just do miralax. I can't imagine how flax seed oil could be bad, and if it helps with the poop so we can do less miralax, that seems good. Ideas? I'm going to stick with a smaller dose (1t instead of 1T) for a while, but when we wean from the miralax, it would be good to have the oil there to help for a while.
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welcome erika! I don't see why you would need to stop the oil either. did the dr give a reason? we've found fluid intake to be very important too, and also difficult to push-- ds is very resistant!

pchan, I meant to respond to your last post. disruption of our routine is disastrous too. do we have the same kid?? I hear ya!

we've been having relative success recently, but ds has gotten backed up again. we accidentally missed the miralax 2 days in a row, but didn't have any problems at first, so I decided to leave off the med. and see what happened. he continued to go, in the potty, for a week! but then he finally got stopped up again, so we're back on it. we are now able to sometimes skip one day without much ill effect if any. I give him 2 tsp. if I could shift his diet a little more, I think the weaning would be possible, but for now I think I need to just be satisfied with the results we're getting. and, cold turkey doesn't work, which I knew, but decided to confirm by experiment, I guess! patience, patience...
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I would be OK with flax with the miralax too (unless it caused discomfort or extremely weird poo), because it has its own nutritional value. It seems like a regular food, unlike MOM.

So, we've had a spate of success lately! At the first sight of really runny poo (sickness, perhaps, although no other symptoms), I stopped giving miralax. We had 2 no-lax days, and then I started on a new campaign of a tablespoon of ground flax seed in breakfast oatmeal, plus two gummy bear fiber supplements (that someone recommended upthread) at lunch. This combination, plus plenty of water, has led to normal-looking, formed-but-soft-enough poo. My son poops about every other day, and the amount of drama is much less. It's gone from an entire terrible afternoon trying to hold in runny poop, to an hour or so in denial that he actually excretes like everyone else does and that the poop will eventually exit his body.

Our other big news is that he does it in the big toilet (not the little potty) now. We were caught at a friend's house with no other option, and after doing it once he's OK with it.

The bad news is, there is still a lot of persuasion going on to just poop already. He's still getting used to normal poop, and says it feels weird and doesn't like it when it feels stuck halfway out (keep pushing, we tell him). He often has a little speck of poop in his underwear by the time he's convinced that there is no other option.

Must run, I have a waking baby, happy poo wishes to all.
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UGH! Just when I thought I found a way to get ds to poop more regularly, he is retaining for more than 3 days again! I think he is either not getting enough flax seed oil every day or he is just becoming better at holdng it. I may have to try M.O.M. But he is not constipated, his poop is always soft, never hard. If I give him M.O.M. what will happen - and how much do you give a 3 1/2 year old? :
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Originally Posted by Rox5266 View Post
I may have to try M.O.M. But he is not constipated, his poop is always soft, never hard. If I give him M.O.M. what will happen - and how much do you give a 3 1/2 year old? :
maybe nothing-- MOM did not help my expert retainer pass anything. remember that it doesn't have to be hard to be constipation-- if he's retaining, he's probably constipated as a result of that. I can't remember what dose we used with the MOM; it's been over 2 years since I tried that. I had better luck with mag citrate, a fizzy liquid solution in the same section of the pharmacy. ds liked it and didn't fight me about it. I think the dose on that was 1/4 cup every day until everything clears out, usually no more than 2-3 days. but check with your ped. to be sure! I'm not sure if I'm remembering right. I hated using that stuff because it only comes artificially colored and sweetened with saccharin!! : now that we use miralax we don't ever need any of those other remedies, but of course he's dependent on the miralax.

this week has been a hoot. ds and I had the worst stomach bug I've ever had in my LIFE, bar none. so here I am, 17 weeks pregnant and puking like my body is trying to turn itself inside out, and my 4 y.o. is doing the same. now he's a little bit afraid to eat, and then he threw up again last night, 3 days after I thought he was over it! so as if I wasn't a nervous wreck before but I guess the good news is that he's not having much trouble pooping and he hasn't had miralax since sunday... I just want him to be well, and stay that way. ugh.
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So he has started pooping - in his diaper. : He was almost completely trained to poop in the potty, I don't know why he is having this regression. Is it because he has recently ( as in this past week) stopped napping? Thanks for the info goddessjulia! I don't think my ds will drink anything fizzy. Maybe I'll just give him a double dose of Floridix Magnesium in his juice. But I am worried about him etting too much mag, maybe I'll do the Floridix Cal/Mag.
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For those who are using the fiber gummy bears - where do you purchase them? I have looked at our local Whole Foods and Central Market (like Whole Foods) and can't find them. What is the brand name? I want to try adding them to DS's daily routine in order to continue our taper of the Miralax.

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Fiber Bears are great! My nephew's gastroenterologist recommended them for him years ago, so I knew that they worked when DS started having "issues".

Yummi Bears Fiber is the name of the product. I have been buying them online at www.vitaglo.com. ($6.50) They had the best prices last time I checked. My Whole Foods carries them ($8), the local vitamin store has them, too. I just found it was cheaper to order them online.


The other thing that works well for us is FiberSure. It is inulin, which is a vegetable fiber and a prebiotic. One tsp = 5 grams of fiber. I mix it in pancake batter, cookies, you name it and it doesn't affect the taste or texture. It also mixes well in drinks. DS will drink it better than Miralax-laced stuff. Miralax tastes like plastic, IMO.

I am soooo glad to know I'm not alone with a poop-challenged kid!!
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Where can I get the FiberSure? Do they carry it at Whole Foods? I would rather give my ds that then Miralax, and I am unsure about the Magnesium, but the FiberSure sounds lke something I can put on his juice (where I hide everything I want himn to take ).
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FiberSure is pretty much everywhere mainstream(Target, grocery store, Costco, etc). It is over by the laxatives in the pharmacy section.

I'm glad you asked the question, b/c I found a website w/ a free sample and a $2 coupon!! Fibersure.com
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My Ds 8 has chronic constipation. He has dot have am enema about 8 months ago at the ER~Put him on Glycolax and stopped it after 3 weeks...BAD decision!

Took him back to the doctor recently, she said he needs to be on the Glycolax/Miralax for at least 1 year. 1x per day for a year. UGH. But I'll have to say for the month we have gotten thru with the glycolax, it is like he is a new kid! NO poop problems at all!

It was to the point where he was smelling very bad in school and the teacher contacted us, and we had to send wipes/undies to school with him-He was getting teased and I was afraid of CPS b/c of them thinking he was neglected. It was THAT bad.

I am amazed at what this stuff has done for him. He gets 17 ml per day (Normally right after school with his snack)

It was very very stressful for us all. (Laundry, smelling so so bad, him feeling emberrassed etc...)

The doctor basically told us exactly what poster #2 said!
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I haven't read the rest of the responses. But I have a couple of things you could try. More vitamin C, some oil in her diet to keep her bowels lubricated - cod liver oil is what I use, a probiotic like Effective Microorganisms or L.Reuteri.

This is a good sneaky way to get some extra fibre in to their diet - plus it is aloe vera so it has some other benefits that way. http://importfood.com/rtfo1001.html I pick this up in the chinese food market.

As to the potty being scary, and her holding so as not to use her diapers - could YOU hold her over the toilet or potty? I do EC with my kids, which is where this comes from.

You could do this a couple of different ways, but the main idea is you hold her with her back to your stomach and your hands under her knees. You can hold her over the pot, or have her put her feet on the back of the toilet/toilet seat so that she is kind of squatting.

The novelty alone might help her break the cycle.
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