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6dpo whats going on??

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I have never had this before...that I can remember....

I'm 6dpo and I've been feeling kinda blah in my tummy (uterus). At first I couldn't explain it and now it HURTS! I'm not what is going on. It is a continuous cramp...I guess thats the best way to explain it. And it is shooting down into my vagina every once in awhile.

Here is my chart if that'll help....

Its worse when I'm sitting or holding Tracy...he was nursing and laying on me and we had to move to the bed......
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Yikes ! I don't have any experience or recall hearing of this before, but I hope the pain passes soon. Perhaps its major implantation pain~ a little eggie settling in for a nine month stay?
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I hope so! I remember having cramp when I got pg with ds but don't remember a whole lot about them......
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maybe you're more "sensitive" to uterine contractions now that you've had a babe, or just more aware. I'll cross my fingers for ya!
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When I was pg w/dd, I had similar cramps to what you're describing, but it didn't start until about 2-3 mos pg. I noticed it most when i went from a sitting to standing position- I think it was my uterus getting 'squished' and then released. Not sure if that's really, but I can't imaging yours would be the same considering how early you are in the cycle. Maybe it's implantation cramping? (I never had that, so don't know what it feels like.)
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Well, the ouch is gone..yay!! I'm a little sore though...not bad....

I had a temp drop this morning but I'm still above coverline...I also woke up nauseated......

I'm hoping these are good signs but I've learned one thing hanging around here....never assume anything!

7dpo.....so we'll wait and see what happens tomorrow!
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I had an early m/c then conceived 19 days later and with both pregnancies I had a burning, painful feeling early on. The first month was 6 DPO and I just knew it was implantation (even though it never happened with my ds). The second time I didn't think I could be pg (bd 5 days before O so I didn't hold out any hope) and I had the burny feeling about 9 DPO. Obviously it turned out to be implantation cause I'm almost 20 weeks
So it sounds promising for you. Good luck and lots of baby dust

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I had it last month too....but I'm pretty sure last month I had a chemical pg....

Thanks for your response....I hope it is promising!!
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