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Pocket Question

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This might be a silly question, but when you sew a pocket do you put elastic on the back of the inner wicking fabric. Like at the pocket opening do you sew elastic on the suede/microfleece layer or do you let it be loose? I know the Fuzzi Bunz I have don't have elastic there but I was wondering what the general preference is?
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I never bother...but sometimes the inner layer gets shoved down as I'm putting the diaper on so I check and pull it up. Putting on the elastic would save doing that, I should think.
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You don't have to, but I always do. I just like the look of it better than the loose fabric on the inner. It does make it a little trickier to get the insert out, though, since I sometimes have to pull it out instead of shaking it out because I made the elastic opening too small.
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I don't put elastic on mine. I do serge the edge to make it look neater even though it doesn't fray.

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I don't. I just fold the suedecloth down and sew it straight across.
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I have done both but prefer elastic on both. No tucking needed during diaper changes. (also holds bigger inserts in place better)
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I sew elastic on the inner for mine. I first did one without and did not like it. I think elastic gives it a more finished look and doesn't slide anywhere. I actually was a little displeased when I received my fuzzibunz and noticed it didn't have the elastic... I think mostly it's a matter of preference, it's not going to effect the way the diaper works. More cost effective to leave it out though.
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I never did until last night-making the first of a new set of dipes for ds. I think I like it a lot better!
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