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I am not in your due date club, but thought I would throw this link out there in case it might help any of you. I had hyperemisis with my pregnancy and wished I knew about this website:

www.helpher.org Hopefully none of you will have hyperemisis, but they do have some suggestions that may help you with nausia.

Congratulations on your pregnancies and may the all-day-sickness be relieved soon. It SUCKS!
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The m/s has started earlier this time than the previous three PGcies. It actually started right around the time AF was due, but it's been very mild. But I'm already at the point that many other folks have mentioned - I need to eat alllll the time! Grrrr.

I used the Morning Sickness Magic during the last PGcy (which ended in m/c around 10-11 weeks) and I felt that it worked pretty well. My m/s with that PGcy was horrible, but I also feel that much of it was stress-related (totally unplanned PGcy, first year in school again, etc).

I never tried the sea-bands, but a classmate of mine used them and said that it helped take the edge off.

Jilian, could you share the ginger smoothie recipe? I HATE LOATHE DESPISE ginger - I had to choke down the MSMagic b/c it smelled and tasted like it - so I would love a way of getting it down without having to torture myself. Straws are great for getting things down without tasting them! Gingerale didn't work for me either, unless I got the "real" ginergerale from the co-op - but then it was so ginger-y I couldn't stand it!

I got so sick of peppermint (which used to be one of my favorite smells/tastes) during the last PGcy b/c I sucked down an entire bag of mints in a two week period. It took me months before I could tolerate the sight of a little peppermint!

Oh boy, really not looking forward to this part of things! I'd take L&D over this any day!
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I have to keep at least something in my stomach at all times or I just feel icky and sour. The good news is (and it took me three weeks to figure this out) I really don't need to eat much at all. 1 grahm cracker, a tiny handful of nuts, half an apple. I'm hoping to keep the weight under control now that I know this.

But oh boy, are mornings nasty. I've always gotten up, showered, had breakfast, and headed off to work. Now, not a chance. I have to eat something the moment I wake up or I feel so miserable. It's tough though. I KNOW I'll feel better after I eat something, but it's so hard to take that first bite.
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Anyone else getting the "extra saliva"/"metallic taste" in the mouth?

I didn't really have it with dd, but this time round my mouth feels both furry and metalic (like chewing on aluminum foil and a cotton ball at the same time). Which makes the thought of eating even less appealing. But if I don't eat I feel even worse. Bleh.

I lost 13 pound during the 1st trimester last time and while my weight is holding steady right now, that's probably due more to the fact that when I CAN eat, I'm eating junk. Ah well, as DH says, if it tastes good and stays down that's what counts during these m/s filled weeks.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Anyone else getting the "extra saliva"/"metallic taste" in the mouth?
Yes, Yes, YES!!! With all of my preg's I got this...apparently I got it super early this time as my first beta was only an 11.

And I knew I was going to mc the last one bc the taste went away.
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Originally Posted by Alis View Post
Jilian, could you share the ginger smoothie recipe?
Sure, I haven't tried it yet, but my MW said even her kids like it.

1.5 cups diced pears
1/2 cup low fat peach yogurt
1/2 cup pear nectar
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
3 to 5 ice cubes, crushed

Combine pears, peach yogurt, and pear nectar in blender. Add all the remaining ingredients and blen until smooth. Makes about 2.5 cups; serves 2.
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Hmmm...actually, for the past few days I've been living on homemade strawberry "smoothie" (Dh calls it frozen yogurt since I've been making it really thick).

I fill most of the blender up with frozen strawberries, add about a cup and a half of plain low fat yogurt, and then a splash or three of lime seltzer. Blended into goo it is a bit thicker than a normal smoothie but the texture seems just right. And since it's just fruit and low fat yogurt it's actually pretty healthy!

The ginger smoothie sound yummy though...maybe I'll send DH to the store tonight to pick up some ingredients. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks, Jilian! That sounds pretty yummy, although I'll probably have to try it on a brave day! LOL Fresh ginger = <shudder> LOL But I know first-hand how well ginger works, so I'm definitely going to try it!
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i feel disgusting. i am not a puker (well only once so far) but i have puke rise in my throat a few times a day. i think i'm keeping it down with willpower. my stomach feels like it is in a knot right in my throat. i have a wierd taste in my mouth. it isn't like a metallic cottonball but it tastes like i am sick and nothing seems to get rid of it.

eating doesn't always make me feel better and sometimes it makes it worse. 2 days ago i hardly ate anything. yesterday i ate a lot. both days i felt like crap. just waves and waves of nausea. yet i still seem to be gaining weight already : i think that is more of a function of laying horizontal on the couch as much as possible rather than being up and moving around.

i had 2 days last weekend where i even forgot i was pregnant! i thought oh wow i'm over the hump. then this week got so bad again (nauseous migraine) i didn't even make it to work on friday. so much for being over the hump. i can't forget at ALL that i am pregnant right now.
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I haven't even been online much because I am so sick. The mornings are actually okay, but afternoon/evening - watch out! I finally gave in and started taking 1/2 a unisom in the evening and now I don't wake up at night wanting to vomit. There are a few things that help for a little bit, but I haven't found the "magic cure" yet. Cheerios and cold milk in the am, bananas, gatorade (water tastes yucky right now), lemon yogurt and altoids help. With my last pregnancy eating lots of protein helped, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything this time.

My dh has been helping a lot with cleaning out the fridge, taking out the trash etc. My children are getting used to me laying on the couch. I hope this ends soon!!!
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I'm starting to get about 1-2 hours of midmorning nausea. It's not too bad, I haven't thrown up. With DS it was much worse, and I'm just hoping that it's not going to be like that. I just keep thinking if I can make it to about 10-11 weeks it will be better. So far so good.
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My nausea is very bad I wish I'd end up vomitting, so the nausea will go. But, of course that's not the case. Several times in a day I gag but nothing comes out : and I hate, hate, hate that. I'll try gingerale tomorrow, see if it'll help with my nausea. Last pregnancy it was so easy, milk was my remedy for nausea.

When, oh when will this nausea go?? My mil told me that she had nausea the entire 9 months <shudder> .
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To PP: yes on the too much saliva; yes on the gag reflex; and yes on it's probably only willpower that keeps me from vomiting more. I feel SO much worse after vomiting--not like when you've got food poisoning and it's a relief. I've been sipping gatorade--tiny sips, but am beginning to think this baby will come out artificially colored! Plain water comes back up too easily.
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Originally Posted by nocalmama View Post
My nausea is very bad I wish I'd end up vomitting, so the nausea will go. But, of course that's not the case.
Same here. I come so close to vomiting but never do. I want to vomit at this point because I think it will give me some relief, or at least the nausea will go away for a few minutes.

Originally Posted by nocalmama View Post
When, oh when will this nausea go?? My mil told me that she had nausea the entire 9 months <shudder> .
9 months I can't imagine the nausea being full-force for an entire 9 mos, that would be awful! I've heard most people say it goes away by 16 weeks or so. But that is still 8 weeks away and it seems like an eternity
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Well, I think my naturopath found the right homeopathic remedy. I took it last night after a week of horror and today I feel like a million bucks. I can eat and drink and I don't have any nausea, except when I smell the catpan. My DD new kitten stinks!
After a week in bed, it's good to be a productive member of the family!
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Yes I have it in full force!! I almost can't even talk about it ! LOL I was just at a birth and the mom giviing birth got sick and I just about lost it! We will all feel beter soon
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This is the first time out of 4 pregnancies where I have been nauseous this much and it is tougher than I thought. I am thrilled to have such a strong pregnancy sign, but yikes, its been a challenge. I have spent days where I feel sick all day long. Today was one of the first days where I only had a short period of time feeling nauseous. The rest of the time I have been sick with a nasty cold. I guess my body can only handle feeling one type of sickness at a time . On top of the nausea I have heartburn and constipation so I'm a huge bundle of happiness! I am soooo looking forward to the second trimester .
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I have been more nauseous for the past couple of days. I too just wish I would vomit so my stomach would calm down.:
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I'm just now starting to feel nauseous, but it's not that bad (I keep telling myself it won't get worse). However, if I feel sick, I CANNOT eat. I do feel better after eating when I feel slightly nauseous, but if it's moderate nausea, no way. The yucky taste in my mouth is making it worse I think. I am stopping by the store on my way home today to get gum or mints or something. I don't really want to suck on mints that are full of sugar all day, but I don't know what else to get. Is there any minty candy without all the sugar (or fake sugar)?
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The nausea seems to be easing up a little for me. (Knocking vigorously on wood! ) I've been able to eat meals of reasonable size, and keep them down, even if they do sometimes make me feel like I've swallowed a brick. This is a huge relief as I was beginning to worry about my weight loss considering that I'm still nursing DD 8-10 times per day. I guess this is one of the few times I'm excited to have some... errr... reserves. :
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