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Ginger is working! I had the best day today and barely felt nauseaus. I brought a small piece of ginger into work today and took little bites if it when I felt the nausea coming. It worked like a charm. When I got home from work DP had a little present for me: a huge cup of pickled ginger slices from the local sushi place I've been eating them all day. I hope the ginger continues to work. I highly reccomend it!
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Last weekend my husband and I drove past a restaurant called "The Food Farm" and I almost dry heaved! So funny to me now (when I'm not nauseous) but man, when those waves hit they are serious. I found the best thing last time around for me was lemons (smelling them, sucking on them, drinking water with them)... this time we'll have to see.
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I remember I tried ginger with DS, and, honestly, it grossed me out. Oh well! Lollipops helped me, I just remembered. (Regular ones. I never bought preggo pops.) I was always so worried about my teeth during pg. I eat constantly and often feel like I can't brush because I'll gag.

If my m/s never gets worse than it is now, I will be grateful.

But last night, we had a serious, nasty, poop blow-out diaper (unexpected from our almost 3 yo, occasional potty pooping DS), and I was trying to help DH with it (a 2 person job!), and I ran dry heaving to the sink 3 times. Oh it was awful.

I just hope it was something DS ate and not some illness starting, because I'll have to hire a nurse or something if he makes any more diapers like that one.

Sorry if this story turns anyone else's stomach. I'm ready to hurl again. Blech.

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have you guys tried seabands? they work like acupressure and they do the job most of the time. you can get them at the pharmacy . they're around 10 bucks for 2 of them.
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Originally Posted by momof2girls1boy View Post
have you guys tried seabands? they work like acupressure and they do the job most of the time. you can get them at the pharmacy . they're around 10 bucks for 2 of them.
oooh, so glad you posted that. I did use them last time and they did help. I had forgotton. I'll have to go dig them out of the closet.
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I'm in rough shape too, food, the fridge, everything makes me want to vomit!! I'm having a really hard time eating anything healthy, and i really wanted to try to eat better this time around.... maybe in the next two trimesters!

It seams i'm eating every hour or so to keep the nausea away, but i'm quickly running out of things that sound good!!

Its MUCH worse for me this time around than it was last time, dh thinks that means this is a girl (boy last time),..were not finding out, so time will tell!!
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wow i just found this site and i am so glad to have found a bunch of ladies in the same (or similar) boat as me.. not that i am glad you all feel so sick, but i was posting on the APA site and no one seemed to be feeling as nasty as i was.. i have been mostly confined to bed for the better part of the last month because of the nausea - it's been really shocking and i don't know how people could be working while feeling like this!

anyway i was reading through all the nasuea posts and i too am not a big fan of straight ginger - i just can't stomach it.. (though really stomaching anything at this point is a minor miracle.. i find lately i am putting things in my mouth and i sort of chew at them but i am unable to swallow. they jsut sit there. it is sick..) GINGER SNAPS have been a real godsend though.. i find if i keep a bunch by my bed and eat some in the night or first thing in the morning it takes the edge off a little. ginger ale hasn't been doing much of anything (in fact yesterday it started tasting really weird to me.. so forget it..)

i am another one who isn't puking, but i have intense nausea 24/7 and can barely leave the house. i went to the grocery store to get ice yesterday and it was the first time i had been there in a month.

hope everyone is feeling better - at least a little - real soon.
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Originally Posted by sally Z View Post
I have not had it bad this time yet, i am wait for it to hit with full force but last time with dd i was the same 24 hoours a day i was nauseous. I could not smell food cooking at all. Bland food like mashed potatoe and cracker were about all i could eat, i even had to have them next to the bed at night so i could eat something after needing to pee at night. Fizzy water was easier to drink that plain - shame i feel for you and am hoping to avoid it this time.

Eating little and often was the only thing that helped
knew it was too good to be true, the nausea has appeared with a vengance
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