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Anyone own and use Pressure Cooker ?

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I just bought a 6 qt Pressure Cooker from Costco ( an impulse - heard it could save time cooking - buying desicion) . . . It came with a few recipes but nothing too interesting. I will do some research on the web but any good meal ideas and if you do own one do you use it and was it worth it ? Thanks
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We own one and use it occasionally. I'm glad we have it, because it really does save a lot of time. It just isn't the first thing I reach for.

I can cook a pot roast in there in 20 minutes. And the meat is SUPER tender.

I haven't quite figured out the veggie thing though. Veggies need less time than the meat, or they get too soft.
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my college bf's mom was an amaaaaazing cook, and she used one all the time. i recall she used to make pasta in it and it only took a few minutes, and it always came out perfectly al dente. she had the timing down to a science.
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What's the difference between a pressure cooker and a crock pot? (though 20 mintues for a pot roast certainly doesn't seem to be possible in a crock pot, right?)
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Crockpot is cooks slow on lower heat. Pressure cooker cooks super high heat under pressure.

Thanks for answers ! I'm going to try the pot roast tonight. I am a little afraid of it though . . .
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My pressure cooker came with a book that explained the "science" behind it. Basically the pressure cooker has a rubber seal on it. As the pot heats up, the heat causes the pot to essentially vacuum seal itself. Under these high pressures, water boils at a higher temp than normal, so the food cooks MUCH faster. (The same priniciple is why water boils at a higher temp at sea level vs here in Colorado. Higher altitude = lower air pressure)

When you're done, you can either let the pot cool to break the seal, or you can release the pressure with a special valve (it really depends on what you're making as to which release method you use).

Like a crockpot, you must have liquid in the pot for it to work.
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Pressure cookers are great. I use mine all the time to cook soups, whole grains and one pot meals. They really do save time (and are said to preserve nutrients as well). Take a look at Lorna Sass's books (you can google her). She has several books on pressure cooker cuisine,
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Thank you ! I'll google her.
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I was just going to recommend Lorna Sass. I have one of her books, and it was great when I first got my pressure cooker.

They're very popular in Egypt... my MIL uses hers to cook almost anything. Beans, meats, etc.
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Success !

I made a delicious beef soup last night. I had some leftover pot roast to use so I chopped it up added veggies, stock, spices etc and 20 minutes later we had the most amazing soup ! The potatos were cooked perfectly not too mushy. mmmm. Worth every penny. Can't wait to use it again. I also googled 'pressure cooker' and got some great sites.
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my grandma uses hers all the time. (i would like to buy one but low on funds) beans, potatoes and spare rib are things that she uses it for most often.
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I mostly have used mine to cook dried beans quickly but it is interesting to hear what others use theirs for!
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I have one, haven't used it, I am deathly afraid of it. lol

I guess I've spent too much time as a burn nurse....
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Autoemesiss, the new pressure cookers have more than one safety valve are much much safer than the old bobble-top ones.

This is a great resource:
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Ive considered getting one but never knew anyone who had one so wasnt sure it was worth it.....would love to read favorite recipes by other posters!
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I have 3 pressure cookers of different sizes, so I can use the one that is better sized for the food I am cooking. I don't use them as much as I used to, I am living in an apartment at the time, but I use mine for meats, stews, soups, and just about anything I can get in the cooker. I also use mine for canning as well. The can be a little scary at first but once you get the hang of them you will be hooked for life.
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I use ours all the time. It is great for brown rice (and we live in Japan where EVERYBODY has an electric rice cooker) and beans, and root veggies.
Yesterday I put some chopped potatoes and carrots and some satueed onions in there, let it come to a boil (mine makes a whistling sound) shut it off, released the pressure and voila, soup. We eat soup for breakfast so this really saves time. For most veggies I do the release pressure method. Great for barley soup, beans etc.. as others have mentioned.
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