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Social Anxiety

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Anyone have any luck coping with this naturally? my dh has been struggling for a while, and is currently weaning off of effexor. i have read about 'illegal' methods of coping, anyone have any insight?
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Well, I have SA and it's tough. Very tough. My zoloft *kinda* helped. Mostly because it made me a little out there. As far as illegal things, I don't have a lot of experience with that, but I would guess no and that he is better off speaking to a psychologist. They can try to give him exercises to control it and conquer it. I haven't done this. I need to, though!
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bumping this up, because i am interested to see if anyone has any "earthy" remedies also...
i have had social anxiety for years ~~ it was not quite as bad when i was with my ex, because he did have ummmmm...: "naturally grown substances" of a certain kind that helped out... (that was interesting to find phrasing for : ) my doctor gave me meds, but i will not touch them...they have been sitting in my cuboard for 3 mos....
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