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all my friends and family know, because i make sure to fit it into the conversation at some point. ds is ONLY 18 mo, but he has stopped asking in public as much. i think he picks up on my comfort level and the comfort levels of others and only asks when we are with closer friends who are less likely to be offended.

i want to also mention that last night my (very clw supportive) dh said,

"hey, remember before the baby was born, when you said you'd feel uncomfortable nursing him when he was old enough to ask for it in words?"


what was i thinking back then???!!!?? this is great! why would i stop now??

sooo, maybe there is hope after all for all our friends who say, "oh, that's fine for you but I couldn't do it."
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Anyone and everyone that see me or knows me!!
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Originally Posted by WitchyMama2 View Post
Mostly all I hear is comments directed at dd which makes me pretty angry. "You're too old for nummies now!" "I thought you were a big girl!" "Nummies are for babies!" .. and zero support for me except my dh. My one close friend IRL doesn't say anything negative and tries to be polite. "Weell.. if it works for you..I couldn't do that.."
This is me. Everyone who knows us knows that DS (3.5 next month) still nurses occasionally . . . but no support and very dirty looks when NIP (especially from older women, which I find so odd . . .). Even DH thinks DS should have weaned by now, but I've made it very clear to all that this is NOT negotiable -- DS will stop nursing when he's ready, and not a moment before.

P.S. I also wear my granola threads t-shirt, and DS has a shirt that reads "Breastfed Baby - Stick Around for the Show" which I absolutely love.
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Most people know my dd is still nursing as i will feed her wherever and whenever she needs it know ones ever said anything and i already have my comeback if they do as far as i am comcerned my daughters needs come first and tough if none else likes it to me she is still a baby and still needs to be nursed both for comfort and nutrition
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My close family (mom, sister, her family, MIL, FIL, SIL and her family, GMIL and GFIL) all know my youngest (3+ years) still nurses and that my oldest weaned at almost 5 years. I have a close ff-ing friend who knows. She's very respectful of me, as I am of her. My online friends know and are supportive. I get curiosity questions sometimes, but no negative comments. A coworker or two know and are generally supportive. I just finally met some other extended nursing moms and it was such a relief to know that I wasn't so unusual!
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i just wanted to thank everyone for their answers. i haven't even had the little one yet, but i am already getting comments!
"when they can ask for it" you will stop right? umm, if they asked for a bottle of formula, would you not give it to them?!!!
i am so frustrated at the ignorance. but it is nice to at least have an online community that understands the physical/emotional support that breastfeeding gives!
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Both my 4.5yo and almost 3yo still nurse. My parents and LLL friends know that 4.5yo still nurses. Quite a few people know that my almost 3yo still nurses, since she recently started nursing during the day (occasionally NIP) again. However, I make it a policy not to nurse in front of people who would make rude comments.

I think the last time I head a semi-rude comment about BFing an older nursling was when my mom asked my how long I was planning to nurse my then-2.5yo. I said, "until she's done." And that was the last I heard about the subject.
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My ds only asks to nurse about once a month (ok except this week it was twice, lol) but I don't think anyone but my MDC mama friends & a few other crunchy women know that...

when ds was about 18 months my MIL cautiously asked how long I thought we'd nurse and then she had to stew a few days over my answer before she finally politely asked, "What does a biologically normal duration of nursing mean?" heck, I have no idea if dh even knows where ds is at with nursing, come to think of it... he has heard enough from me about clw that weaning was never a topic and wow, I just don't know if he has any idea if ds is weaned or not! LOL!
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Besides DH, probably only my mom. When I told her that I was going to bf for as long as DS wants, she said, shocked, "Then he'll probably want to nurse until he's three!" I said, "yes, he probably will."
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Hmm, interesting question! My dd will be 3 in January.

My dh, my parents, my grandparents, my midwife, my doula, my (fantastic) pediatrician, LLL people, a couple close friends and those random people that read my blog! Everyone is still supportive or if they aren't they're smart enough to keep their mouths shut!

My inlaws stopped asking about six months ago. I think they got creeped out that I kept saying, "yes, she's still nursing!" : Oh the horror!
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Everyone knows and I love when they question it. I always take it as a chance to educate them.
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my ds is only 2 but I'm pretty sure most people know I'm still nursing. I still NIP ehenever he wants to...I got a funny look at Picture People yesterday. I think a lot of people just assume that he's not nursing anymore though, kwim? I think a lot of my family (they live far away and I really don't mention nursing much, unless my mom asks me what ds is doing while we're on the phone and I say nursing) would be surprised if they knew. I don't hide it but it's not something I tell everyone. (I would if the topic came up though) I'm pretty sure everyone at church knows, course we have a member that nursed her children to 4 and 4.5 (respectively) and everyone knows I'm a wierd hippie so they probably assume I'm doing that crazy nursing-a-child thing.
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My DS will be 2 in Jan and everyone knows I nurse him. Anytime anyone says, "Oh he is so smart" or "Look at that pretty hair" I say "Yep, he is breastfed" and smile. Some people then ask how old he is and I tell them almost 2. A few have said, "Wow that is a long time." When I whip out, "No actually 4 is the average age and the WHO says AT LEAST 2 years" that usually shuts them up.
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My DS just turned 5. The LLL leaders know, but the others probably do not unless he does it there. My DH, and my ob/gyn know, and my family probably suspects, but it doesn't come up. No one has ever suggested I wean.

It has actually saved us a number of times. At 3 he broke his collar bone. Nursing got him through that. He let them examin him while he was attached. Otherwise, you were not touching him. The only time I NIP is at the theatre. He always falls asleep.
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My mom and dh know, I think my grandmas might and my MIL might. He has mentioned sleeping with the "Bo Bo's" while around them. Ds is a little over 2. It doesn't really come up, he doesn't ask to nurse when we are out, if he did I guess more people would know I don't have aproblem bfing him anywhere. We too still wear our bfing and proud shirts out in public
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I advertise as well. I tell everyone. I think it's my chance to educate the world. LOL.

Although it has been currently 48 hours since the last time she asked to nurse!!!!
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Nick is two now. Most people know that I am still nursing him, and because I am very matter of fact about it I don't get a lot of comments, either way. I get a lot of vibes, but not a lot of comments.

The only people I "keep" this from are my students... they know he was/is breastfed but I don't talk about it to them unless directly asked. I'll admit that I'm a little afraid that they will talk negatively about it to their parents, who will feel that they shouldn't know about it at all. But some of my kids are really cool about it and know, like Gigi who was herself nursed until two or so. I also found myself not answering the "how long did he nurse" question at a friend's birth-- we were interrupted so I didn't have to answer but normally I would have answered after the interruption... he's starting to get old enough that I feel a little awkward around some people.

And it's much easier to say "I still nurse my two year old" when people don't know my two year old. They picture a younger kid when they don't know him. But in reality my child is over three feet tall, over thirty pounds. He's physically very capable (can pedal a bike, catch a ball with one hand, make baskets, etc), absolutely fearless, has a huge vocabulary and puts together long, coherent paragraphs of speech. He's been potty trained for months and can get undressed and dressed himself. He's a little person, and while I have no problem nursing a little person (especially when he asks "May I have cow cow please mama?") I know that MOST people think that nursing is for babies, which my child is certainly not.

Wow, that was a lot.
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All my family members and friends. I don't have had any problems especially as no one ever made any untoward remark or advised otherwise.
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