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Urine tested ++for leukocytes..so ?UTI

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Hey all.
Today I went for a routine weekly checkup. I am 38 weeks pregnant.
The nurse tested my urine and I snoopingly looked as she typed it in the computer. i saw ++for leukocytes. The last day or so my bladder kinda hurts sometimes and I go to the bathroom alot more often and sometimes its just a tiny little bit of urine. but its confusing cause it could just be normal pregnancy stuff as i usually get up in the nite 4-5 times. But the doc I think missed it cause he said he'd hafta get the nurse to enter in my urine results.
Sooo I'm at home now, wondering do i have a uti?? Or could i be dehydrated. Should i drink lots of water and cranberry juice and wait to see him next week?
I don't wanna harm the baby.
Anyone got any advice?
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Do you feel like you have a uti? If not then I wouldn't worry about it...I always test + and my midwife says that you will test positive if you have any sort of infection in your body. So everything from a cold sore to a hang nail can cause it to be positive.

Drinking cranberry juice is a always a good idea but if you have a uit don't get the kind with sugar...they can make it way worse!
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I've tested positive for leukocytes in my urine both times - my son was fine and so far so good on this babe. Neither my nurse or doctor were concerned - they just said that it sometimes happens and doesn't necessarily mean anything
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With my last two it happened often at the end of pregnancy and the midwife was never worried..
She actually told me that if often near the end because the closer you get to giving birth the more pressure there is on the bladder and the urine may touch things on the way out (especially when you are trying to catch it in a cup) like it may squirt out a bit backwards and touch the perinium or even the anus a bit and contaminate the results, or even just touch around the inside of the vulva (which is not dirty, but not sterile like the urine is).. also the best sample is midstream... so if you are going to the bathroom often and don't have much urine then you might start collecting from the start instead of starting for a second or two before collecting...

Anyways... if you are worried... try more water and cranberry juice... it won't hurt... that's for sure...
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I'll just be the voice from the other side of the fence and say; if you start having a lot of pain and trouble peeing, don't ignore it and assume cranberry juice will fix it!

I tried that once with a UTI and ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection.... Not trying to scare you, just wanted to say that if you aren't feeling better and start feeling worse, go see your Dr. or MW.
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Not from your DDC, but I am a student midwife who looks at lot sof pee sticks!
Well, usually you'll see the chemstrip show other things if you have a UTI. When we see ++ for leuks, we always ask if they could have yeast. If not, and there are no other issues, we assume it's just lots of preggo juices...it happens. And especially at the end, you begin to leak all kinds of stuff. Typically it is never a big deal.
Hope that helped some.
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I'll chime in with midwestmeg....I'd call back and ask about those results. I had 4 or 5 UTI's when prego with my daughter and NEVER had symptoms...they just caught it through my urine. This pregnancy, I've had two instances of peeing blood and period-like cramps..but my urine has been fine. So this time they decided to go ahead and treat me with an antibiotic just to cover that base.....the crampiness has gone away, so I don't know if it was a UTI or WHAT??!!

But...UTI's can lead to premature labor and bad kidney problems if left untreated....so don't take it tooo lightly :-)
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I am feeling better today. I have less urgency and my bladder feels like its normal "squished" self again. Soo i dunno.
I don't have pain when I pee. I just had urgency and very little coming out.
Sooo. mY doc is away this weekend. I go back again next thurs.
Thanks to all your advice. It helps too hearing from someone who sees alot of pee stix. Hah.
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I was very very high for leukocytes today

I had a very very high leukocyte reading today and I asked my MW about it. She explained that meant that I had a lot of white blood cells which were sloughed off in my urine. This, she said, was completely NORMAL and tons are sloughed off in the vagina in late pregnancy (I'm due Nov. 3rd.) Hope this helps...It was a little alarming to see the urine stick so purple!
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