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Will you find out the sex??

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We are not, and everyone acts like we are totally nuts. Anyone else?
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I'm undecided but my DH wants to know. He's also the one who opens Christmas presents before Christmas, no patience!
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Yep we will be.....we wont have an ultrasound done just for that purpose though....we will be having frquent ones done anyways due to needing to check cervical length.
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We hope to find out. Neither girl cooperated at their 20 week u/s, but I did find out at a later u/s both times due to complications. Maybe this time we'll actually find out at the 20 week u/s. I guess only time will tell.

edited to add: I don't think you're nuts for not wanting to find out. Baby's sex is one of the last great surprises around these days. I'm just not one for surprises so I prefer to find out. If I liked surprises I think it would be awesome to find out at delivery.
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We don't plan to have u/s unless medically necessary, so probably not.
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I'd really,really like to find out. There are enough surprises ahead of me. I'd love to have this one piece of knowledge, baby willing. My mw doesn't generally offer an ultrasound unless there's a reason, but will schedule one if you ask. Now, time to weigh the pros and cons.
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We will not be having an ultrasound (we never have).
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at first, meaning the months before we were even TTC, I wanted to know no matter what, I was like making deals with DH, telling him he could name the babies whatever he wanted. Well, middle names anyway. But now, I dont know,I guess I switched sides. I love the idea of being in my bed and having the baby come out. And THEN being told whether my precious one is a boy or a girl. It will add to the joy, because it wont matter to use what it is, it will just be exciting to see it it will be a Jack or a Eleanor.
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Originally Posted by MichelleAnnette View Post
We don't plan to have u/s unless medically necessary, so probably not.

same here. And for some reason, I would feel weird knowing. I don't know why.
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Yep! Sooooo going to find out if baby will let us. I'm not good at waiting... or suprises... and I enjoy doing the shopping for gender specific clothing and cute things for the nursery.
I dont think there is anything wrong or "nuts" about not finding out... to each there own!
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I am not good at waiting either...I'm the one who still peeks at xmas presents! But we've never found out the sex of our babies because we don't do ultrasounds. For me, it's just part of the whole experience that you meet them when they are born.
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No Way! One of my favorite parts of the birthing experience is to see what we had. I saw first w/ DD and DH saw first w/ DS. I love surprises and don't mind waiting. We like to make long lists of names and we don't name until after we've met and held our new one.
I can hardly wait to see what our new one will be - boy or girl. I think it adds to the ecstatic birthing experience, at least it has for us.
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I did NOT want to know with DS. I wasn't even sure I wanted an u/s, but we did decide to have that. I told everyone I met in the office that day, "We don't want to know. Don't tell us the sex!"

Actually, DH *did* want to know, but I wouldn't let them tell him either. My uterus, my perogative.

And people do act like you are weird. :P to them! They also want to know what names you've picked out, and I wouldn't share those either, unless they were already discarded from our list. We went to the hospital with a list of about 5 girls' names and 7 boys' names. I needed to meet my son before I could name him.

But this time I am less sure I will do this. Hmm...

First of all, the week before the u/s visit, I told DS in utero (repeatedly) that we were going to be peeking at him, and he should cover himself if he didn't want anyone to see anything. I felt like he deserved to know what was coming and prepare himself.

So I ended up feeling so strongly that I could communicate with my unborn child that it didn't seem like as much of an intrusion as I was worried it would be.

So if we do an u/s this time, and if I tell this little babe about it ahead of time so s/he can decide whether to show off or keep it private, maybe I will find out.

(It might just be that I have a stronger gender preference this time due to already having a son and hoping I will have a daughter, too. Still, I mostly think I am just feeling more relaxed about the intrusion. We'll see...)

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It was very uncommon, in the city where I had my first three children, for people to find out the sex of the baby. At least, that's what I heard. I had a couple of u/s with D, and no one ever mentioned the possibility of us asking about the sex. And I heard from other pg/new moms that Drs didn't like revealing the sex either because they didn't want to get "trouble" from them if they were wrong, or because they didn't want abortions based on gender. That's just what I've heard, though. With S, we had one u/s, and had a mw that time. I remember saying we didn't want to know the sex, but I think she said they don't really look for it or put it in the report. (Interestingly, if there was anything they do look for with the u/s that we didn't want to know, she had to specify on there that it not be included in the report. Otherwise, she was bound to tell us, though the u/s tech was not bound to tell us or her. That's my understanding, anyway.) With M, we didn't have an u/s.
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I don't really want to know. I'd rather avoid ultrasounds altogether and will only agree to one to reassure my otherwise great midwife, that everything really is fine inside my 41 year-old, first-time mom-to-be body. Only my age puts any risk factors for home birth on my chart. Geez, I'm healthier than many of my 20-something students!

My DH is on the fence. Sometimes he wants to know and other times he really thinks about what I've expressed and says he thinks I some good points. He'll go along with me if that's what I want.

Even if we did choose to find out, we would tell our friends and family that we don't know. I hate the blue for boys, pink for girls regimen and we're hoping to raise this child without too much of a socially forced gender role.
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I don't want to know, but DH has eluded to wanting to know. I'm not even sure I want to do an u/s at all at this point, but I might change my mind.
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Right now I will say no We found out with DD even though my mama intution told me she is girl! I don't think DH wants to know...not yet anyway
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Dh wants to know, but I think I want it to be a surprise this time. With my twin sister having 2 boys and me and my boy, I have a feeling this next one will be a boy too. But if I wait until the birth I just may be surprised with a girl.
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I'm not sure. We didn't find out with DD and both enjoyed not knowing until the end. We said we would never find out. Well DH is still sticking to that but I'm on the fence. I kind of want to know. It would be fun telling DD she is going to have a brother or is going to have a sister. It would be fun to be able to call the baby by its name before its born. We don't have anything to buy this time to keep me busy and excited so I am thinking it would be fun to know. Maybe I could pick up some clothes then.
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Nope, not finding out! Hoping to not even have an ultrasound this time around.

We didn't find out with DS and it was one of the most amazing memories of my life having DH practically shriek with joy "It's a Boy!" as I pushed him out. The nursery was neutral and I bought a set of boy clothing and a set of girl clothing so that all my bases were covered. No biggie getting prepared for either sex!
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