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we didn't find out w/ #1 and it was pretty exciting but this time we'd like to find out. try it both way and see which is better. although if i don't get hooked up w/ health insurance then we won't be doing any unnessesary ultrasounds.
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We didn't find out with DD (although I was so sure it was a girl I didn't even mind that our "final" choice for a boy name was one I didn't really like!).

It was fun having the surprise -- DH made sure that he was the one who told me "It's a girl!".

I don't think we'll find out this time, either. I'm cool with waiting -- I *never* peek at xmas gifts!!!
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We found out with our 1st and 3rd babies, but our 2nd was a surprise (didn't have an ultrasound with her). We're kind of leaning toward being surprised this time. I'm not sure we'll even be having an ultrasound.
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Originally Posted by chinaKat View Post
We didn't find out with DD (although I was so sure it was a girl I didn't even mind that our "final" choice for a boy name was one I didn't really like!).
That's how I was with our first (well, before we found out she was a girl when I went into ptl at 32 weeks and had an u/s). I didn't like our boy name, but I was so sure it was a girl I didn't care. Same with our second. I don't feel the need to do much thinking on boy names this time either, but I did mention to DH that we weren't going to use "the" boy name if this one is a boy so maybe my intuition is telling me it might matter this time . . . or maybe I'm just tired of hearing that name . . . hmmmmmmm . . . guess we'll find out in january or june.
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I want to know....but I'm also wanting to take advantage of the one time in my life when I can experience the ultimate surprise.

My compromise is that during our midway u/s, I'll tell the tech that they should look at everything they need to....but they don't need to stop over that area to tell us what we're having. If I happen to see something I recognize during the course of the u/s, then fair enough! If I don't, then we'll have a nice surprise!
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We didn't have an u/s with our first dd but I'm not the type who's good at waiting for surprises. I soooo wanted to know but just didn't want or need an u/s. This time.......hmmmmm?.........I so want to know again. But I keep hearing dh tell people we won't find out again because we don't want an unnecessary u/s. So I guess it'll be a surprise again.

It's funny because at the birth it took us a few minutes to remember to look to see what we had.....the cord was covering. All that impatience and I wasn't even thinking about the sex.

I should point out that EVERYONE thought I was carrying a boy, low and in front......but we didn't even have a boy name at birth and turns out she was a girl.
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I had one ultrasound each with my first two and had no idea what their gender's were. I like the one ultrasound to catch potential medical problems. Anyways this time I am tempted to find out! We will keep it private and not tell anyone though. My daughter wants a baby sister so desperately that I would kind of like to be prepared either way. We are warning her of course that you don't get to choose and she will love a new baby no matter what but still, I kind of want to know. Then I can also decide what to do with all the baby girl clothes I have been hanging on to!
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Nope! DS was a surprise and we want this one to be, also!
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Nope. We only used the doppler for the heartbeat with dd, and we have no plans for a picture U/S this time around either If we HAD to have an ultrasound (if my midwife, who never recommends U/S's recommended one) then we would find out, but that's highly unlikely...

love and peace.
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DH doesn't want to this time. He just wants to find out when baby gets here. I just don't think I could wait that long. I'm so curious, I want to know that way when I think of baby I can know how to think of him/her.

DH's cousin has 3 kids and didn't find out with any of them (all girls). Also, I'd rather buy blue or pink clothes instead of neutral because then there is less confusion after baby is born. If you dress your baby in pink or blue you get less mix up and less questions on whether your baby is a boy or a girl.
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We don't want to know-we want to be surprised. DH feels very strongly about this-he loves surprises! Of course he's the one who can't shop early for Christmas or birthdays because he always wants me to see what he's gotten because he's so proud of himself. We've also decided against sharing the names we choose beforehand. We have several choices already but DH wants that to be a surprise for everyone else.
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I found out for DS because I wanted to know what kind of clothes and nursery stuff to buy : (even though the nursery ended up getting zero use). This time I REALLY don't want to know but DP really wants to know. I am making all the other choices like, HB, no vax, no circ, BF, etc so I told DP that the sex could be his choice. Now I regret that because I really don't want to know.
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We're going to find out. I wasn't going to with my first pregnancy but we had to have an u/s and I could see on the screen that she was a girl. I was glad I knew after I saw that...Even though my prengncy ended 2 days later.
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No it is the best surprise in the whole world, we did not with dd and will not again. I don't have any scans so it is a bit impossible anyway

Each time i have had a little bit of a preferance and so it was extra important for me not to find out so that i could never be dissapointed, which i might have been if told before i had the babay, but once you have huffed and buffed and done all that work to push them out there is no way that you can be dissapointed no matter what the baby is, all you feel then is love for which ever little soul you have been entrusted with
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I haven't decided yet. I didn't find out with my first, and then I did find out with the other 3. I think I bonded a little better with the ones I knew the sex of, but there's something so romantic about waiting. I'm leaning toward waiting this time, but not sure if my willpower will hold out.
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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
I found out for DS because I wanted to know what kind of clothes and nursery stuff to buy : (even though the nursery ended up getting zero use).

Same here! She even has a toddler bed that is used more as trampoline than a bed in our bedroom!
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I don't plan to

I hope to avoid U/S alltogether I was able to till delivery with my DD.
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for all those eager to know mommies... remember the u/s determination is fallible... my sister thought she was having a girl ...she stocked up and everything... turns out i have a nephew

we laugh now but it was really hard those first couple days.. she had bonded with an imaginary daughter and now she had a baby boy in her arms... :

its all good now though

as for us... were gonna skip the whole u/s thing if possible... ds never got one.. we're hoping not to fo this one either
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I do want to know the sex...but only if this babe waves their private parts at the aunties (so to speak). I wouldn't do a scan just to determine sex. Also, DH reads u/s images all the time at work...if we get an u/s and the babe flashes the camera there is no way he wouldn't know right up front, no need for the tech to make a guess. And if he knows, I wanna know!

With dd we let family/friends know we were having a girl but kept her name secret till she was born. We're hoping to do something similar with this one...

Our families make wonderful handmade gifts for each babe and they like to know the sex so they can encorporate mildly gendered themes (usually the boys get quilts and carved shelves with leaves and frogs and teddy bears while the girls get quilts and carved trays with flowers and shells and dragon flies).
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I am a real christmas present peeker so this is a tough one!

My dh and I are already debating and discussing the idea of u/s. My mw doesnt like u/s and doesnt recommend them. I dont like the idea of an ultrasound as we are planning a homebirth, so we would have to make an extra appt somewhere to get it done. But I am knitter and I love cutsie girly stuff so knowing the sex would be really fun for that. My dh has already said he wants to know the sex and he would like me to get an u/s. So if I decide against it I will have to have him research why u/s cold possibly be harmful so he understands.

I do have an idea that my baby is a boy though! I had my first mama dream! In the dream I was breastfeeding a baby boy who was about 6 months old. He latched on and I was really shocked by the way it felt! He had dark hair and a blue pajamas on. Even before this dream, I have had a feeling it was a boy, even though I am only 5 weeks pregnant today. So if we dont find out the sex, I will more likely buy and make more boyish stuff.

I do love purples, yellows and mint colors so I would be happy putting either gender in those colors! And we will will be painting our walls in waldorf lazure style, so that goes with any gender.
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