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salmon allergy?

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My 2.5 year old seems to be slightly allergic to salmon. She's had it maybe three times. The first time, I noticed that she seemed pretty flushed/ had a red rash on her face, but I attributed it to the mango she had at the same time. The second time I realized it was the salmon. However, today we were having salmon again, and since we werent certain that it wasnt just a coincidence, we gave her a tiny amount. Nobody in our family has food allergies. My hubby has some mild hay fever/ grass/ mold things, but really mild, so allergies arent on our radar. She immediately started screaming and crying and saying that the salmon made her mouth hurt. We had her drink, and we washed her face and hands, gave her some benadryl and a bath, brushed her teeth. She has some mild hives where she touched it. It really seems to be more of a contact allergy than anything, but it's definitely gotten worse since her first two exposures. Obviously we wont give her salmon again, but what else should we do? I've never heard of a salmon allergy. She's had other kinds of fish with no problems. Are there other things related to salmon that folks with salmon seem to have problems with? Advice?
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Is this farmed salmon? Do you feed her other farmed fish? There's a bunch of things they feed farmed salmon that get into the end product, including the coloring that she could be allergic to.
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Yeah, it's farmed salmon. : It's what they sell at the local grocery store, anyway..... She's eaten other farmed fish too.
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Most salmon is dyed to make it that lovely color. The label at the store usually tells you (color added) It can be fed to them or injected. It could be the dye she's reacting to, it may not. I'm not sure I'd attempt to challenge it anytime soon.
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What else has that dye? Has anyone else had experiences with salmon allergies? I'm just wondering if it's a precursor to shellfish or other allergies. Ideas? Should I take her to an allergist?
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I would ask for a referral to see an allergist. Fish allergy is one of the top 8 most common and I would be worried about anaphylaxis w/ her latest reaction.

btw, food allergies are not inherited. The tendency to develop allergies is inherited and that can be any type of allergy, food or environmental.
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My husband and I don't have any food allergies but our kids do. The first thing my older daughter reacted to was salmon at 1-1/2 years. Although she had never shown a reaction to white fish or tuna, the salmon really made her skin flare up. Since then, we've had her tested for allergies and the results were positive for fish. Her allergy test (RAST) also showed allergies to foods that I wouldn't have guessed due to the way her body reacts. You might want to discuss this with your ped and decide if you want to have her tested since, like a previous poster said, she may have a tendency for allergies.
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I agree with wendy1221! I would get her to an allergist. Fish is such a common allergen and that seems like a pretty severe reaction. Poor baby! DD also used to react (mildy, though) to salmon, but she's outgrown it now.
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DH is deathly allergic to cold-water oily fish (i.e. salmon and tuna). Deathly as in, even a forkful causes his trachea to swell shut. We've only ever had wild fish, so I don't necessarily think the dyes in the farmed fish your DD ate are automatically to blame. The fact that your daughter said the salmon made her mouth hurt really jumped out at me. I, personally, would not mess around with this and "test" different types of fish UNTIL I had done allergy testing, and maybe not even then, especially since your dd is so young and may not be able to explicity communicate to you the full extent of her symptoms.

Oh btw, my DH can eat shellfish no problem. Weird, huh?
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