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Who do I call to complain?

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Months ago, I posted about a woman who owns a baby/birth type shop in my area that sells lots of crunchy and noncrunchy things. She is a midwife (or used to be). Now, she is a business woman. She uses her midwife title to promote the crunchy stuff, while still doing 3D ultrasound in the back of the shop, selling Ezzo books, etc.
The problem: two of my friends have gone to her shop after having their babies....both women were having trouble with breastfeeding. The owner of the shop (ex midwife), sort of promoted herself as a lactation consultant...both times mis"diagnosing" or not noticing that one had a whopping case of mastitis, and the other's baby had major latch issues.
Before each had left the store, *lots* of cash (>$150) was dropped on breastfeeding pillows, creams, etc.
I am so angry and upset for both of these women...mostly because a midwife is NOT a lactation consultant, and while might be a good source of breastfeeding advice, has not necessarily had the training, experience, and
education to diagnose or adaquately help with major nursing troubles. I am getting the sense that this woman is using this time to suck money out of desperate postpartum women who really just need to see a good LC.
Who do I report this to? What can I do? I am just so concerned that women who need real help with their babies and nursing relationships are being misguided for the almighty dollar.
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Can you contact LLL and ask them the question? They may be some sort of lactation consultant licensing organization you can call. You could also contact the Better Business Bureau in your state and your state attorney general. If she is offering medical advice but not licensed, I would think the AG's office could offer advice.
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What boongirl said.
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How sad
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It is horrible that she'd take advantage like that. I hope it gets worked out so that she's stopped.
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You can contact LLL, the BBB, maybe even the Dept. of Health if she's basically practicing medicine without a license.
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Definitely contact the BBB. But I would be careful about declaring that this person is practicing medicine without a license. In most states, that is how prosecutors put homebirth midwives out of practice. I guess I think it's a fine line and I would want to be really clear that this shop owner is practicing medicine.

Maybe a better way to stop this shop owner is to spread the word that she is not a LC, LLL leader, etc. Moms talk, it's often not difficult to get the word out. If she sees an impact on her bottom line, she will find another (hopefully less harmful) way to bring in a profit.
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That's horrible! It's women like her that give midwives and LCs a bad name. :
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Report her to a midwives association and to IBCLC as well. I know you said she isn't an IBCLC, but them knowing about her could help them to get better restrictions on what type of licensing people need to practice as an LC.
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I don't know that you can do much. In Texas, we have legislation in the works that will require someone to be "certified" in order to call herself an LC. The certification would be very similar to the process for IBCLC. I'm afraid situations like this come up too often. Considering the legislation in Texas, maybe you could write your state representatives and mention the situation and the legislation in Texas.
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Find out if she's still got a midwife license. If not, report her to ACNM. I don't think she can still use the title if she doesn't have a current certification/license.
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