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I had Tivo'd the show and just watched it today. I thought the two unschooling families came off looking pretty good. If I knew nothing about unschooling beforehand, I would think it sounded pretty cool after watching this show.

The mom who wanted to homeschool because she was scared of school violence I felt sorry for, but she did nothing to advance homeschooling. If you are going to drive your homeschooled children around (to museums or wherever) you are probably increasing their odds of getting killed (in a car crash) more than if they rode a bus and spent seven hours a day in a schoolhouse.

Overall, I thought the show portrayed unschooling in a pretty good light - much, much better than I was expecting.
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I just caught this, and was really suprised that he was featuring unschoolers as the focal point of his show. I am a NMY and have only heard about unschooling on MDC, and the first time I read about it unschooling seemed pretty out there. So I think it is a really great thing to just get that idea out in the mainstream. Schooling is very far of, but it was very cool to have a face to put some of the ideas I've learned about here. Dayna, you handled yourself very well and your POV came across as very common sense to me. I mean I read and research more now that I am "done" with my education. I've always been very curious and been self motivated to learn. I think despite the fairly obvious editing tricks and aggressive questions, there will be plently of people who never would have been exposed to the concept who might look into it. One thing I thought was interesting was that the girl who said homeschooling ruined her life was quite well spoken and appeared to be well educated. So her parents couldn't have had it all wrong.
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Thank you!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for the support and the kind words! It has been a whirlwind since doing the show! The outpouring of interest and positive words are amazing! I even had an old friend call me say she saw the show and they have decided to pull their daughter out of school (if she wants) and start Unschooling! I feel so honored to be a voice for Unschoolers!

Thanks again for your kind words!

~Peace & Love, Dayna
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DAYNA-You rock! I just aw the show yesterday and I am glad you were a voice for unschooling. You were so calm and articulate! My mom watched the show so maybe she will "get it" now.
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I only watched about five minutes of it, and even *I* (the public school parent) was offended by his attitude about homeschooling.

He did not even speak respectfully to the children who's parents have chosen to "unschool". He made fun of the young man who claimed he could answer any question on history.

I was surprised by his attitude. I wished I had watche the whole show.
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