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Okay, I read some of the replies to this but not all, hopefully I didn't miss the ones that speak of this...

I feed our 2 yo daughter whatever we're eating for dinner. She loves to use forks/spoons, she actually asks for them. I often have to encourage her to just pick it up and eat it with her hands like mommy is because she likes to stab her food. If it gets on her finger she thinks its funny... We eat healthy and I cook almost all of our meals from real food that requires cooking. She does get fun food for lunch and snacks all throughout the day.

I guess my point is, I don't want to become a short order cook and have my dd used to having something that she "wants." I don't force her to eat any food and alot of times I plan something for dinner that I know we all like so that liking food isn't an issue. I do get the "don't like" from her recently but that's it. That's the food we have...why should I cater to an attitude that I may not be able to be consistent when we're at someone elses house visiting, a restaurant, on a tight budget, etc?