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Welcome Your New Moderator -- Piglet68

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After a lot of internal debating, I have decided to pass the Parenting Issues boards on to Piglet68. My almost five year old has decided that he no longer needs to nap (it was bound to happen sometime: ) and it has made a dramatic impact on my computer time. Shucks!!! So I am no longer able to give this board the attention it deserves.

I know Piglet68 will do a wonderful job and is a great addition to our moderating team. She will be able to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

Join me in giving her a big
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Thank you for all you time and attention, jbcjmom!

And welcome, Piglet68!
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Thanks, Beth! And thanks for recommending me for the position (I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be sending you a big ol' slap on the head, lol!)

Do I know what I got myself into? he he he.
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Hey Piglet.... not to be selfish, but uh.... Okay, to be selfish will you still have time for a playdate when we come up in May?

(I'll pm you once the details and dates emerge...)
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Company's coming?

Uh..yeah! I'll be ready...

(seriously, that would be kewl!!)
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Go, Go Go! Go Shawty! It's your birfday! :LOL

Congrats Piglet68!!! You'll be an excellent mod! Everyone already seems to know you well around here

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