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recipes for nursing moms

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I'm pretty concerned about MY diet during nursing (due in a few weeks) but don't really know how to cook without onion, garlic, dairy, beans, etc. Are there any cookbooks out there or do you all have any recipes? I'm thinking we could just eat chicken and veggies for a while, but that gets boring!
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huh? I eat garlic, onions, dairy, beans and everything else. Never been a problem.

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I, too eat all of those things. I ate spicy foods (lots of curry and hot peppers!) thru all of my pregnancies, all thru nursing, etc.

Eat whatever you want!
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i third the eating whatever motion,
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There really is no need to change your diet as long as ou eat healthy and your baby has no food allergies. Nursing my third child now, he's 16 months, and I have not changed my diet one bit, with any of them. You don't need a special diet when ou are nursing, therefor there really aren't any nursing mother recipes.
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As he others have said you don't need to do anything special -unless there is an allergie and you won't know that till probley 6-8 weeks of age and then you go from there. But there is no sence is resticting what you eat as a "just in case" there are really very few babies with allergies that require a speacal diet
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You might check out Kellymom for more info on nutrition and diet while nursing.

Just make sure your diet is healthy and that you drink to thirst and you should be fine. You can adjust later if you notice your baby is unusually fussy or gassy.
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I have always ate whatever.
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Check out "Mother Food" by Hilary Jacobson for good nutritional information.


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I avoid dairy while nursing because it gives my babies eczema. I avoid too much caffiene in the early months. Otherwise, I eat anything else I want. Avoiding gassy and spicy foods is an old wives' tale and not necessary. I read a LLL study which demonstrated that babies nursed LONGER after moms ate lots of garlic.
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The LC that I use to go to said that babies love the taste of milk after a mom has eaten garlic! I don't know if it's true, but I eat a lot of garlic anyways. Eat what you normally do, making sure that you choose healthy foods. Avoid caffeine. I think that's about it. Everything in moderation is my motto as well!
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I would second the kellymom information, though I have to say I eat whatever I want (and have). DS seems to be thriving (over 30 lbs. at a year), so it wasn't a big concern.

One more thing: my doula gave me some good advice right before giving birth, and that was not deliberately NOT cut out anything you would normally eat UNLESS it started to cause a problem for DC. I'm glad she said that. BFing was stressful enough in the first few weeks, and if I had felt that BF was a "sacrifice" in terms of diet, I might not have been as inclined to continue (there was enough sleep-sacrifice in the beginning... though that was more because I didn't feel comfortable co-sleeping... had I to do it over again, that would have been different... but that's a whole 'nother story).

Good luck!
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