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Frog - I agree. While I do tend to tally up why I deserve it more than people I know who get preg right away, I realize that is faulty and that it shouldn't be about who is better and more deserving. I have my beliefs and principles and I do feel strongly about them, but it doesn't make someone else a bad mom because she feels the oppisit, if that makes sense (I'm thinking about my strong belief in bfing for a year at least here). I hope you guys have a calm and peacful month off. I have been thinking of you.

Sorry to those with AF, Hazel, Jilly, and Christy and any others. I'll be thinking of you. Try to remain hopeful for next cycle. That's all you can really do anyway, right?

I think everything is coming together perfect for us this cycle and I'm feeling very positive and hopeful today. The visualization and affirmations are helping my attitude if nothing else. Perfect cm, perfect OPK results, perfect bd timing so far. As long as temps coinside I'll know we did our part and the rest is in God's hands.

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Wow, all that and the lucky first post. I hope it works this time for me!
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how was everyone's saturday???

i FINALLY got hubby to get the computer and all the crap out of our spare bedroom to make room for the next baby (yes i know pro-active....but i like being that way) and of course THE FRICKEN MONITOR BROKE.....

grrrr....i swear someone out there does not want me to have more kids....due to a financial investment gone sour we had to take $1000 out of our bairy thriving savings account so we have been forced to wait until december to TTC......

such a bummer November was only a few days away
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Can I be added to the list? We are waiting for O
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My wonderful SIL is PREGNANT with Babe #1!!!!

My brother's wife just called and she is pregnant!: :

I am so happy for them. They have only been trying for 2 months, but they have seen and grieved my trials thru the years and realize just how blessed they are. We had dreams of having the same due date (We have matching cycles) But we also thought it would be neat to have babes 3-4 months apart and share really nice cloth diapers. Please wish Jen sticky, happy, healthy, vibes.

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