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Another young momma here, I'm 24 now but had my first at 19 and then my second at 21, with a m/c in between them. We are very AP and organic living. My family calls me a "hippie" because I really care about how my family lives. Is annoying, but I just ignore it cause this is really important to me. Glad I found a new tribe!!
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I think I belong here!

Hi all, I am 23, new to the forums, and this tribe is shockingly suited to me. I am no longer a SUPER young, but I was once. My son is closing in on 7 fast, and I am 3 days overdue : with what I think is my daughter. We're planning a home birth, and we're ready! Also, I noticed a few aspiring midwives on this thread, way back in June. Any of you still around? We have that in common too. I certainly have nothing in common with the moms I know, (okay, I don't really know any), you guys can relate. It's nice to see some moms like me! I'd like to get to know you guys. -Kelsey
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i'm 20 with three kids : DD was born when I was 18 (pregnant at 17) and when she was 18 months i got pregnant with our twins. life is crazy, but good
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wow I had no idea that I would find this on here and I am so glad. My DD was born 2 month after my 20th birthday and my DS 1 month after my 22nd. I do not know any crunchy moms let alone any young ones. I don't have alot of friends because alot of older moms see me as too young of a mom and any of the young moms I know are far from being AP's. One actually had her 3children taken from her for neglect. With my DD I had alot of rude comments one that comes to mind in particular is one day I was out for a walk with my DD and a bunch of guys in a van pulled up beside my and yelled "Teenage mom you should have had an abortion" I still get sick thinking about it. I absolutly love being a co-sleeping, tandem nursing, baby wearing, no circ, Home birthing,young mom. Nice to know there are others out there.
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Hi really young mamas!

Mama2DoubleCuties - I'm an aspiring midwife. I'm hoping to start my course really soon. I just have to buy a few more books!

mommy2twobabes - that is HORRIBLE! Why would someone say something like that? Young moms can be great moms! What a poor angry person.... I'm really sorry.

It's been a while since I posted here, so I'll just give a quick run down!

Got pg just before I turned 16. : Got married at 16. Had dd @ 16, ds @ 17, ds2 @19 and dd2 @ 21. I'm 23 and have 4 kids. I'm the crunchiest mama I know, but I'm very blessed to have some friends that are moms in their 20's and are pretty AP. I'm sorry that you are all so lonely as far as mama friends go.

I get all sorts of crazy comments. "You don't look old enough to have had all those kids." (well, obviously I am, cause I did!) "Do they all have the same father?" (yes they do - shocking I know!) "Don't you know what causes that?" (yes I do and I LIKE it!!!) When I was pg it was really hard, people can be so nasty and they think other peoples' fertility is their own business. :

There are days when I wish we had waited. We could have gotten our schooling out of the way. (DH is going to school and I'm going to be starting.) Most of the time, though, I'm extremely happy to be a really young mama. I really get to enjoy my kids and we do all sorts of crazy fun stuff together. I'm hoping that I'm so close to being a teenager still, I won't forget what it was like for me. Hopefully, things will be better for mine!

Have a wonderful day!
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hi everyone! I'm taking the steps to go to college soon.
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Just found this thread!
I got pregnant (on purpose) at 18, and birthed my first son at 18. In a totally immature relationship, which I regret, but the kiddo I got out of it is absolutely perfect. He was still a baby when my partner and I started dating, and we moved in together before his first birthday. We planned and conceived my second babe when I was 20, and I birthed him at 21. I'm 22 now and my partner is 27. I got my BA last year (am now a SAHM) and my partner is entering a doctoral program in August.
So sorry to hear that many of you feel so isolated, I am lucky to live in a city with lots of AP moms, most of whom are older than me but I don't mind. Most of my friends are 26-32. It would be nice to have a close mama friend my own age, but it's not really a big deal to me.
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LOL I am definitely a young mama! Today is my 18th birthday and my first baby, a little girl, is due this May. I'm sure everyone thinks that it was an accident(heard a few annoying comments too : ) but I was and am in a wonderful committed relationship and I had MAJOR baby craving. Sooo...we just weren't really careful about birth control. Not ttc but not trying too hard to prevent it. But I am so excited about being a mama. I really look forward to the privilege of raising my DD and to the challenge of being a wonderful mama. P.S. I'm SOOO glad that I found this site! I have always been really crunchy but I have learned a LOT.
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young mama here!

DH and I got pregnant when we were just 20! Don't you just LOVE "the looks" you get at the store from elders? I have been looked up and down with disapprovement so many times, that it's become habit for me to just flash my wedding ring and move on. However, even though I am 22, I could pass for 17, so that may account for all the stares as well :

Nonetheless, I am thrilled to be a young mama. I will be in my late 30's when my son is in High School, and I just feel that we will be able to relate to eachother so well.
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im 25 and pregnant with baby #2....does that make me young enough?
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I just joined MDC and am so glad I found this thread! I just turned 20 and am having my first in a few weeks! I totally understand what you all mean about the looks in the store, and all the negative comments. I also look like im 16, so sometimes I get some pretty bad stares. I don't mind though because I am thrilled to be a mama. My boyfriend is a few months younger than me, and we are completely in love. I couldn't be happier. So although our ds wasn't planned we feel extremely blessed. :
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Hi you guys!

Hey guys,
Looks like there are quite a few of us who are new. If anyone has questions about the whole school thing I might be able to help. I've been doing it for awhile. It's a great way to get some cash and stay attached, oh, and you can learn some things!
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Originally Posted by Emma's_Mommy View Post
im 25 and pregnant with baby #2....does that make me young enough?
Hey I'm coming close on 24 and just had number two, and I'm here. We're the 'self proclaimed' really young mamas of the gang I guess. I say you are
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I'm young, too

I'm almost 23 and just had my third baby 9 months ago. My first two kids were born not even a year apart, when I was 19 and 20. I was married to their dad at the time but we split and I got re married 7 months ago to this baby's father. I actually want MORE kids! LOL but my mom isn't too thrilled with me always being pregnant. Little does she know that we're kinda trying right now, and have been since I stopped my Depo a few months ago.

I just read another one of ya'lls posts and it said she lost a baby due to low progesterone b/c of BF... that kinda just scared me cuz I'm nursing my son still. Maybe I'll wait till he's weaned to try to get pregnant...
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Aw, don't worry too much about BF while TTC. I am BF my five month old and TTC. I was still BF my first child when I got pregnant with my second. I've never had any problems.

I know what you mean about families not being supportive of us having many kids. We are quiverfull - meaning that we do not use birth control and will accept as many children as God blesses us with - and I'm 19 with two kids : . They are always lecturing me about BC. But I don't think they grasp the concept that IUDs and the pill are just automated abortions. The egg is still fertilized but the body aborts the baby. I couldn't do that. That still leaves barrier methods, but we just leave it up to God.

We're here to support you!
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Just found this tribe! DH and I are 24 and having #3 this summer. We have a 5 1/2-year-old DS, a 16-month-old DD, and another sweet baby boy on the way. Nice to "meet" you other young mamas!
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Originally Posted by ashleyca View Post
But I don't think they grasp the concept that IUDs and the pill are just automated abortions. The egg is still fertilized but the body aborts the baby. I couldn't do that.
We also reject the use of birth control, however, while what you said is true about IUD,which creates a hostile uterine environment for a potentially fertilized egg, if the pill (and other hormonal methods) work properly, an egg is never released from the ovary, and so couldn't be fertilized. These methods prevent fertilization of an egg by preventing ovulation. Just thought everyone should have the right information.
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What an awesome tribe! I have a four month old son @ 20...pregnant @ 19. It is so awesome to find so many young AP mamas! I must agree with some PP's that most of the young moms I know are anything but AP.
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Hello fellow young mothers! I'm not really young now (24) but I was when ds was born. I was preggo at 17 and had ds a month after I turned 18. He was an "accident", but the best one ever. I wish I had waited at times, but I wouldn't trade him for anything. I was in high school while preg and can relate to the looks from other people. I had other girls in my classes telling me I didn't need to wear whatever it the out fit was because my belly was starting to show. Unfortunaly I didn't really enjoy my pregnancy like I wish I could have been able to. Dh and I are trying for #2, but are facing some fertility issues right now that are kinda bumming me out, but I know that will help me enjoy my pregnancy all the more when it finally happens. Yay for this thread! Hugs to all!
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My name is Hannah. I had my daughter Felicity when I was 17.
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