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Hi Ladies! I got Pregnant with my First DD when I was 15 and had her at 16, Had our 2nd DD at 19 and Our 3rd DD at 20 I'm now 22 and we plan on ttc # 4 in the next few months. I grew up in a small town and it I dealt with a lot of sterotypes and bad looks being so young but I beat all of them and since then have gained a lot of respect for the way we are raising our children. Nice to see lots of other proud young momma here!!
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Good luck with your ttc!
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I'll join! I got pregnant with DD1 at, 18 so I guess that makes me a young mama.
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I went to my midwifes annual picnic I was the only one under 36 I was hoping to meet other moms but none of them seem very interested in talking to me
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meeting other moms

I think I got lucky, I went to my midwife's mothers gathering expecting a bunch of 40 year olds, I actually got five women very near my age, I actually think I am not the youngest! wow huh?
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Thanks I can't wait to start I actually think I might be already just have to wait 3 more days so I can test...
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Originally Posted by goosedown77 View Post
I think I got lucky, I went to my midwife's mothers gathering expecting a bunch of 40 year olds, I actually got five women very near my age, I actually think I am not the youngest! wow huh?
awww lucky , thats awesome!

And good luck mom_2_3_girls!
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Originally Posted by mamatoLL View Post
im bumping this back up b/c I have a question for all of you young mamas!

Do you still talk to your people you were friends w/ pre children?

I don't. None of them get me now. They just think im "too" involved w/ my kids and just dont understand why.

My DH on the other hand talks to some of his old friends. But there are very few that I will let around my children b/c they seem to not understand how to talk around kids. :
Haha... I don't really, either. I mean, just casually but we definitely aren't friends anymore, more of the "oh she's getting so big" small talk. They definitely dont get me, especially APing. I think for some reason they expect me to really want a break and dont get that I dont... for example one of my old friends was telling me all about how we should get together for coffee with NO BABIES, and NO TALK OF BABIES... not because she doesn't want to hear it but because she thought I would prefer it if I didnt have her there If I wanted that I would have put her in a daycare a long time ago!
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Young mama here!!!

We planned our DD, and I was 21, my fiance was 23 when we did. Yes that's right...we're not even MARRIED! : *gasp*

Talk about people judging us! LOL!

We personally don't believe that being LEGALLY married has anything to do with how well you can parent. We are planning to get married in the next year or so. We just want to make it "us" and make it special...so we waited. We could have gotten married any time...we just figured why rush it? We know we love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together, etc. :

So anyway...I TOTALLY know what all you other young mamas are talking about!

We have one : and we : : : ...

and we also don't vax..

and we get a lot of weird looks from family members, etc, but we don't care. We know what we're doing is right.
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Bumping for a new member.

Why don't we get this thread going again?
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lol, us young mama's are gettin too old.
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Yeah we are getting to be old farts huh?

I realized yesterday that I turn 22 in 5 months and I have 3 kids under the age of 4. Scary.
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yeah that'll wear one out!!
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I'll join you all

I'm the 21 year old Mama of one... but he was my fourth pregnancy. I got pregnant at 17 and miscarried, and then again a year later and had another miscarriage. Both were not planned. Then we TTC five months after miscarriage #2 and I got pregnant first try but we lost her too. At the time of losing my third I was just shy of 19.

Fast forward another six months and my partner and I had broken up and I got pregnant very unplanned. My pregnancy stuck, and my DS was born in August of 06.

I raised him for his first year as a single parent, but I am now partnered to an amazing person and we are planning our family together. We will TTC next year sometime

I wouldn't trade being a yong Mom for anything
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hey mamas! Wow! I can't believe how many of us there are!!! I had my son a month after I graduated high school at age 18, I'm nineteen now. And I love being a young mama!
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Hey ladies! I'm only on page 2 of reading this thread but thought I'd jump in now before it gets to page 35!

I'm 22 (dp is 26) with my 5 month old son (so I'm not *really* young). I was pregnant when I was 20... didn't find out until I was 21 and just recently had my 22nd bday. I was in college full time when I found out the unexpected but joyous news! I've put my school on hold for now as I'm a happy SAHM.

There was the huge question of whether I was going to keep the baby or not when the news was fresh. Mostly my friends were assuming that I wasn't, as I had just started my career path, and hadn't *lived* it up like a *normal* 20 yo. But keeping the baby was the only option! He chose me as his Momma, it was meant to be. I don't regret it at all!! I love being a Momma! And anyways, my crazy party days ended when I was like 18.

We got "so when are you getting married?" in the beginning when we told people. Dp's step mom really pushed the conversation-- so uncomfortable. Then I later found out that she was pregnant with her first at the same age as I was, with her boyfriend. ??

That's so funny that you started this thread... I was just about to start one for 20 somethings and other young mommas! Ya beat me!

Good to see you other young, responsible mommas out there.
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Hi mamas! Good to see this thread bumped again. Quick re-intro: I'm 24. I have 4 kids. Got pg at 15 had dd1 at 16. Had ds1 at 17. Had ds2 at 19. Had dd2 at 21. I've been married for 8 years. DH is 28. It's kinda crazy and makes my head spin when I look back! I had 4 kids in less than 5 years. : It's been an interesting ride. It's weird to not be the youngest mom in a group now. I'm starting to feel old. I don't really fit in anywhere. I'm too old and experienced a mom for my peers who are on their first or second child. I'm too young and inexperienced for the moms who have kids the same age as mine. I guess it helps that I've always been mature for my age. I liked having my kids young. At the same time, I feel like I'm just now figuring myself out and becoming an adult. It's nice to not be alone. Have a wonderful day!
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Hey young mamas!
Just a note to say, *I* was 27 when DS was born, and was clueless, and my best friend had had her first at 19 and was awesome. Age is not necessarily a prerequisite for being a good mama! I am so awed by all of you and your positive chill spirits! Especially those with big families-I so wanted more but because my xdh was so much older, we only had two But reading all your stories truly gives me hope for the future.
Your babies are so lucky
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Hey mamas! I thought I posted in here but, I can't remember. We had DS when I was 20, DH was 22, and will hopefully decide to have another soon. I'm almost 26, yikes!!!! Don't kick me out yet!

I also agree that I feel like I don't fit in just because of age differences. A while back I had just joined a meetup group for APing and was VERY nervous about meeting everyone. After the first time meeting them DH asked me how it went, if I liked it, etc. I told him- yes, I liked it but, I'm the youngest one there with the oldest kid! Now I am getting used to it again with all of the new school parents I am meeting because DS is in pre-school(which may not last too long, homeschool here we come!)

Anyway, have a great day!! Off to bake, yummmm.
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I'd like to join in! We had ds when I was 19 and dh was 21 (we weren't married at the time, oh no!) Ds is now almost 15 months old and we're going to ttc within the next few months! It's so nice there are people out there to relate to.. where I live you don't see anyone nip or wearing their baby. Thanks!
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