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Originally Posted by damona View Post
my DS that i got pregnant with at 17 has just started 4th grade. i may still be a "young mama" in the grand scheme of things, but that makes me feel old!
Mine just started 7th! I guess i'm not a young momma anymore! He is taller than me too. Being a young momma was such a great way to be! You go ladies
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Hi. I'm Heather. I am 23 and mom to 2 boys and 1 girl who is an angel (chromosome abnormalities.) I got pregnant with my first son when I was 19.
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Hi! My name is Chelci, I'm 19 and married with 2 children. Going by my LMP I got pregnant the day before my 17th birthday (DH then BF was 16) with DS. Then I got pregnant with DD at 18.
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Hi there! In the interest of limiting FYT to subjects not hosted elsewhere on the board, we have moved your tribe here. You're still a tribe, which means you're still support-only. If you have any questions about the move, please do not discuss it on the boards. Rather, contact an administrator or start a thread in Questions and Suggestions. Thanks, and happy posting!
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Another "young mama once".
My oldest just turned 10 this summer! Im 27.

Aside from DD we also have DS who just turned 3. Big gap!

I did the single mom thing for a few years and then met my DH.
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Hi to all the young mamas! I'm 23 had my ds when I was 20, I quit college to focus on him and have been a SAHM since he was born. His daddy and I got married this year and we are expecting another babs in March. I love being a young mom it's hard work but I think you've more energy when you're young and can relate to your LO's better. I've lost touch with most of my old friends, still talk to one or two but I feel like I'm a such a different place in my life that I get on better with other moms even though they're much older than me.

Can't believe some of you have 3+ kids! I'm in awe I'm worried how I'll manage with 2!
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hey!! i had ds at 20 (hes 7 mos now) and stoped going to college to be a sahm as well! i would love to finish eventually... and my friends are trying to understand i think 2 totally get it and the another 3 get why i want to stay home with him and take time off but hope i go back soon and the last one thinks daycare asap for all children is a great plan (shes not so into babies lol) i wouldnt do it any other way i love being home with him and i feel lucky then i am able to. college will always be there.. this time with him wont kwim?
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Former young mom, just popping in to say hi.

I had dd when I was 16..finished school, worked until last year, and now I'm a SAHM.
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Originally Posted by doratheexplorer View Post
Can't believe some of you have 3+ kids! I'm in awe I'm worried how I'll manage with 2!
Meh. After you have 2, the rest are easy. Especially if they are close in age. My 3 are under 5 years old so I do a lot of things in groups. Assembly line diapers and potty breaks, snacks, drinks and lunches, getting dressed, etc. Multi task parenting.

Congrats on your pregnancy!
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Wow, I'm so surprised that there are so many young mamas on this forum, not long ago I posted a young mama board and got NOTHING! haha anyhow, thanks to an older mama friend of mine, I found this! I'm 21 and have a baby boy that'll be 6 months on the 11th of this month. None of the moms my age that I know, parent like I do either.
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Yeah I'm 22 and I'm the youngest in my play group by at least 6 years. I'm glad to have found AP moms like me but sometimes I feel a bit left out because I'm young and didn't have the type of life experiences they did. But then, I also have years more motherhood experience then them. It evens out.

It's great there's so many like minded young moms here. : It seems young and AP are not that common in the outside world.
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I still feel like a young mama, even though I'm almost 29 now. I had Eli when I was 20. Hard to believe that was almost 9 years ago. Yikes!
So I can relate to being a young mom. This is the first year at the kids school I actually feel like an older parent. LOL
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Not a young mama now,31, but definitely was. I had my daughter a month before my 18th bday and my oldest son 2months after I turned 20. With a less than helpful father of my children it was a true struggle for several years. My parents were quite less than thrilled to find out that I was pregnant 5 months after graduating highschool. Besides them, who absolutely adore their grandchildren by the way, the only really hurtful comment that I got was a lady that I worked with. When I was pregnant w/my first she said something along the lines of "awww, you two get to grow up together". Whether she meant it condescendingly or not I'll never know but it certainly felt that way. I grew up the moment that I found out I was going to be responsible for another human.
Anyway, after that long intro just wanted to stop in a say hi!
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