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hey guys,
I got pregnant at 19 and had my daughter at 20. I married my Dh at 20 as well. I am now 25 and my daughter is in Kindergarten. It is hard because I am in college and a mom and I don't really fit in at either end. I am much younger than my dd's friends parents and they sort of freak out when the find out I am still in school. And I go to an art school where people my age are really only into themsleves and most of them hate children. I have had a hard time finding mama friends. A lot of my dd's friends parents say things like "I am old enough to be your mom." It dosen't seem to be as easy to connect with the other mama's when you are younger.
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Hi everyone!! I'm 22 and pg with our 3rd (technically 6th) Got pg with Freja and her twin at 18 had Freja at 19, got pg at 19 lost the bub. At 20 I got pg with Raeden had her at 21. At 21 (a month before i turned 22) I got pg and lost that bub also. Now I'm 22 and PG again expecting in August a month before I turn 23 ^_^ I THINK I got that time line right lol

I have a few real good real life friends but not many. A lot of the people in thhis area are to put it simply those no good mothers who you see literally beating their children in walmart. Young parents are very normal around here but you do get the occasional nutcase.

What was REALLY funny is I used to go to a pentecostal church and the other day my husband had run Freja to the family bathroom at the store to change her and I was holding Raeden. and someone I used to go to church with came up and goes 'Ohhh Melissa! Is that your sister!?' At that time Freja came running up yelling 'MAMA!!' HAHA I died laughing
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Originally Posted by mamablueberry View Post
I have had a hard time finding mama friends. A lot of my dd's friends parents say things like "I am old enough to be your mom." It dosen't seem to be as easy to connect with the other mama's when you are younger.
I feel the same way. I am 19 and DD is *almost* 9 months. There are alot of teen moms around here, but the problem is that they are the polar opposite of AP. They completely ignore their children until they start disobeying... and then they yell. They think it's gross that I breastfeed and weird that I cosleep and gee, why do I bother with cloth diapers? : I don't mean to stereotype teen parents by saying that, but every time I leave my house I see several teen moms, and so far I've only met one who was AP. I'm proud to be breaking the mold!
My boyfriend's coworker is a year younger than me, and he and his girlfriend have just had a child, so we went to visit them and bring presents. They live in his parents' basement. The baby's mom was holding her, and when she started to fuss, she immediately handed the LO over to her boyfriend, who just sort of looked at her, and when she started to full out cry, he ran upstairs and gave her to his mom, saying that she'd make the baby stop crying. It was so sad. They are never going to develop and trust their instincts as parents, and this is going to set them up for issues with communication and understanding and discipline down the road. I considered offering to let them borrow my sling to help them bond, but then I realized that a sling wasn't going to do it - they need to change their whole perspective, expectations, and attitudes around, and they don't know it. I feel so sorry for that poor little girl. I just wanted to take her and nurse her and tell her she was wanted. Her dad recently confided in DP that he didn't like being a dad. : Things like this make me so sad.
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I used to be a young mamma, I got pregnant with my twins at 17 and have them at 18, DH was 39 when I had the twins and with DD I was 23 and had her at 23 lol I wasn't so young
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Just wanted to drop in & say that I wish I had MDC when I had my DS. 10 yrs ago. I was 17, lost most of my friends but kept my DS daddy (which was way more important, lol) We got married when DS was 4 & now have been ttc for 6 yrs. Dh & I both look way younger then we are (I am 27 & Dh is 32)& get mistaken for DS's brother & sister all the time. Doesn't help that DS is only 4 inches shorter then me. Anyhow, good luck to all the young moms, it really can work out, no matter what ANYONE says.
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I got pregnant at 19 (right before my 20th birthday) and then had him at 20
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well how neat to find this tribe!!

I got pg with ds when I was 18.. I had him at 19... dh and I werent married til after we had ds and though our families werent happy that I was pg and not married, they were really supportive after awhile.

magstphil.. I'm sorry..but I was totally shocked to find you were already on your third... I'm not being condecending... I think its great... if I could have had #2 and possibly #3 already I would have
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Got pregnant at 16 and had her at 16; five days before my 17th bday
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Well im 29 now and my oldest DS is 13 - I had my first @ 16
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So happy to see such a tribe! I am 23 and just had my third daughter going on 8 weeks ago.

I am with the poster who said it's very hard to find mamas I "fit" with. All mamas I have met who are my age do not have anything in common with me and mamas who I feel I'd have more in common with are older and have more, live in nicer houses, etc etc. It's a weird place to be in.

I live in an area where it's already a bit odd to NIP and such. Ah well, I'm so glad to have found this thread!
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I guess i don't quite fit, but almost... I gave birth to my twins a couple days after my 21st birthday. I definately felt young, and none of my old friends are there yet, but it did and does feel so right. DH and i weren't exactly trying to get PG, but we had definately put that inviting energy out there into the universe. Little did i know we'd be blessed with 2!

Anyways i just wanted to say i'm happy to see this tribe, and say i think young mommas deserve alot of respect for answering the call;
And also horray for all the aspiring midwives! I am one too.
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Oh My, I just read this whole thread. I was 20 when I had my DS. I can honestly say that the greatest single moment of my life was when I got to hold him for the very first time.: I am looking forward to posting in this thread.
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Hi! I'm Jami 22 y/o mama o' 2!

I was 18 when I got pg first time m/c at 8 wks, 19 when I got pg with ds1, 4m shy of 21 when he was born, got pg w/ds2 when ds1 was 7m old and he was born on my 22nd bday.

currently trying to convince dh on #3
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i loooooove being a young momma and i wouldnt change it for anything!
i got pregnant at 18 and had my son at 19. he just turned 3 months on sunday and im loving every minute of it. i love being a mother. as far as the whole friends thing goes, i do feel lonely sometimes. i do have a close friend who had her baby about 4 months before my son was born,but when it comes to parenting we are total opposites,dont get me wrong,i love her alot and shes a good friend but sometimes we butt heads on things,and she thinks im strange when it comes to some of my decisions. i tell my husband all the time that i wish i could find more young mommas like me to hangout with and everything,that would be great. yay for being a young momma!
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I got pg with DD1 when I was 19, I got a positive the day I graduated from college, she was born when I was 20, DD2 was born shortly after I turned 24. I feel old now. Nah, I've never felt my age, I've always felt much older, grew up too fast I guess. DH is 6 years older then me, we've been together since I was 17, and his world is totally different from mine. Here I was, this punk kid who had managed to get her stuff together and graduate from high school at 16, and enrolled in college full time, I had goals, but meeting a business man and falling in love with him at that age was not one of them. : I have no regrets at all, I love our life.

I never get the young mom comments, never, and I look my age. I think it's because everyone assumes DH is older then he is because of what he does, and people just assume that I look young but am older. And I'm not your typical 24 year old.
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I don't get young mama comments either. in fact older mama's come to ME for parenting advice. good thing I'm so ap!
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so glad to see this thread still going!
i notice more and more everyday that when i'm doing my deliveries i get the older women mostly (think 60s and 70s) who give me a weird look and then whisper to their friends as if i can't hear them "how old is she?". i just laugh. wouldn't it just knock them over to know that's i'm not only 21 but on my THIRD!! it's also hard for people to believe that i drive a mini van. don't quite understand that one.
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Originally Posted by CalebsMama05 View Post
I don't get young mama comments either. in fact older mama's come to ME for parenting advice. good thing I'm so ap!
I get the same thing. I'm a LLL leader, and I guess a lot of my mamas look up to me, because I get calls all the time from my regulars seeking advice in other areas. Most are quite shocked when they eventually find out my age.
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