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Need deodorant recommendation

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I've been using Dove sensitive skin/no perfumes or dyes deodorant. I like it but its not working anymore! I'd actually like to get something organic, with no weird chemicals and who-knows-whats in it. What is a good ( and relatively inexpensive brand? I'm also open to alternative methods of "deodorizing"
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i just use a crystal...works great for me. sometimes need a 2nd application through the summer months but i love it. i think i spent $5 on it and i've had it for almost a year now.

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Straight rubbing alcohol in an old hair spray bottle works wonderfully. It kills the bacteria that causes odor. You can even add a drop or two of fragrance or essential oils - personally, I like lemongrass and tea tree oils both for their antibacterial properties. I also keep a small spritz bottle in my purse just in case I need to freshen up but I rarely need to use it.

Remember whatever you try, you may have a period of detox where you may be a bit stinky while you're weaning off the commercial deodorant. Never fear, just spritz your pits when you feel stinky and it will take care of it. After a few days, you should be able to get by with spritzing once or twice a day.

Also, if you do a search, there were a couple recent threads about this topic. I know other people use baking soda or funk butter. But for me, the alcohol is the cheapest and easiest.
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Oh yeah...forgot to mention the detox period! It's TOTALLY worth it once you get thru it, though.
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I've started using baking soda and cornstarch. I just put equal amounts of each in a little container (I used a recycled yogurt cup). I shake it up each day, get a small amount on my fingers, and then rub it in my armpit really well at least two or three times. So far it works pretty well! I stay dry and non-stinky. The baking soda absorbs the smell and the cornstarch keeps me dry. I have had a few days where I was a little stinky by the time I went to bed, but those were days where I was doing something more strenuous. If I noticed it during the day, I guess I could just do a quick wash and re-apply. Or, I think vinegar could be used to kill off stinky smell.... I read that in one of the deodorant threads.
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I like Kiss My Face Liquid Rock...I keep it in my bad in case I get stinky and it works great! Doesn't really do anything for dryness, but keeps the stinky away! I think I'm going to try the BS/cornstarch idea see if that helps!
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I just pat bs on my pits after my shower. If I start to get stinky I swipe with a cotton ball of rubbing alcohol and reapply the bs.

I tried the crystals and such many times b/f I learned about the detox period. The rubbing alcohol *saved* me this time around. Now I really don't get stinky anymore too much.

I agree with the pp about finding the deoderant thread. It was great!
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I like Funk Butter by Oyin
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Peacefulmommy is on my page. I used crystal rock yearrrrrs ago, and it didn't work for me (I think I needed to get the other garbage out of my skin and system completely, and didn't give it enough time to detox). I've now been using it again for about 3 years, and have only bought my 2nd little rock in that time. I never stink, except right after I'm done w/ my 10 minute tan, and the smell dissipates on it's own after a short time (less than an hour). Love the rock!
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I like funk butter, and sometimes I spritz on witchazel.
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i use witch hazel, lavender & sage eo, (5 drops of each, all the way up with the witch hazel) i found a deodorant size glass spritz bottle at the hfs and so far it works great. i had used toms of maine woodspice for years until it started causing an allergy reaction, went to almay for a bit and then to my own mix. by far i like my own best of all. sometimes i have to spray twice a day, if i am getting hot and sweaty. i totally agree with the detox cycle, it was a while for me but now i am ok. during that detox i really scrubbed my pits while showering and did some body brushing as well.
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Coming in a bit late....I use nothing but coconut oil. It works very well - I don't sweat or smell and it isn't greasy like one would expect. I don't have a problem with it "staining" my clothes either.
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I also use the crystal, and love it.
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I have tried Tom's of Maine and Burt's Bees deodorants but my favorite is this one: http://www.albabotanica.com/?id=67&pid=126
I only found it in the commissary and haven't found it anywhere else but you can order it directly. I also found that one stick of this deodorant seemed to last a really long time.
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I've just been using baking soda, and if I get a little wet, I put some more on. None of my sweat has been stinky, though, since about day 2 or so, so I'm not so worried about wetness at this point.
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If you still would like your Dove deo to work, check to see if you're not eating too much junk food and that your digestion is ok (like your bowels are regular).

Use some baking soda to scrub your armpits for a few days and see if it takes the residue off. It could be just accumulated sweat and oil, which traps bacteria, which in turn, contributes to smell.
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I went no-anti perspirant about 2 months ago. I have tried crystals, a liquid crystal spray, BS/Cornstarchwith lavendar EO, and Herbal Clear which is a commercial deodorant with Aloe vera & lichen. Nothing was working liek I wanted it to. I am now using rubbing alcohol with a few drops of EO in a spray bottle. I use every morning, yesterday it was almost 80, & I had to reapply twice. It seems like my pit doesn't stink, but my shirt does. Does that make sense? I know they say you sometimes can't smell your own odor, but you would think I would if I am sniffing them at the same time. I also scrub with BS each day, that does seem to help. I don't really like using alcohol that often though, so I am going to get some vodka & try that. I wash my shirts after each wearing & use my homemade laundry detergent. Any ideas?
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The crystals still have aluminum in them, so I haven't felt comfortable using them.
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I tried vodka for my spritzer and ouch it stung!!!

I make my own deodorant butter. On rough days of the month I may have to reapply but that's ok with me.
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Originally Posted by SusannahM View Post
The crystals still have aluminum in them, so I haven't felt comfortable using them.
Mine says "no aluminum chlorohydrate" on it. But, it contains "natrual mineral salts, and ammonium alum". I looked up "ammonium alum in a cosmetic ingredients book I checked out from the library. It is listed under main heading of "ALUM" and subs of "potash alum, aluminum ammonium, potassium sulfate". I'm not feeling too keen on it right about now, after reading further. I feel kinda "duped".
I sprayed alcohol on my pits at work today, because I think I forgot my crystal rock. The alcohol worked (yeah, I did the sniff test before and after), but I'm not feeling too keen on daily alcohol either. Maybe I'll try coconut oil next...................UGH! Dang it! YEARS I've been using the rock and recommending it and feeling safe! I"m crushed!
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