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Double Jogging Srollers?

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I plan to get a jogging stroller but m not sure exactly what to look for in one. I know I need a double but that's about it. can anyone recommend one or know what I should be looking for. also what's the starting age of the stroller(12 weeks or someting like that or does it depend on the stroller)?It would be used mostly for walking in the beginning but I do plan to trart running at some point.
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Things to look for in a jogging stroller...
Runner's World magazine ran a great article comparing baby joggers and came up with a top 15 list or something.
This is what they talked about:
Tire size. I think the wheels come in 12, 16 or 20 inches. If you are mostly running on the road you can do smaller wheels... the bigger ones are more fit for trail running or dirt roads. Bigger wheels also have a wider turning circumference so they are a little harder to maneuver but the ride is smoother.
Height... if you are tall you might want to try a few out at the store. Some of the handle heights are higher or lower than others and it may be uncomfortable when running. (mine is a little too low and I feel like it makes me have bad posture when I run).
Mine has a wrist tether so if I accidentally let go the stroller would still be attached to me.
Hand brake on the handle bar. Brakes on the rear wheels that you can set when you aren't moving.
padded seating, front wheel fender to keep mud from splashing up on your kids if you hit a puddle, bug netting, wind shield???
Weight and foldability. How heavy is the thing?? And is it easy to fold up and unfold? How small does it fold down?
Comfort... obviously for you and your kids. 5 pt. harness or not?
If you want to read the Runner's World article I think you can find it on their website. It was at least a year ago now.
Hope that helps.
Have fun running. Oh... that reminds me... I always heard not to run with a baby who is any younger than 6 mos. They need to have really good head control before you start doing something like that.... They do have special "bassinet" joggers that are okay but I would be careful. I think 12 weeks is way to little.
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very, very informative

Thank you so much. In the beginning it would just be used to walk though. I haven't actually ran or jogged since high school.How young befoe I can use it to just walk or woudl that be just like a regular stroller. There are jogging trails here that is what I would use it on they are paved. I'm in the middle of no where and unless I can try on out in walmart I will have to order it online or from a catolog. So I can't try one out unfortunatly. I will look for one wiht an adjustbable bar.
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Here's the article that I mentioned before

I think you could probably walk with a young baby in a jogging stroller if you inserted one of those head support thingamabobs just to be safe.
Good luck. My dd daughter loves to go running... hope yours do too.
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Thank you for pulling up the article I am really bad about searching for the things. I think I found a pretty good one on ebay.The only thing I don't like is it has a fron 12 inch weel but our paths are paved so it may not be a problem and i am still keeping my eyes open. Here is the on ei'm looking

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