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How long do sore nipples last?

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Another question for you experinced moms. My baby is a champion nurser, latches on correctly. But it hurts pretty bad for a minute or so when he first latches on. And then it's fine after the first minute. Everyone IRL tells me this is normal, but I am just wondering how long this tends to last? I would so rather just be enjoying the breastfeeding instead of it being so painful every time!
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For me the soreness from them latching on the first minute or so lasted for at least a month to 6 weeks!!! I didn't realize before until my DP pointed out that everytime my DC would latch on my toes would curl and then eventually went back to normal again!! Thought it was funny how he noticed! Hang in there mama!! It will get better I promise!!!
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The LLL book "The womanly art of breastfeeding" says that the soreness lasts a few days. I beg to differ. Not to discourage anyone, but for me soreness lasted nearly 3 months. I saw a lactation consultant and went to LLL meetings to get advice on my hold and latch, etc. My baby had a high roof in his mouth and therefore pulled a lot more than normal, but that was the only explanation we could come up with. I think my case was unusual, but it was hard to hang in there for so long. The encouraging thing that I want to share is that it is WORTH hanging in there as long as you can. I just took it day by day. After 3 months of that, I toughened up and nothing could hurt after that. I was able to nurse for just over one year, and it was the best thing I could have done. Don't get discouraged...we've all been there!
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2 weeks, maybe? Mine also hurt real bad at first then stopped after a few seconds of suckling. GL!
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I am still sore during the first minute or so...but it's gradually getting better. My last 2 it seems like it was about 2-3 weeks before I "toughened up". It'll get better--just hang in there!
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I seem to recall it taking 3 weeks or so. I would kick my heels on the floor during latch-on, or sometimes I'd try using my Bradley Method breathing.
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I had this experience with baby #1. All nursing./latching seemed to be fine but it HURT for the first few seconds and then was fine. That actually lasted about 6 weeks for me too. Actually, I think the first week was fine and then it hurt from about week 2-6, and then all seemed fine again.

Baby #2 is here now and I have not had this nipple soreness with him.

I have no idea what caused the pain for me. Hormones, maybe? I nursed through my 2nd pregnancy and had the same type of nipple pain on and off during pregnancy, which I totally blame on hormones and lack of milk, not latching since DS had been nursing for 2.5 years w/o any problems.

Keep checking to be sure baby opens mouth ALL THE WAY before latching on, otherwise, hang in there...
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mine hurt bad for the 1st min. started at day 2. day 4 now and it doesnt seem to be *as* bad. but i remember dy 6 being horrible with chloe.

now... anyone else have a baby that gets so frantic and wont latch even when he wants to and it's in his mouth? sigh. i went through this with chloe around this age and remember sitting in bed crying cause i just wanted her to nurse and go to sleep. same thing last night. i know it will pass soon but dang it's like he is playing "bobbing for nipples". he just bobs his head on it but wont do anything. nursing laying down isn't all that fun yet either. he doesn't seem to like to latch from that position.
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Mine were sore less than a week, maybe 4 days.
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Thanks for sharing all your experiences. I can see there is a range, but it's helpful at least to know what the general ballpark is. Hopefully I'll be closer to the two weeks rather than the three months!
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