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What the....?!!!

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Alright... I *know* shouldn't even be trying to decipher my chart at this point... I just haven't been doing it for long enough. But I'm clearly post O (Assuming that I'm Oing at all)... last period was on the 8th of March. I started charting my temperatures about a week ago. I'm now on day 38 of my cycle. My temps have been high-ish 98 & above... they started to drop about three days ago. Pretty consistently 1 tenth of a degree at a time so I assumed my period was about to start. Yesterday my temp is back up again & it's up again today. 98.5 & 98.8. I take it the same time every day... about 7:30a.m. Amazingly, I've been pretty good at it, I thought it would be a joke. But I got a digital thermometer that beeps at me so I don't go back to sleep with the thing hanging out of my mouth.

DH thinks I'm pregnant but it would be a miracle if I am. Nauseated this morning... but I've fooled myself into thinking I was pg the last three cycles & felt nauseated just before my period started.

This is driving me nuts.

Maybe my temps are ALL erratic b/c I'm not even Oing yet. I just have to sit tight & stop staring at my chart until I've gone a few full cycles... right? Right?

Get these FALSE HOPES out of my head!! We didn't even TRY to time BD last month
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Hey Jess!

When you say "miracle" do you mean like immaculate-conception-type-miracle or just "we didn't TRY this month" kind-of -highly-unlikely?? Cause if you aren't sure when exactly you O'd and you did BD sometime in the past couple of weeks, well, I don't want to add to your false hopes, but it sounds like you could be.......
ya know! And the best times are when you're not really trying

How long are your cycles usually?? Have they been pretty regular for a while?? Has DS suddenly started nursing a lot more the past week or so?? (which could stave off AF and mess with your temps)

I'd say that if you're at day 38 and usually shows before then, you might just want to test and get it over with.

Just in case, I'm sending you lots of baby dust and sticky thoughts!!!

Oh! Thanks for the interlock! It's PERFECT!!!!
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I totally agree with Rubelin. If your cycles usually aren't that long then just go ahead and test. Aak! How can you stand it? Go test!!!! You just might see those two lines.

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Robin darling... glad you liked the interlock! Did Eric remember your swatches?

Okay... I mean "miracle" in that it just would be highly unlikely. I mean, after what... 10 months of trying to "time" BD around the 14th we didn't even pay attention to dates last month... so we COULD have BD'd when I O'd... IF I'm O'ing at all. My temps were high again this morning & I'm just dying. I wish I'd gotten this TCOYF book MONTHS ago.

Okay... Pre-baby my cycles were dead on routine at 28 - 30 days long. It was like clock work. After my period finally came back when DS was... oh, 9 months old or so it seemed fairly regular right away but since we weren't actively trying or preventing I didn't really start paying attention for a few more months. We were on a continual rollercoaster hope/disappointment because I hadn't realized yet that my cycles were longer... so every time AF didn't show up "on time" we thought I was pg. So I THINK post-baby my cycles have been around 35 days long. But now I'm on day 40 (counted wrong yesterday) and temps are still high.

I *don't* want to waste a pregnancy test. I woke up NAUSEATED last night & was nauseated this morning. Holy cow... I just don't even dare hope. I wonder if it's been long enough to even test, having no idea when I would have o'ed. Don't you usually have to have 10 high temps before a test will show a postive?

Jake has actually been nursing less... but he does nurse a lot in the mornings, but I take my temp before he wakes up.

AUUGHHH!!! Now I have BUTTERFLIES... you guys are NO help!

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Nope, he didn't remember the swatches. But that's OK, I'm going to send you a SASE and I'm putting my last EPT in there, too. I haven't even seen AF since Xmas, so you might as well use the thing. I can't stand this suspense!!!

I know we aren't helping, but, really, being at least 5 days late, at the most 10, you just need to test. Since you've only been charting for about a week, you have no idea how long your temps have been high, right??

Most women O and then get a period and even if they don't O they usually get a period. If they don't get a period then they are either preggo or have a hormone imbalance. You've been having regular (though longer than pre-baby) cycles and nothing weird happened that might have thrown you off balance, so it stands to reason, you just could, possibly, maybe, have caught that eggie!

Either you are or you're not, and you think that you're not so it will be a fabulous suprise if you are and just a little let down if you're not (cause you KNOW you're not, right?:mischeif )

I'm mailing the test when I go to the store later, and I'll sprinkle some sticky baby dust in there, too
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Well let me tell you, when we were TTC #2, we tried for 9 months.. I took a month "off" and lo and behold, we got pg that month!

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Robin, you sweetie! I'll have to watch the mail like a hawk so I can snatch that test up & take it in secret... I'd love to surprise DH if I really am.

K- I'm obsessing now. Nausea aside, I've gained about 8 pounds. Now... that isn't much, but for this beanpole that usually has to eat 8 times a day just so she doesn't LOSE weight (no throwing tomatoes please... it's not fun)... it's pretty significant. I've never been one to experience bloating before AF either. But c'mon!!!! No way would I be putting poundage on yet, would I? I can't fit into my jeans, and that's just plain ridiculous. I'm 27 & I've worn the same size since high school minus the 9+ months pregnancy with Jake.

Mel... that is so funny! Here I am, all excited to chart & the month we "take off" so I can read the book... I might have caught the elusive EGG?!

Phew... okay, I've got to remain calm. I CAN'T be pregnant, I just can't. We didn't even TRY. I'm not. I'm not. I really hope I am... but I'm NOT!!!!

LOL... and ya'll were supposed to tell me I was crazy, yes?

Since you've only been charting for about a week, you have no idea how long your temps have been high, right??
RIGHT! I haven't a CLUE. I mean, I can kind of guess based on a day 14 O, but lol... that didn't help me before. :::

I've been staring at this chart until I've gone crosseyed. It was all small & hard to read b/c I didn't blow it up when I copied it out of the book. So I've blown it up & carefully transfered everything over. I've been charting consistently for 9 days... I started writing my temp down 13 days ago, but missed 4 in between. The first day I took my temp it was 98.5. It's stayed pretty high except for a few days when it started to dip & I thought for sure AF was on her way. But it's been back up for the last two or three days.

SO... high temps for 13 days. I COULD still be in the luteal phase if my temps weren't high for too many more days previous to when I started charting. AF could still start any day - so I'm just going to CALM DOWN & wait for Robin's mail. LOL.


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Oh Jess!! You have made my day! though I am a little peeved that you're the same size since high school

The mail won't be on it's way until tomorrow, tax day, ya know , but hopefully it will just take a day to get there.

Ya know the one month that we kind of forgot about TTC (and the OPK said I never ovulated) and I didn't notice any symptoms was the month we got Ben I suddenly realized I was a few days late and voila! I've got myself all crossed up for you!!

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Jess, how disciplined you are. I can just imagine you posting the day you go into labor - "guess what guys, I must be pregnant because there's a baby coming out of me!"
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LOL Robin!! Don't be peeved, I promise it's not fun to look like a boy *snort* I was so excited to nurse so I'd have BOOBS for the first time in my life, hee hee.

Disciplined? UGH... I just don't want to waste another test. As soon as I take one, it never fails... AF shows up the day after. So I figure if I just don't ever take one it'll never show up. Har har har.

Besides, I'm still in denial. If I wake up to real-live puking, I'll test.

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Re: What the....?!!!

Originally posted by Moonbucket
But I got a digital thermometer that beeps at me so I don't go back to sleep with the thing hanging out of my mouth.
Is this where the thermometer goes?? I think I've been putting mine in the wrong place!

I understand how aggrivating it is.....try getting a positive hpt followed by about 5 negatives and then af starting 7 days late....now that is confusing!!

I hope you are pg!! Well, if you want to be.....
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Meagan! ROFL! I just can't bear the thought of sticking the thermometer... um, in places where the sun don't shine. *snort*
Have fun with that though :LOL J/K... I know I'd probably get a more accurate reading... but it's all I can do to pop it in my mouth

K- girls. I actually dry heaved this morning. Boy, it felt familiar. I threw up my entire pregnancy with DS... 4 - 15 times a day straight through & every half hour during labor. Nice huh? Can't believe I'm excited to do it again. But I started crying at the sink during my dry heaves because I finally believed I really might be pregnant. - I also finally realized that the reason nursing has been painful the last several days could be to nipple sensitivity due to pregnancy. *head slap*

I still haven't taken a test though... I just don't want to jinxs it... I've been sure in the past & AF ALWAYS SHOWED UP immediately after I took the test... so we're holding off on that.

AUUGGGHH!!! I'm so excited... I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow, maybe they'll make me pee in a cup & I'll find out for sure...
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Not to sound really silly but......what do your nipples feel like I mean how does it hurt.....when Tracy is nursing my nipples burn! Plus, I've been really sore lately. I've been engorged for a couple days with no change in ds's nursing :

btw....my dh thinks the temping thing is gross too! Everytime he sees the bbt he kinda makes a gag face!
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It started on the left side a few days ago. DS has a full mouth of teeth but has never been a biter or a chewer, so when I started noticing kind of sharpish-burnish pains when he nursed on that side I thought maybe I had an infection. I didn't think about it too much, he only nurses in the mornings, at nap time, and sometimes at night time. It hurts kind of like a sharp burning when he latches on & then it goes away. After he's done my nippies feel really tender. I now have it on the right side too. I haven't noticed any engorgement, but I'm leaking in the mornings which is WEIRD... I haven't had any leaking since DS was a newborn!

I also have a weird patch on the roof of my mouth that feels kind of stingy like a canker (sp?) sore, about the size of my finger tip. My mom had those every time she got pregnant a long with a cold sore. I've never had a cold sore or canker sores, so it's not something I'm used to, but something in me tells me it has to do with a pregnancy.

How many dpo are you? Your breasts sound like mine... lol

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Jessica, TAKE A TEST!!!! The suspense is killing me!!!!
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It sounds exactly the same! I'm not leaking but I'm a lot fuller breast wise!

I'm 9dpo....take a look at my chart.....My chart....

I've had this for a couple days now.....I hope we both get a bfp!!
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Jessica, I'm rooting for you!

T I don't think it's weird to use your BBT non-orally; that's what I did in my brief flirtation w/charting. When I'm half-asleep, it's hard to hold something in my mouth, esp. if I've gotten congested while sleeping and need to breathe thru it! Using a thermometer vaginally first occurred to me when I was a teenager and needed to take my temp while sick but kept messing it up by coughing. Now it's my preferred way. I don't like rectal thermometering tho.
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Oh my gosh, you sure sound pregnant!!! I am so rooting for you too! Can't wait to hear the great news for sure.
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Jessica....when are you going to test?

tracy started screaming tonight cause he emptied both sides He doesn't done that in a LONG time....my boobs keep getting fuller. I went out and bought a smaller bra last week cause my boobs shrunk over night...and now I'm busting out of it!
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AGHH! You have got to test!! i am living vicariously through you

When oh when are you going to test!

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