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Here is my inventory...

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Can anyone help me make a few meal plans? We got hit with a mega rent bill this month (they made a mistake and we owe them for a whole extra month!) so I'm going to try to not spend more than maybe $20 at the grocery store. We're meat eaters for sure but we have gone on veggie fasts before in order to save a bit of money.

I have all the basics - cheese, milk, bread, flour, sugar, etc.

Chix patties
Tuna Steaks
1/4 bag of cooked shrimpies
focaccia bread (just got it at the natural food store - maybe Amy's?)

Extra firm tofu
Herb and basil polenta
2 hot peppers
Bag of salad mix

Jar spaghetti sauce
Quick mix biscuits
Annie's Mac N Cheese
All types pasta - fettucine, spaghetti, penne, etc.
Trader Joe's Curry Simmer Sauce
2 cans white potatoes
Coconut Milk
All types beans (we're on WIC so we have just about everything)
1 Can Carrots, 1 Can Olives

So I'm thinking I can get a ham hock for a few bucks and do a split pea and ham soup in the slow cooker and make the biscuits. I can maybe put the frozen shrimp in the spaghetti sauce and serve it with the salad, maybe the focaccia bread too?

I also just baked two small sugar pumpkins and I'm wondering if I can make a pumpkin coconut soup? I don't have many other ingredients to put into it though... or I could just make some muffins or something for breakfasts.

Any help would be awesome, I'd love to see how long I can go before I go to the store. I know we have a ton of food here, I just need to see ways to put it together.
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The first thing i thought is that yummy sounding simmer sauce with the chicken! With rice on the side?

If you have enough chicken, you could also make a chicken parmesean with the jarred spaghetti sauce.

You mentioned a pumpkin coconut soup...I made a simple one recommended by a mama here, and I added a can of potatoes, and it was sooo good (along with a teaspoon of Thai Curry paste).

You could also add the shrimp to the jarred sauce and make a shrimp marinara, or if you have enough shrimp, a nice scampi, and you could serve that over rice as well (or pasta, whichever you choose).

Tuna steaks with the salad.

The soup sounds awesome. With the biscuits even better

I think you have alot...I am just not so creative at this moment and wanted to post. I am working tonight and will check into your thread and see who else has posted ideas!
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How did you make the soup? I have one can of coconut milk and I have red curry paste. I guess you would thin it out a little with some chicken broth? And I do have frozen peas that I could put in it as well... hmm.
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veggie pizza with spaghetti sauce, cheese and beans

Cheese and milk can make a cheese sauce to go over pasta, w/ the shrimp

Buiscuits with white flour gravey (I've never made white gravey but it must be easy, right?) with the Tuna steaks or the chix patties.

pasta and a homemade cheese sauce and cut up tuna steaks baked in a cassarole

Beans could be made into humus to go with the bread. You have flour so you could make your own tortillas and make bean burritos.
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You could take some of that ham hock, some black eyed peas and rice and make hoppin john (we put pepper flakes in it, thyme, onions, garlic, and bay leaves...but you could season to taste, as you have the foundations!)
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Some good ol cajun rice and beans might stretch you a little. There are some great recipes out on the web, and they usually make so much that I have to freeze part of the recipe
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