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Meadowsweet is a licensed family daycare in Montague now enrolling children 2 and older that features:

Me, Liz, a loving and experienced mama, teacher, nanny and daycare provider with an education degree and years of experience. I am inspired by the Waldorf schooling philosophy but the focus in my own schooling is on mulitculturalism and gender equity in the classroom.

Child-directed curriculum in which I focus our day on the collective interests of our children. The natural rhythms of the day, the seasons and the weather help guide our themes, songs and activities.

Intimate, home-school setting in my home and a great back yard complete with mudholes, shady trees and a sandbox. Conveniently located for Greenfield and Amherst commuters.

Natural, open-ended toys that encourage our children to explore and create. I provide only the most wonderful, handmade toys, expressive music, rich, colorful art supplies and diverse books.

Natural, hearty breakfast, lunch and snack provided. We grow our own organic veggies in the summer and children help with the gardening. Meals consist of 65-75% organic ingredients.

I am flexible and open to your family’s specific needs, be they cloth diapers, food allergies, a shy child or subtle changes in the home. I believe communication and connectivity between parents and childcare providers is necessary in creating a comfortable place for our children. Now enrolling childre 2 and older, may be limited part time space for those under 2.

For more information, or to reserve a spot for your child send me a PM and I'll give you my number. Thanks! ~liz

and if this type of post doesn't belong here, feel free to move me!

Just to let you know, we are located in Western Massachusetts, about 10 minutes from Greenfield and Amherst, next to North Leverett and Sunderland. Thanks!