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Had my Teddy! --UPDATE and birth story!!!

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Teddy is here! Theodore Hunter Smith was born on the 23rd at 8:05, just barely missing Scorpio by an hour and 21 minutes. He's a big boy, 8 lb 9 oz (I'm 5'1" so that's big for me) and 21.5 inches long. He was born after only a few hours of labor! I will post more details soon (and pics!)



Go to this link for photos (Hope that works!)

I am so sore! And hormonal! Just trying to get back to some kind of normal here . . .

Birth Story:

Labor started for me about 4am on Monday, but the contractions were easy and I didn't really know if it was the real thing or more prodromal labor. Tried to get some more sleep. By 6am the contractions were STRONG. I tried to do my hypnosis but my iPod had died and it was so cold that morning I was having trouble getting comfortable. I got in the tub but it didn't help. Little did I know I was almost in transition . . . a few minutes later I realized it was time to head to the hospital birth center, but we had to wait for the babysitter to arrive for our toddler first. By the time we left I was in PAIN. I started to freak out because I didn't realize I only had an hou and a half of labor ahead of me! I thought labor was just starting and I kept thinking, I can't do this!!!! When I got to triage I was 5 cm dilated, which to me confirmed my fears of a long morning ahead (silly me.) I begged for an epidural but agreed to get in the tub first. I did get a shot of Nubain and I think it helped me relax some, I was so wound up at that point. By the time we got to the room I felt the need to poop. On the toilet I got to 8 cm. Forget the tub, I was laboring fast! Onto the bed, I got into the child's pose-- ahh, relief! Now I was fully dilated and ready to go. The midwife came rushing in as I started pushing. I pushed some in child's pose, hanging on to the headboard and biting my pillow, but the midwife wanted me to direct more of my energy into pushing, so I got up into a squatting position-- felt so right-- and Teddy was born very quickly. (He was born just an hour and fifteen minutes after we got to the birth center!) Oh the burning though! Ouch! But what an amazing feeling! I was so proud of myself.

I know the reason I experienced so much pain during transition was due to my extreme fear and anxiety based on my last birth, which was a 31 hour back labor. Now that I know that my body CAN birth quickly and efficiently, I think next time I will be better able to get out of my own way and birth more calmly and comfortably. All in all this was a very healing experience for me.

The delivery was great and the midwives were great but the hospital stay after was not a positive experience overall. Nurses waking me up every two hours, multiple medical professionals bothering me about all of the procedures I was declining ("so you don't care if your baby is permanently brain damaged because he doesn't get this shot? Well I guess it's your choice . . .") the food wasn't what I'm used to (I eat all organic at home) and I hate the overall attitude that the baby belongs to the hospital and if you prove yourself a good-enough parent than they will "let" you take "their" baby home with you. Grrr! We left the second day (as soon as we could).
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I Am Not From This Ddc But I Am Expecting My 1st Baby, Due In 1 Week. (im Betting I Go Over).

Anyways...enjoy Your New Baby.
Take Care.
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Congratulations on your new little bundle, mama! I can't wait to see the pics!
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Congrats!!!!! Enjoy your new lil one!
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Congratulations! He's a true cusp What a big, healthy boy - enjoy your time with him!
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Congratulations!!! Enjoy your new bundle of joy!!!
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: Teddy!
Congrats!! Enjoy your babymoon....
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Congradulations!! I still have that other stuff for you, i was waiting for you to have him because i made you a scrapbook, but i wanted to personalize it! Pm me if theres anything you want me to add to it besides his facts before i send it off!
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Aww, thanks Stephanie! That means so much to me because I made a scrapbook for my first son but I hadn't done one for this baby and I felt kind of bad about it! Lol! That's perfect!!!
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What a wonderful story! Glad your baby arrived safe and sound!!
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I'm not from your DDC but wanted to say congratulations on your little bundle of love. It's nice to hear that this birth was a healing experience for you. Enjoy this time with your family!
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How is it that he *looks* so like a "Teddy"?? He is beautiful.

Sorry to hear about your icky hospital experience.
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I really like the slide show - what a beautiful family you have! Congratulations - and I love the name Teddy.
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congratulations!!! my little girl snuck by into libra too!! from your birth story, sounds like you went into labor about the time i had her, lol.
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AHH Cait I can NOT get the link for the photos to work on my computer!!! : Can you just email me a pic of him for the book (i WANTED that part to be a surprise but lol its not working out that way) or will you be ok without one? Im finishing it up, i KNOW you will love it either way but its up to you! Let me know...
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I'm emailing you Stephanie!
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