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Originally Posted by Glittergal View Post
so are you just slipping it during the increases? do you slip on both sides? i don't know why this is so confusing to me...
I slip the first stitch of every row. This stitch gets slipped on one row, then knit on the next. I did this throughout the entire Panta.
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I put a couple pantas up on my blog. hamadryadmomma.blogspot.com

the blue one is from the drops pattern with extra superwash merino.
the multicolored one, I forgot the name of the yarn, but is hand dyed thick and thin. I used the crafster pattern for that one and it came out not wide enough, but could have been from the yarn...
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dillonandmarasmom - thanks. i was slipping at both the front and the end of every row, so you can see my confusion. sometimes the easiest patterns can seem so challenging, lol!
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well, i have about half of one done -- that's how long the flight from atlanta to denver with a busy toddler is
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Castles blog explains how to adjust the decreases:


YES - I think you can easily get two pantas out of a skein. I used only part of a ball about the size of a baseball. It's a little bigger than golf-ball sized now and I think I can get another panta out of it. I went down a needle size though.
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Whoo Hoo! Pics of my finished pantas!

I'm done with THREE of the four I need by January 2!!! I used Knitpicks Shamrock in several different colors. Unfortunately my 35mm point and shoot camera from the 1980's just doesn't do any of my knitting justice, but you can pretend to ooh and ahhh over them just the same! In my blog....
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My contribution to the neverending thread: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...s2YsVq&notag=1

I fubared the counts so it's not symmetrical, but that's okay. I count anything finished a victory. This is, uh, a Christmas gift for a friend. For Xmas '06.
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A never ending thread for a never ending gift idea.

yours it pretty!
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Ah, good. I'm not the only one working on Christmas 06 gifts still.
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