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Come join the November 500 Items Decluttering Challenge!!!

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I just got sucked into reading Amy's thread, and I'm so jealous If I could get 500 things out of here, I would do the happy dance. I'm seriously starting to feel smothered in this house.

If anyone's up for tackling a new one, I'll set the thread up for it!


OK, so, the "rules," borrowed from Amy's October challenge. Amy, if this isn't ok, would you let me know? Thanks!

"Here is what counts:
anything you sell on the tp, ebay, Craigslist etc
anything you freecycle, give back to the rightful owners, donate, give away.
anything you throw out but I would much rather somehow get the item back out there thats not possible and I will also be throwing stuff out.

If you have a small box of your old college papers in the attic and you toss it- its one item. If you also toss your dh's box as well, its two items.

The old mayo jar in the fridge counts as an item, two separate happy meal toys count as two items.
If someone is doing a can goods drive, give them a few good items, they count!
You old tax record from 1998 counts as one item to be shredded.

500 sounds like a lot but once you get started you will be surprised how fast you can drum up 500 items and then some! I go thru everything when I do this down to the makeup drawer and over the washer shelf.

Remember you have an entire month to do this so pace yourself...

Post your successes and how you are doing with your count as we go!"

Hooray! I'm so excited
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Yep I need to do this again too. I was doing good in the spring but totally slacked off.
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I would!

I'm trying to declutter my entire house by New Year's. I'm doing pretty well, but maybe having a quantifiable goal would motivate me even more.
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Heck I just need to get mildly picked up again! But yeah, I'm in!

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I'm new around here and this sounds like a great intro. I read through some of the October 500 posts and I definitely want to do it.

What if I sell a car--it's not technically in my house, but's it's cluttering my life???
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Oh I need to do this. With Xmas coming there will be soo much new stuff arriving. Must wade through what we already have first!
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I'm in. I started a few days ago. Today I've boxed up over 150 things to donate and threw away some and recycled a ton. It is such a wonderful feeling. I am determined to get this place decluttered before the baby gets here. I guess since I started early I really need to do more than 500.
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I'm in! I did a HUGE purge about 3 1/2 years ago and this house is nowhere near as full as it was before I did that, but we could definitely use a "refresher."

Where shall I start? Maybe my office... I can see at least 20 things that could go (several of them BIG), just from where I'm sitting at my desk!
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I am in. I started off good in October and then lost motavation
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I'm in!
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ME! I'm new and mainly a lurker but I'm in!
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I am in! I have done so much purging in the last 3 years or so... but so much mre still needs to go!
So I am for sure in!
I am going to start tomorrow though because DH and DS1 are out of town for the weekend.
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Yes! Sounds great. I found the October thread just a week or so ago, and didn't think I could make it. I'd love to try for 500 in November!
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Yay! I totally think the car counts And there are rules, I hope Amy doesn't mind if I borrow hers. I updated the first post to include the info.
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So are we starting now? Does that mean I should try for 600 items? :
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Originally Posted by Mavournin View Post

So are we starting now? Does that mean I should try for 600 items? :
Well, personally, I'm using the next few days to kind of eyeball the rooms in the house. When I first look around, I think to myself that there's really not much I can get rid of. But then I force myself to REALLY look, and that's when I start to see stuff that most definitely needs to find a new home I'm just so accustomed to keeping everything "in case we need it" that it's hard for me to let go. Frugality vs. decluttering, KWIM? But hey, if you want make 600, or 800 or even 1,00 items your goal, go for it! That would be amazing!
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count me in

I've already started to poke around the house. I'm about to start posting on the tp and ebay.
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I only ask because I joined the October thread the other day, but it seems so silly to try and tally my total with only a few days left. So... I'll just say I started early.

I'll make my goal 500, but really I'm hoping for much much more. We need some serious decluttering around here!

79/500 (and that's basically from just dejunking the bathroom! : )
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