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Come join the November 500 Items Decluttering Challenge!!! - Page 6

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Yesterday's additions...


including 2 boxes of 10 year old tea that no one likes or drinks (why was I holding on to it???)

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G-You are doing awesome!!!
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: Haven't started yet. Illness and busyness are my excuses.
But you are my inspiration
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Heading to the consignment store today with the following:

stroller, carseat, 2 car seat bases, 8 articles of baby clothing and 3 books = 15

This is going much slower than I had hoped. However, we need to clean out the attic this weekend (cutting a ridge vent in the roof on Monday!) so I hope to get rid of some things while we have them down in the house.

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Awww thanks Bex. :

Now if I can just get Dh to join in, we'd be really be sailing...
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Ok this is my first post of stuff. I have been gathering it in bags for the last couple days, miscelaneous stuff here and there and I have 104!

so I am excited.... 104/500

I can't believe it and there is so much to go!


Thank you for doing this!!!
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80 CD cases either trashed or given away
2 broken toys tossed

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3 pairs of shoes that don't fit anymore
7 things from fridge/cupboard expired
1 stack of random papers recycled


Hoping to get in some good time this weekend. You mamas are awesome!
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3 lids to plastic shoe boxes, 1 plastic box, misc junk from in my room - 4, misc office drawer stuff - 2, papers that dh dumps from his pockets (why do they pile up???) - 1


This really is addicting

can I count the books I sent off to a swap if I am getting books back
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Ok, I subscribed before and now I'm going to start. What I really want to know is Where Does It Come From?!
I am, like, the decluttering queen. I get rid of Everything! People give us stuff because they think we don't have *enough*. Think our home is 'bare'. We call it comfortable.
But we moved into this house not 5 whole months ago. Moved in with 1 vw jetta of stuff, two suitcases, and two other boxes that had been in storage. That's it, that's all, that's everyhting we moved into the house. 3 people. 3 bedrooms. Big house(1800 sf). And now I can't walk anywhere without tripping over STUFF. Can't use any flat surface without having to move a bunch of STUFF. All the closets are full of STUFF.
How is it that STUFF breeds like this? It's worse than insects! : We're not big shoppers, really.

So in any case, however it got here, it is going OUT. I'm starting with a big effort today and probably tomorrow. The rug needs a thorough steam clean so it's a good excuse to start sorting through the crap, since it'll all need ot be moved around anyway.

I am really glad I found this thread, I've been putting it off and it keeps getting worse, and the worse it gets the more crazy my mind gets and hte harder it is to start. So it's cool to have a specific goal of a number of items, and really awsome and motivating to know that so many of you are going through the same thing at the same time.

I'll be back tonight with some numbers. And if I'm not, start yelling at me! I need to be held accountable!
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Today's been kind of slow for me. I was so motivated the first day, then was interrupted. For now I've lost my momentum. The weekends are always a bust for things like this. I can't seem to get anything done unless I'm home alone. DH tried to help, but just gets in my way and frustrates me. All in all I think it's going very well and I'm sure I'll get my motivation back Monday or Tuesday.
Today: 23 items.
15 cosmetics (I used to be addicted, ugh)
8 plastic lids to containers that I've either lost, tossed, or otherwise can't find in the kitchen clutter)
New total: 270/500 woo!
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Ok, I've begun.

1 bag trash(that was just laying around thehouse! WTF!?)
1 stack magazines (recycle)
1 bunch misc crap from kitchen cabinets
1 bunch misc papers and stuff from kitchen counters
1 deflated ball
2 shoe boxes
1 stack old newspapers


You know, it seemed like more at the time
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Originally Posted by SarahNH View Post
You know, it seemed like more at the time
It always does when it irritates you!!
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Got more!

1 busted up cat scratcher thing(was in peices all over hte hallway)
1 stack ripped/torn/otherwise useless construction paper
1 broken watering can
1 large stack tickets from CircusCircus Adventure Dome. Old. We are not going ot save them for years and get some *really cool!* prize from the arcade.
1 huge chunk ice stuck on freezer floor

current total tally
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craft stuff 6
toys 11
emty containers 5
hair stuff 12
paper stuff 6
bathroomstuff (old meds, shampoo bottle etc) 30
old food 12
old tins 2
lids 30
baskets 2
misc. 3

119+66= 185/500
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Wow, this is just the thread I need! My apartment has been so so so messy ever since I moved in a year ago. It's been especially bad since Isaac was born. In fact, my MIL took two days off work just to help me declutter but there's still a lot of work to be done. I started immediately! There is so much clutter around here, I think 500 will be easy! I started an hour ago, my current count: 130/500
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Late to join but im in. We are moving in the next few months and i am such a packrat its so sad!

a handfull of toys on the curb (saying 5)

Thrown away:
2 bags of trash from 2 rooms
took the bag of cans to get the deposit. $10.35 later.. can i count this as at least 10 please?
cleaned out fridge (to make room for more! 6 items
gave to its rightful owner:


total 23/500
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Don't forget the Holiday Helper thread to help you get rid of your stuff!

If you have gently used items, you can PM a list of it to the organizers and they can hook you up with a family, or you can search the database.

So far I've decluttered fabric, origami paper, shoes and unused toiletries!

Follow the blinking link in my sig!
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cleaned out the bathroom! now i'm 150/500 and hoping to have more by the end of the day!
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fek, the blinking deal in your signature doesn't work for me. It says I have insufficient priveleges and am trying to edit someone else's post.
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