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Originally Posted by momaste View Post
fek, the blinking deal in your signature doesn't work for me. It says I have insufficient priveleges and am trying to edit someone else's post.
That's because the thread is in TAO, and you haven't been here enough days. You need 50 posts, and 60 days. But, you can go directly to the helping database:
and PM "spatulagirl" or "stacey0402" if you have used items. You can send them the list of what you have and they'll match you with a family. Let them know you can't get into TAO to read the guidelines, so they can email them to you.
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subbing for now.
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I am new to this post & definitely joining!! I am going through some stuff today & will count at the end of the day!!!
I would love a decluttered & nice home before New Year's Eve & to welcome our new babe in a clean home
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Not many items today, but they were taking up a lot of space:

1 Disney Princess quilt
2 matching pillow shams

6 old, rusty, bent tomato cages
1 20 y.o. pair of hiking boots

I'm going to attack the toolboxes and camping equipment next.


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Woohoo! 150/500 (in 15 minutes... Yikes!)

Now on to next room....
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We cleared the attic today. There wasn't as much stuff up there as I remembered. So, we only purged 12 boxes. Most large and empty (saved "just in case" we had to ship an item back during a warranty period).

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39 more items- new total 294
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I only got through 12 things today but I cleaned out the garden beds and started a new compost heap and got rid of the innapropriately stashed pile of leftover sand by spreading it over the patio pavers and the herb bed which I only counted as 5 things but really made a HUGE difference to the back yard. Raked the front yard, too.
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OK, 9 more boxes from my closet:


We reorganized the guest room -- this will make it easier to declutter in the days ahead
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Fridge declutter day: 4 rotten things from the fridge

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I'm now up to 200/500. I got a few boxes out of the garage and some pots I'm not using out of the garden. Also decluttered the laundry room and downstairs bathroom while I cleaned it!
My mom has started, too! She got rid of some garage boxes, too. She's up to 65/500!
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You ladies have been such an inspiration today!
Here's what I've decluttered today

- 5 yards of fabric (all sent to a MIN)
- A canvas tote I've never used (sent to a MIN)
- 10 old New Yorker Magazines (going to my landlady)

Threw away:
- small bag of fabric scraps
- curtain that the dog ripped up about 6 months ago & I shoved it in the closet

- about 20 magazines and catalogs.

- Closet to make room for fabric
- bathroom/laundry area
- fabric area.
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Well, got rid of some stuff this weekend.


31 random items
32 Video cassettes
5 Kids computer games that someone gave us
1 pkg of mushrooms from the fridge that were not pretty


32 items of clothing


15 Miscellaneous magazines, papers etc.

116/500 Woo Hoo!
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5 items from DD's medical/baby supply bin (mostly outdated)


This is going very s l o w l y . . .
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Okay, more today:
30 boxes just randomly stashed and now recycled
1 laundry hamper freecycled (I love it... they come pick it up!!!!)
1 broken tv
5 more items of clothing given away
1 stuffed animal
38 + 150 = 188/500

It's really depressing to me how easy this is. I knew we were drowning in clutter but this is ridiculous. I feel like my goal should be 1000 for it to make any difference. Even then I'm not convinced I could tell. Ugh.
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I got rid of a TON of stuff this summer (there's a thread about it here, somewhere) but I think I'll try for 500 this month. If I could get rid of dh's stuff and help him organize, I KNOW I'd make that goal. My stuff is pretty pared down. But I'll try!
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10 icky things from fridge (ewww)
21 items from master bathroom

new tally
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I am over 500!!! I didn't think I could do it and it's not even the middle of Nov. Yet. I had 3 hugs plastic bins of trash in my office. I sold a ton of my sons old toys on Craigslist. I am selling some more today and I have more stuff listed on there. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can get 750 items.....

I will be trying since we are moving soon. I don't want to take all this stuff with me.
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