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I'm in-we'll be unpacking from moving, so that's a good time to toss things we don't need. I did a good job this month, but there are always things that we take out of boxes and go, "Why in the world did we move this?" 500 would be a very lofty goal, but we'll see.
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I'm in and my mom said she'll do it too!!
We need to get rid of some stuff so we don't have to move it to Oklahoma next year!!
4 more days till we start!!
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Deep breath--okay, I'm in too.

I know already that one of my biggest clutter spots is old paperwork, and it's not neatly boxed up--much of it is just stacked on shelves. So I don't know how I'll count it yet. Ideas are welcome!

I'm also going to be cheating a little and counting as decluttered things I put in my Goodwill box even if I haven't taken them there yet. I'm pretty good at taking it in when it gets full, so if the Declutter Cops come by, that's my story. I promise to take it in by the end of November, though.
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OK, I got a jump on things and dropped off 28 items for donation today. I think that's pretty durn good, considering I didn't even plan to start till next week! I think decluttering creates its own momentum, since with everything get rid of, you have just that more room to move, which makes the project easier as you go.

I'm so excited at the prospect of having my house tidy again before the holidays!
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just found out we might be moving in a couple months- I am definitely motivated! I do not want to move anything I don't LOVE!
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Brilliant- I was just coming online to post a Nov. decluttering challenge...so count me in!

I had some very intense energy work done yesterday, and afterward the one clear and shining thought i had was that I am DONE with clutter.
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We just decided to have a yard sale next weekend, so I'm IN!
We have SO much stuff to go through.. I need to get my butt in gear.
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So I'm already off to a good start. I haven't actually gotten much OUT of the house yet, but I'm throwing everything that's being evicted into a Rubbermaid bin. Some of it I want to put on eBay or the TP, and that's going to take some time, so I'll need to do that later. Some of it I'm going to take to Goodwill, and some of it I'll Freecycle. I finally packed away a ton of baby things that the little little has outgrown, but that I want to keep "just in case" But I actually got them into the right box in the attic, instead of spread out through the house, so that's a big deal for me, woohoo!

I listed a few things on Freecycle, but no one's taking them, which is weird because they're good things. And I have to decide what to do with a bunch of old textbooks. They're not worth anything, so if someone doesn't grab them via Freecycle, what do I do with them? Just recycle?

Hope everyone's getting ready/started!
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Originally Posted by michelle524 View Post
DH cleaned out his closet and got rid of 80 pieces of clothing!
Can your DH talk to my DH?

Melissel - yeah, with old textbooks I've usually had to recycle. If you take them to a thrift store, chances are slim that somebody will buy them (if the store even puts them out), and they'll usually have to throw them away and they'll end up in the landfill. So, better all around to cut to the chase and recycle. Bummer, I know, esp. when textbooks are sooo durn expensive!
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I want to be in too. I tried hard last month and got rid of a bit but not nearly enough. So, lets start fresh this month an see what I can do
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I am sooo in!
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Great! I was excited so I started already! I won't count these things for November, but if I'm a little short on the 500, I will know in my heart that these are gone:

40 childrens' books, 3 tapes (these were sets of duplicates from my teaching days) - Freecycled to a teacher at a needy school

20 random/expired/yucky bathroom things (like... um... birthcontrol that expired in 2005!)

Starting to fill boxes for Goodwill, but won't count them until they are gone (as they are currently cluttering our living room!).

I cleaned out our master bath and it was fun!
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Delurking to start this challenge! Actually I started already by sorting through old clothes of mine and the kids. I took over 50 things to Goodwill and freecycled 20 more. My side of the closet looks so good now, maybe it will encourage DH to sort through his stuff....

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I'm in!

I've done well with some challenges earlier this year, but as DH says to DD: "Mommy's not done giving all our stuff away yet!"
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Originally Posted by anthasam View Post
I've done well with some challenges earlier this year, but as DH says to DD: "Mommy's not done giving all our stuff away yet!"

I didn't even tell my DH I'm doing this. He already thinks I'm a little crazy, and the clutter doesn't affect him like it does me--of course, I'm the one who never leaves the house, so that could be why! Luckily, he doesn't actually HAVE a lot of personal stuff, so I don't need to nag him too much. It's mainly the household and the kids' stuff that I'm working on.

After my Freecycle stuff goes out today, I'll be up to over 80 items/lots already! I'm trying to get ahead because I really can't do much during the week : I am actually including baby things that are getting packed properly away in the boxes in the attic, because there's quite a few items that we're really done with for now, and probably for good, but I'm keeping the best of it just in case and need to store it properly instead of having it strewn around the house For example, our infant carseat, which we stopped using 6 months ago, is still sitting on the floor in the baby's room. Aaaaahhhhh!

Go mamas!
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This is addicting once you start!

Gone today:

I tried to guesstimate how much some of these were worth. How do we count piles of paper?

pile of bank/credit card statements from 2000 (5)
old crusty coughdrops (1)
pile of assorted office crapola (7)
bag of junky stuff that came from some kid's birthday pinata (1)
random assorted yucky fridge things (15!)
4 dressup rings that turn my Dd's fingers green

So 33 for today and 112/500 total
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I am going to roll last month's lame attempt into this month I only made it to 100, so I'd love to get all the way to 500! 500 items out of this house would be awesome!
100 plus:
16 items of clothing to yard sale box
2 pairs of shorts freecycled
= 118/500
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So... if we give things away today, does it count for November?
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