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Come join the November 500 Items Decluttering Challenge!!! - Page 15

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I need to update my totals..
I just went through my daughter's outgrown clothes and put together a nice little package to send to a MIN I don't want to hassle the consignment shop (even though I really could use the money!) but I feel so good about helping out, even if it's just a little bit

I also got rid of a pair of shoes that I used to wear when I went out with the girls.. I just can't handle anything with heels anymore. I seem to be losing my coordination as I get older Do people buy shoes at Goodwill? I'd feel bad if they ended up just sitting there.
Also tossed a yucky copy of Active Birth. That one hurt because I really wanted to keep it, but my ds spilled OJ on it once and it was stinky So I will try to replace it at some point.
1 pair of snowboots to nephew
1 pair of jeans to nephew
1 futon- this is BIG and should count for more because it's such a pain to get rid of it, but I'll play by the rules
1 cd player going to a MIN/friend
1 pair of maternity pants to a friend
1 magazine

So.. 271.
I feel like I'm working my butt off and I'm still under 300 :
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Originally Posted by Thystle View Post
We have a trash pick up and the ARC (thrift store) pick up on Wednesday and I will be waaay over my 500!!!!! :
That's awesome!
What is your system? I have been just coming across things as I clean, but it's been slow going.
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I got rid of one- ratty medium sized piece of furniture
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Finally convinced dh it was time to get rid of one of his 3 spring jackets. (insert rolling eye smilie here) He rarely wears one, he doesn't need 3!
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Originally Posted by mama2babybeans View Post
That's awesome!
What is your system? I have been just coming across things as I clean, but it's been slow going.
This wasn't directed towards me, but I thought I'd respond anyway.

Don't clean. Go to a drawer or a basket or a shelf and go from there. What is old and never used in your medicine cabinet? How many old tshirts or bras or junky underpants are hiding at the bottom of drawers? That kind of thing. I think I started with my bathroom and then moved onto the piles of papers "to be filed" in my office. You'll be surprised at what you find. I haven't even hit half the rooms in my house this month yet, and I'm over 500.

Speaking of which... new tally 530/500
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Well, I'm not sure of my tally anymore. It was ds' b-day this past week, and now we got more stuff back in the house.

But I was by my parents house for almost a week for Thanksgiving, and I'm sure I must have hit 500 easily in their house! I started to clean out one of their bedrooms (which used to be mine). They haven't been up there in months and my mom gave me the blessing to go through and toss whatever I felt should go. She has sooooo much clothes and I bagged 2 HUGE garbage bags worth of clothes. (These will be given to Goodwill) And she still has 2 closet full to go! I chucked so many old magazines, papers, yucky curlers, old worn out shoes, a couple of old letters of mine ....the list goes on.)

So does helping clear out my mom's house count toward my 500? :
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[QUOTE=melissel;6605760]Final tally after trip to Goodwill:



Baby bouncy seat
Baby hamper
Baby swing

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I added another 45 things to my total and took out a bag of recycling but now I am in trouble because I have lots more to go out and it is snowing like crazy and we already have over a foot. And only 5 more days to go. Got to get to it!!!!
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This is an illness.

I am no longer counting because I do not want to know what all I have been storing. Everytime I put something away I think, "Is there anything here I can get out of my home?" The more I clean out the more I want out and the family is getting on board. I go by Goodwill on my way to the grocery and library almost everytime (and I need to do so in order to clear space in the van for books and groceries). Our trash/recycle has really increased too which is not so good. :

Dh actually said he wants to do his office this Spring (he teaches). I haven't even been in there since last summer. I cannot imagine what I would find as he can be a pack rat.
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20 medicine cabinet
22 clothes
4 broken toys
1 from canister o' junk
1 cleaning supplies
2 fridge magnets
6 bad photos
a shoe
8 computer manuals
a wallet
5 empty battery boxes
43 from office organizer
1 office organizer (can't get full o' junk again now!)

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I have definitly exceded 500 items!

I am feeling a little more organized, though there's much more work to be done (and more stuff to go through and get rid of). can you believe there are still 2 boxes left that I have yet to unpack from moving into this house (6 years ago!) there were actually more too : but I went through most of it all this summer..talk about procrastination!

anyway, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, FINALLY!!! There's still a bunch more to go, though I am feeling less overwhelmed so that is a good thing

My worst habit is throwing things in the closet or the bedroom,etc. then letting them pile up. out of site out of mind, until every room in the house is a cluttered mess! (No my house isn't THAT bad but it sure feels like it at times!) I am really going to try to make decluttering a weekly thing after everything is more organized.
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Okay! I think I'll just make it!
20 things to the thrift
10 unknown things from the nether regions of my freezer!
20 random items pitched from ds's room.


60 to go!!
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Old total: 224/550

5 baby toys
3 pairs of old ratty shoes
1 small pile of junk from my wallet (thanks for the help, Juli!)

New total: 233/500

Man, look at you mamas go! I'm : that I'm the organizer and I'm not even halfway there

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Everytime I put something away I think, "Is there anything here I can get out of my home?"
Totally! My only problem is getting it OUT of the house once it's sorted. Goodwill is 20 minutes away, and Freecycle is kind of a wild card. But I am loving this.
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was 207/500

I got rid of a lot when I went to visit family last week but dang it all... came back with just as much. But the things I brought back are things we will use (clothes for dd1 and Christmas decor)

20 clothing that doesn't fit me
20 necklaces etc. given to family
7 DVDs that I had borroweed and had sitting around for months
1 DVD given to my sister
3 clothing I tossed

20 misc into garbage

71+207= 278

Oh I better get going only a few days left!
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My previous total was 168/500

I went through all my kids' books that were scattered around the house.
recycled 5 well-loved falling apart books
threw away 2 that couldn't be recycled
20 given away on freecycle (duplicates, coloring books - they hate coloring, baby board books I don't want to keep for next babe, etc.)
2 piles of papers recycled
8 homeschooling catalogs/workbooks given to a friend
1 non washable, well-loved and drooled upon baby toy thrown-away. (why oh why do they make non-washable baby toys??????)

new total 206/500
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Another 58 yesterday and today so far including 18 things for holidayhelpers MIN and 5 things to give as gifts to my family. Started several boxes to fill to be sent away to family and MIN.

Haven't actually got stuff out the door as I am still snowed in but it is all there to go. I didn't keep track of everything this month but it is 104 things this week so far.

lots of stuff for 2nd hand
4 items for our "china dump" home to old broken china
10 milk cartons to return for points
3 whole pairs - giveb away and 5 1/2 pairs socks
lots of donations to needy people I know and the local food bank and soup kitchen

It does feel good! But there is a lot more to go!

One of my ideas is that I have made a christmas make table and have on it a number of long unfinished projects and we are actually getting to them for Christmas gifts. Our Christmas will be very frugal and homemade this year so it solves two problems!
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Almost there ladies

Old count


craft stuff=50
old food=7


Only two days to go...must find more thing.
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: : I DID IT!!! : :

despite the charity that was supposed to pick up 4 bags of old clothes & house stuff not showing up and being out of town for a week, i got 500 items out of here! woo hoo!
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Originally Posted by sophiekat View Post
[CENTER] .... i got 500 items out of here! woo hoo!
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8 more things for MIN and I am talking nice new things I have never used! And I am going to use a bunch of my flannel stash up to make cloth wipes but that will be in December. just sorted out all felt and felt doll making stuff into one basket but could NOT throw any of it away. But I did cut all my wool felt in hald and sent it and a bunch of other cool crafty stuff to my niece.

I don't think I will make 500 but I am pretty pleased. I am in the mood to keep going.
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