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Dark Circles under eyes = Allergies?

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Everybody always says to me, Your baby looks tired! Even after a great nap. He's not tired, he just has fair skin and dark circles under his eyes.

I heard today from a lady who said that when babies have dark circles under their eyes, it means that they will develop allergies.

Has anybody heard this? Is it true?
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I'd like to know if it's true. Mine has the same ... more in the corners of his eyes than around the bottom, but I've often thought it has to do with nasal stuffiness because it seems more pronounced when he's congested (like now, poor thing!)

From ask Dr Sears online: (http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T080500.asp)


* Nasal congestion
* Clear runny nose
* Itchy nose
* Crease across the top of the nose from constant wiping
* Excessive sneezing
* Itchy, watery, red eyes
* Dark circles under eyes
* Wheezing
* Persistent cough, often rattling
* Recurrent ear infections
* Recurrent colds
* Nighttime cough and nasal congestion

HTH! I'm going to try to eliminate indoor allergies before I drag my poor little guy to the ped for shots or what-not. I had my air filters changed and am thinking of having the ducts cleaned as well - they play hell with my allergies all winter, too.
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someone told me that too! I have dark circles under my eyes always

sorry not any help
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My nine month old has mutliple food allergies, and also has dark circles under her eyes, some days worse then others. BUT I do know some babes with dk circles that do not have allergies! Also my older dd has food allergies,but no circles!

Sorry-I realize this post probably did not help you at all!!
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I've heard it can be from food allergies as well, usually dairy is #1, followed by wheat (or is it reversed?)
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My daughter coughs like 6 times a day usually and its more like aspirating on her own spit. When she breathes sometimes though it sounds like she's got wet phelm in her lungs or something.

She does rub her nose sometimes and has slight circles under her eyes but no more than any other baby ive seen.

could it be a nasal allergy? what would i do? get an air purifier or something?
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My DH's aunt is a doctor, but a gerontologist. One day, we were over there having dinner, and she noted DD's circles under her eyes and commented that she must have allergies, as that's a sign.

I had to tell her that no, these circles were not circles per se, but just bruises from having a run-in with the kitchen table!
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There is something in the air right now and it is driving everyone except my EBF almost 3 month old crazy. I suspect mold because of the time of year and our damp basement. My 14 mo has had a runny nose for a few days and dark circles under his eyes. His eyes are even a little puffy. So in our case its definitely allergies.
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I have both mild seasonal allergies and persistent dark circles under my eyes (no food allergies). I also thought the circles were genetic, but I've also recently heard they're connected with allergies.
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DS has dark circles under his eyes as well, and with our family hx of allergies, our doc said it's most likely caused by allergies.
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Originally Posted by lmkirche View Post
I heard today from a lady who said that when babies have dark circles under their eyes, it means that they will develop allergies.
Yes and no. Not that they WILL develop allergies, but yes that they are ALREADY allergic, and the circles are one manifestation of them.

For me, my dark circles are solely due to dairy. The few times I've been able to go vegan for a month or more, they absolutely disappear (as do my environmental allergies). Alas, I am far too addicted to stay vegan, and generally go back to my beloved (and hated) dairy, and I get the circles back.
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So if he is allergic to dairy, it is because of the dairy in the breastmilk?

I've heard that most babes get over their dairy allergies. Does this mean that he won't?
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