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Rocking Horse

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Hi, my father wants to buys DD a rocking horse for christmas. I would love it if he could make one, but, he's not big on that idea. Does anyone know of a good, ownermade, store/website tht I can send him too. He sent me a site but all the horses were not fully wooden and had plastic parts. My DD will be a year this chrisymas.. Any suggestions? Please.
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Something about rocking horses seems dangerous to me, but I think this horse swing is nice and all wood:

And here is a solid wood rocking horse:
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We have an awesome glider horse that my girls have been riding ever since they could climb up on it--it is way better than any rocker, IMHO. Look for John's Wood Shop in Berlin Ohio, they have a website and sell all Amish made furniture and other things, very well made stuff and they can ship too. Let me know if you need any more info. We love our horse--my 4 year old rides it *every* day! Well worth the money and it looks beautiful too. No plastic at all, just solid oak!
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We got one from Magic Cabin Dolls that is very sweet. It is all wood with a painted face and mane. It has a curved chair type back so DD never fell off it, even when she was really rocking. We got it when she was a bit over a year and it works great, she really loves it.
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