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Help! Ds urinating on carpet, couch, etc.

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I don't know what to do. About three months ago, my 2.5 year old ds showed interest in the potty so I've been letting him go around diaperless around the house. He enjoyed using the potty, enjoyed the applause afterward, and seemed to be on his way to being day-trained. But during the last couple of weeks, my ds has begun urinating on the carpet. Last night after dh got home, my ds jumped onto the couch next to his daddy, grabbed his penis and started spraying the couch! Oh, dh yelled! Then we brought him to the potty. Ds peed a little; we applauded. Then a few minutes later, ds goes back to the couch and pees on it again! What's going on? Is this just normal experimentation with places you can and can't potty. Do you think it's negative attention-seeking? I should mention that we also have a 4.5 month old. I've tried very hard to give ds#1 the attention he needs, but maybe it's not enough.
I'd like to know why he is doing this and what I can do to stop this behavior.
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Could be he's just not ready yet - I think 3-3 1/2 is more common for boys, although I'm not an expert. And sometimes they go back & forth a little. Gracie would seem to be getting it, then have accidents with every single pee for a while, so I just put the diapers back on for a while & tried again later. Meanwhile, can I recommend Earth Friendly stain & odor remover? very useful on the pee my dd left everywhere - it even works on cat pee!
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Oh Saundra. I couldn't help but chuckle reading this post! Knowing your son, I kept envisioning him with a little smirk peeing on your couch! tee-hee. Aidan showed interest in the potty about 4 months ago. Pee'd a few times. Got stickers for his sticker chart and loved all the attention. Well, we have since regressed. Now even bribery won't work. We thought m & m's would sway him to at least just sit on the potty and try. He tells me, " no potty, no pee-pee, no m & m, okay?" little bugger. It's obvious to me that he's not really ready even though he *can* pee in the potty. My plan is to take advantage of the great outdoors and leave Aidan bottomless this summer. That way there will be no accidents inside.

Are you keeping him bottomless inside? Maybe just a cloth diaper, no doubler, or cover so that he'll be wet immediately and may want to try the potty. But he won't have easy access to his parts to "mark his territory."

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I wouldn't say you are doing it too soon.

ds is doing the same thing at 22 months and many kids do it much earlier.

Not sure about your problem, that sounds a bit like willful spraying. My ds definately uses the potty to get attention.

If he is really excited (mostly with his mother who is not around during the day) he will pee on the floor or where ever. And ... some days are just bad! :
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Yep, I think he's just not ready to commit to using the potty full-time, it was fun for a while but.... I've since put him back in diapers, coverless. The funny thing is that before we started this whole potty experiment, he would tell me as soon as he was wet, but now he'll let it go. I'm just going to keep him in diapers until the next time he shows enthusiasm for the potty. And as soon as both boys are walking more than falling, the carpet is getting ripped out.
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