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what's everyone craving?

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just wondering what everyone is craving? i can't seem to get enough salted apples lately!yummy!!
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hmm never heard of salting apples but that sounds pretty good. i was craving a LOT of apples because they are good and crunchy right now but i barfed apple and now that craving is gone

bagels and cream cheese. every day.
potatoes potatoes potatoes.

soooo not the best diet for pooping

last night i made butternut squash risotto. it was pretty appetizing. again- very starchy.
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nothing. absolutely nothing sounds good to eat right now. if i wasn't pg i think i'd give up eating all together. but i'm choking down as much as i can because i want this bean to grow big and healthy.
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Poptarts - which I haven't eaten in YEARS! Raspberry frosted. Yum. Also craving raw oysters because I drive by an ad for them at my local fish shops. Resisting that urge, of course.
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Taco Bell chicken soft tacos, thanks to the weekly thread I'm not eating them, but I'm craving them. I'm eating organic baby carrots instead :
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* cheese crackers
* Taco Bell tacos (which I never normally eat -- apologies for spreading this urge)
* bacon (which I haven't eaten in years because I converted to Judaism and I've had 3 times in the past two weeks )
* strawberries
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I have no appetite what so ever, exactly like when I was pregnant with dd. So, I get to force myself to eat various healthy things. Very sad.
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Hamburgers with blue cheese, which I haven't eaten yet because 1) I don't want to go to the store and DH isn't home, and 2) I still can't figure out if blue cheese is okay to eat while pg. Veggie burgers sound good too. I might get some of those instead.
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Granny smith apples.... Yum, especially if they ar very tart and not too ripe. I ate Taco Smell last night and it left me so sick!!!! Tonight, I thonk I want pizza...
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Pizza! I think I could eat it all day every day
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Apples have been yummy. Mac and cheese is incredible (Annie's is the best) and baked potatoes have been making me so very, very happy. Let's seen, white and starchy, white and starchy...I think I'm seeing a pattern here.
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DH had to go to two stores the other night to find me lemon filled shortbread sandwich cookies.
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Originally Posted by chinaKat View Post
DH had to go to two stores the other night to find me lemon filled shortbread sandwich cookies.
Lemon is sounding great to me, too, lately. A friend bought pastries after passing her US driving test on Thursday, and I so *DESPERATELY* needed to get the lemon one. (Wouldn't be my normal choice, either.)

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i've craved & eaten pretty much nothing but junk for the past 3 weeks since m/s started - all carbs and protein (fast food -which i usu. don't do, ramen, nachos, pb & j, cereal, pizza, everything bagels w/ cc and tomato, egg and cheese sanwiches) not a green or fresh thing in sight. it's terrible.
now in the last two days i started feeling a little better so i had a salad last night (w/ fried shrimp and rice - i know, i know).
i try to have whole wheat, organic, and high fiber stuff to balance out some of the nastiness but hopefully my vitamins have covered what i missed and i can start eating healthy again now.
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i can't say i have had any real cravings as such, but it is nice when things don't repulse me. i decided a bagel with cream cheese sounded good so DP went and found me some cream cheese i could eat (lactose intolerant.. grr.. so he had to hunt down pasturized goats cr. cheese..) but then forgot the bagels. i went and bought some bagels which, when i stuck on in the toaster smelled magnificent. sadly when i unwrapped the cream cheese it was covered with mould. i almost burst into tears. but i am hoping to soon rectify the situation.


but yeah, basically anything salty and carby is not repulsive. which is not great for the digestive system - things are getting clogged. but i figure better to eat something than nothing...
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I want FAT! I've craved- nuts, guacamolie (the only way I eat avacados), fried mushrooms, fried potatoes (done at home), fried squash, and egg rolls! Oh, I also crave pickles and salty things. This baby seems to hate sweets though, and those make me feel sick.
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I ate this last night for dinner and it was sooooooo delicious. Goat cheese and sundried tomatoes mushed together over pasta. Starchy and tart. YUM.
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lasagna, and V8 juice!!!!

With my other PGcys, I craved green olives, crab rangoon, chicken pad thai and spring rolls. hmm, I'm sensing a salty trend here....
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speaking of apples, has anyone here tried that new variety called Honey Crisp, or sometimes, Crispin? mmmm sweet and crisp!!!
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Honey crisp are my absolute favorite. It's like someone took the best characterists of every apple and rolled them all into one. Yum yum yum.
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