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First it was kimchi.
Then (and still) goat milk yogurt.
Also kombucha---especially with fresh ginger.
For awhile miso soup.
Then I had to buy some of the oh-so-expensive olives stuffed with garlic.
Cesar salad with extra anchovies in the dressing.
Yesterday cole slaw.
Can't stand coffee, even the smell or sweets.

Meanwhile my husband is balancing my salt and sour fixation with a near daily need for cheesecake. Couvade syndrome? I actually dreamed that he was in labor last night!
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Pineapple. I bought one at the store the other day & had to cut it and eat some before I could even put the rest of the groceries away! Also orange juice and apple cider from the orchard near my mom's house.

Parmesan sliced super thin on crackers tastes pretty good to me.

I'm over the candied ginger b/c I can't stand sweets anymore.

I'm also over curried tomato spread on crackers. I ate about 4 cups of it a couple of weeks ago!

I also ate a bunch of hard boiled eggs--until I found something icky in one. Now I can't even think about eating one.

This morning I was thinking about swiss cheese spread (from that recipe in Laurel's Kitchen) on crackers. I think I'll make that later this afternoon.
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Does anyone else change their cravings and adversions on a daily basis? One day I'll love a certain food and the next day the thought of it will disgust me. Ginger is at the top of my adversion list right now and last week it was my savior from m/s.

My craving of the day is shakes with ice cream, milk, and banana. We'll see if it lasts through tomorrow.
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Yes, my "preferences" change daily. I won't call them cravings because NOTHING sounds good to me right now. I'm not sick, i'm just not in the mood for anything. Any sort of ethnic food is a big turn off right now, and that's usually what I love - Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese. I've O.D.'d on soups and stews and now they all smell like dog food to me. Speaking of which, I've seen/heard 2 dog food ads today, kindly describing the big chunks of lamb, chicken and egg, which nearly sent me running!
The only thing that's been tasting good is yogurt and pop tarts.
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yup...it's a play it by ear approach to food for me these days.

Today I had an absolute desire for a CTBLT (College Town Bagel/Bacon Lettuce Tomato) sandwich. It's on grilled sourdough bread, spread with smooshed up avocado and tangy sauce, then lettuce, tomato, and super crunchy bacon. I was droooooling...and Dh got me one for lunch. Yum!

But overall, my stomache does best with greasy/fried/spicy things...guess my all-day sickies haven't read any of those oh so helpful pregnancy books!
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I haven't had too many cravings but for the last couple of days I have been eating leafy salads with honey mustard dressing!
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Lemonade and Rice Crispy Treats!!!!!

Dont know why but for some reason they settle my stomache and I also have found myself CRAVING sour gummy worms when my mouth gets all hot and nasty... I dont know why but the sour settles my stomache! Ha ha, not healthy by any means but at least gummys are fat free
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Ive been eating saltine crackers and mayo: and ramen noodles, havent eaten those since I was poor in college.

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I've been craving fresh fruit-almost any fruit and the sour gummies as well. I ate a bunch of cantalope yesterday and it was yummy! Dill pickles also sound very good most of the time too!
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Grilled cheese. YUM! That is a constant, but I have lots that come and go, like crab rangoons and pizza.
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Yeah - nacho cheese sauce (TG for Taco Bell!!) and Mexican food in general. Yeah.....real good food.
Oh, and yogurt in any form......

What grosses me out -
Chinese food
sweet cookies
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I've been craving apples, pears, gingerale and rice ...I could eat rice all day!!
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Grapefruit juice! The more sour the better. But then, I'm also trying to get rid of a cold and grapefruit juice is fantastic for clearing the ickies out of my throat.

Hmm, anything with cheese is big on my list lately, but that is fairly common for me.

So far, nothing that I just HAVE to have.

The only avoidance so far has been chicken, it's just not appealing. Oh well.
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This is gonna sound sooo gross...grilled cheese with BBQ sauce. I ate that last night at like 9 o'clock. It tasted better than anything!

Oh, and nachos! I use Campbells fiesta nacho cheese sauce, and have mowed through like three bags of tortilla chips!

Anything actually normal or healthy makes my stomach turn.:
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Everything bagels with cream cheese
Tomato, provolone and mayo sandwiches
Goat cheese

I like reading these, it gives me ideas of things I *might* want to consider eating.
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Ditto bagels & cream cheese.
Also bread & butter.

Though normally I drink room temp water, now I want it iced or very, very cold.
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another bagels with LOTS of cream cheese,
japanese food with ginger dressing, mmmmmmm i'm dying for some right now!!

After having this over the weekend, i think this is the only thing that will satisfy me now!! Lots and Lots of fried rice, chicken, and veggies..mmmmm!!
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I think I ate ten fresh spring rolls this weekend (the ones with the rice paper and noodles, carrot, bean sprouts and basil dipped in peanut sauce). My husband kept asking what I'd like and that was the only thing I could think of that sounded good. It has to stop though, or I need to buy stock in a thai/vietnamese take-out place!
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And chinese food!
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Tomatoes! Anything with tomatoes - they just taste soooo good. We've been having a lot of spaghetti, lasagna, tomato soup, sandwiches with tomatoes, homemade pizza, etc.
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