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today guacamole sounds REALLY good. with restaurant tortilla chips.
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I wish I was craving *something*. Instead, it's what I can eat without feeling profoundly nauseous... salt and vinegar potato chips, toast, sour berry dots, popcorn. I did eat a greek salad once but that has seriously been the ONLY green in weeks and weeks. Hardly eating any protein whatsoever. I'm just hoping I'll catch up later on. I just can't eat well right now at all.

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doe any one else get nausiated(sp?) just reading this thread or is it only me??? I dont mean it offensively to any ones cravings but for some reason reading about food makes me feel soooooooo gross!
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i want fresh sweet yet tart cool fresh raspberries. lots of them, to be slowly eaten, one at a time.
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Yes this thread is nauseating.
My tastes don't change on a daily basis- they seemed to change mid-meal! I'll crave something take two bites then want to throw the rest away! Oh my god!

Everything in my fridge looks disgusting and I have stopped cooking all together.

And the stuff that makes me feel the least nausea are the stuff that is hard to digest (bread! and carbs) So at the rate I'm going- I'll definitely be as big as a house in two weeks.

How do I trick myself into easting fruits and vegetables (which is what i used to eat all the time- along with lean meats) I seem to hate them all right now. Only seem to want pork, rice, bread, pasta *sigh*

I thought soft cheese was bad for you? Is cream cheese ok?
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Don't worry too much about the first trimester. It's tough to eat well when you're having all that m/s. Your appetite for more varied fare will return when the nausea fades. In the meanwhile I think you should eat whatever sounds good to you.

Any pasteurized soft cheese is fine. This definitely includes cream cheese! I've actually found that even my goat cheese, feta, brie, and the like are pasteurized. As long as you check for that, you're golden.

Food is finally starting to sound good to me again. Unfortunately, it's not really healthy stuff that I'm craving. I had an actual dream last night about Taco Bell burritos and a Wendy's Frosty!
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lol.... you know my MW mentioned that alot of times our cravings are becuase our body is lacking some thing or needs extra.....

Could my Sundae cravings mean I need more calcium? lol
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I'm craving oranges and orange juice. The oranges craving is great, but I need to watch my calorie and sugar intake with the orange juice.
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Hey, WhiteWax, you're post is right above mine, and I noticed that we are due date buddies!
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Lime popsicles! I ate a whole box of them yesterday. And after reading a while ago that someone was eating Ramen noodles, I have those a few times a week.

Almost everything else is gross to me still. Cooking is out of the question. Don't know how I'm going to manage hosting Thanksgiving next week.

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Oranges and Pomegranates

That is all that souds good. I have been eating tons of fruit and way too many grains. I need to get some protein and green veggies in!!
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apples....lots and lots of juicy, crisp, apples. Dh has been running out to our local orchard every week to buy big bags of apples fresh from the trees.

That and strawberry/yogurt smoothies. A handful of frozen strawberries, a few scoops of low fat plain yogurt, and a splash of seltzer. Mmmmmm...heaven!
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Hey Baby Birds Momma... ::giggles:: I noticed in your intro that we were due date buddies! lol Welcome welcome! lol also our little girls are almost the same age too! lol mine was born in July though

Hey... Did I tell you guys that DP ran out to the store the other night at 12:30 am to get me some green grapes!!!!!!!! I felt like I was living a comercial! lol
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Sourcrout, I ate an entire jar in the course of one week, I know that is soooo gross, but ummmmm it was so good too! . Salt and vinagar potato chips, and I just finished off a jar of pickled okra. I really don't like anything sweet as it makes my ms way worse, Absolutely NO garlic!! I can't even stand to think about it, this coming from an Italian who cooked with it daily. I need protein, don't want it but it is the only thing that will settle my blood sugar, I am going to a vegan potluck tonight, what am I going to do
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ohhh orange juice cravings usually mean boy!! I craved oj with my ds and not craving it this time (along with other things I think this one is a girl). I just want baking, lots and lots of baking
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Tons and tons of organic apples! Also refrigerator Vlasic pickles, preferably with bits of lunchmeat wrapped around them! So cliche, but......
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now that my ms is subsiding i can't get enough food i am starving all the time and since this morning i have been craving a roast beef sandwich with cheese ans sauce ans a spinach roll, last night i dreamed of a haddock sandwich!
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I too have become a bottomless pit. (*sigh*) Ok time to try and "control" it somehow before I gain all my pregnancy weight this month.
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I'm still having trouble eating enough, so I should be craving sweets or fatty foods. Instead, I'm craving sushi. I've had four cucumber rolls in the last three days! I finally caved and went out to the asian market yesterday to buy the ingredients. It's a trek, and I'd run out of some of the things I needed, but I can't afford to eat at a sushi place every day!
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the other day I was stopping to pick up an egg sandwich drom dunkin donuts for dp and myself... (he was home waiting) Well I got his sandwich... and then I also got one for myself... and then I got a toasted bagel tooooo!!!! I ate my egg snady in the dar and threw out the paper before I got home and then ate the bagel with him so he wouldn't know I had already had something!!!!!!

lol... I'm not always that bad but for some reason I was soooo hungry!!! lol usually I can't finish my meal.
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