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Eczema challanges abound!!!

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I have researched, seen dermatologists, tried homeopathic and the dreaded cortisone (felt so guilty) on my 4 month old who has eczema on her face, arms, legs, back. This is such a difficult disease to deal with, I am frustrated. It is unknown to me what I can do, if anything. When I turn my head for a nano-second I find her digging at her head trying to relieve the itching. She ends up with a bleeding scalp. This leads me to apply the nasty 'scriped steroid cream cortosone. The rashes then go "underground" and pop back after a day without the 'scripted cream. Poor baby girl....

I have put myself on a strict vegan no wheat, low acidic diet with the addition of fish. I take acidopholus and EFA's. I use borage lotion and florasone cream daily. I bathe her rarley and use Weleda calandula soap when I do. These things were suggested by other Mothering moms in this forum. Thank you.

Kaya was born vis section and I was given an incredible amount of antibiotics. I am wondering if this is a link to her "allergic reactions" known as eczema.
Even the dermetologist is at a loss. I think the medical community of the western kind is dying and grasping for air with their "quick cures".

Should I find a holistic MD?? Acupunture?? Reiki??
Does anyone have any experience discovering what baby needs when allergies develop?? Eczema is rampant in our society, what is going on? I almost feel it is a barametor for our western urban lifestyles. Does anyone else feel this way?
Maybe I am going off the deep end...........
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My ds (1) has extreme eczema...and has since he was 3 months. I've done some NAET (a natural, non-invasive treatment to get rid of all allergies) with great success.....after a few treatments, he cleared up about 85%. We are going to continue (we have to travel for treatments) so we haven't done any for awhile.

With my son, his allergies are mostly processed foods. If it comes in a box or package or can, he will probably react to it. I also have tried about 1000 creams, oils, etc. and finally found something basic that he doesn't react to. It took awhile for me to figure out he was reacting to so many different creams & oils too.

When we eat something that he reacts to, I have resorted to putting socks on his hands so he doesn't scratch to the point of bleeding. He usually only scratches when he gets tired, so he goes "hands free" most of the time.

I've also found success rubbing wet tea bags of cammomile tea and licorice tea on his skin. It really helps take the "edge" of the itch.

I hope some of this might help. Good luck.
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My dd had very bad skin when she was younger. I'm sorry to say that the only thing that helped was the streriod cream used in combination with oatmeal soak baths and then a good rub down of Nivea cream (not lotion) when she was still wet. She would even get these horrible infected patches from so much scratching (in her sleep mostly). She never had any food triggers however.

She has mostly grown out of it now. She still has very sensitive skin (no dyes, perfumes, artifical colors on her skin...which means no body glitter a very sad thing when you are 8)
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Dairy and sugar are the triggers in my family.
Have you eliminated sugars too?
Also the homeopathic sulphur can be very helpful and is the most common used that I know of. There are other homeopathic remedies but it depends on the exact symptoms. Seeing a homeopath or naturopath could be very helpful.
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My son as of yet has not developed eczema, but I have had it most of my life. The only thing that helped me was acupuncture.
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I was poking around looking for something else and I found this link. It might be of interest to you.


good luck.

btw..there is a thread on vax about eczema and I think chicken pox vax. just a side note.
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