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Period back at 6wks PP?

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Is it really possible that I already got my period back? : I'm only 6wks PP. I've been BFing my twins since day 1. I initially bled/spotted for just over 2 wks and havent had anything since. Then this morning I started bleeding and it seems to have gotten a bit heavier through the day. Is something wrong with me or can this actually be my period coming back already? (I was REALLY looking forward to not having it for some time : )
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Have you been 'overdoing it'...not sleeping enough?
I guess you COULD get your period back...but I would think you'd be a nursing queen with TWINS ya know? But everyone's body is different...
I hope someone has some definite information for you!!
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I dont think I could possibly be "overdoing it". I havent been doing any strenuous activities and I've actually been sleeping pretty well (4-5hrs at night and a nap here and there throughout the day)... thats why I'm sooo puzzled by this. My sister didnt get hers back for 15months with her first baby, and she only had 1
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Probably a stupid question--but are you exclusively bfing both twins? My neice would nurse one and the other got formula...then next feeding she'd switch...for whatever reason, she got her period back in only a few months (4 I think)...
But, if you are exclusively bfing both, and not overusing pacifiers or other substitutes, I'd think you'd hold off on your period longer...
BUT, I'm not a medical professional...and haven't had biology 101 for many many years! So, hopefully someone wiht more knowledge will post!
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Well...hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT it is definitely possible to get your period back so soon...I got mine at about 6 weeks pp and KIera was breastfeeding exclusively like every hour or so...I even went on the mini pill and that still didn't keep it away...My MW told me some women are just very "blessed" and get it back right away. I do seem unusual though - all of the people I know who have BF haven't gotten it back for at least a year! HTH!
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I have ebf all of my children and extended bf at that but that didn't stop AF from coming. I usually get it back at 6-8 weeks PP. Nursing never seemed to have an effect in delaying AF, and absolutely no effect as birth control.
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Oh no! I was looking forward to another year of no period! If it happens to you ladies, it definitely could happen to me! I think it was around 8-9 mo pp when I got it back with dd...oh sigh, I was hoping for even longer this time!
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It may be your AF but it also may just be some hormonal thing. If you are exclusively BFing on demand any bleeding for the first 56 days is considered to not be a sign of resumed fertility. Good luck!
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I agree that it *could* be some hormonal thing. After my first I had a little bit of bleeding at 6 weeks that my mw told me was af. But it wasn't! It only lasted about 2 days, and I didn't get af...or my fertility...back until 23 months pp.

I hope that's the case with you!
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Well...lets hope you are not fertile as soon as I was ...I sure was - dd #2 was ceonceived when dd#1 was 9mo and EBF...I'm one of the lucky ones!
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The same thing happened to my sil who was bfing. She thought she got her period early, but it turned out to be still left from the birth. She didn't get her actual period until around 9 mths pp.
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Originally Posted by ladybugchild77 View Post
Well...lets hope you are not fertile as soon as I was ...I sure was - dd #2 was ceonceived when dd#1 was 9mo and EBF...I'm one of the lucky ones!
I count myself as one of the lucky ones too--I got pregnant 5 months after my last pregnancy, and I was nursing constantly. I didn't give my DD solids until she was 10 months old! I am one fertile Mama!
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After my first I had a period (five days of heavy bleeding, cramping, looked just like a period) 9 weeks postpartum (two weeks after I stopped bleeding).

My midwife told me to 'wait and see', if it returned the next month it was a period, and if not it was a "return of postpartum bleeding".
It wasn't a period.

After my second I had a period (five days of heavy bleeding, cramping, looked just like a period) 7 weeks postpartum, about two weeks after I stopped bleeding.
But I wasn't breastfeeding, so I waited for it to come back.
And waited, and waited... and it turned out it also wasn't a period - I had conceived just prior to it and I honestly have no idea what that bleeding was!
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Yes, it is possible. My friend even got pregnant a month after having her girl - and she was breastfeeding full-time around-the-clock! (Be careful about that, btw). You can always double-check with your midwife.
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It's possible to get your period back that soon, or it could be just a weird fluke. I have a friend who got her period back about the same time but that was the only one and then she didn't have another one for 3 yrs!
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Yes it is possible. I got mine back on ds' 1 mo b-day. I was really disapointed. I was looking forward to a longer break. We have always EBF but we were a little slow to catch on nursing. Maybe that is why it came back so quickly.
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I didn't think it was my period at 6 weeks post partum because I was bf'ing on demand. I just thought it was pp bleeding starting back up.
Sure enough, I got my period again 28 days later.

How I got pregnant with Daphne was having sex 2-3 weeks after I had Darlene.
Some of us just get our fertility back quickly!
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I'm pretty sure I'm having my period exactly 1 month postpartum. Aside from 3 or 4 days where we supplemented (like an ounce once a day without changing our nursing schedule) I have been EBF. My PP bleeding tapered to just a tiny pink tinge on the tp, then Monday came back as red blood again.
Talk about disappointing!!!
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