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good morning, ladies!!

absolutely nothing going on over here. i'm on cd26 with no signs of O. i vascillate between being really angry and frustrated with these weird cycles and being grateful that my body is giving me more time to prepare. i just have a hard time getting over the fact that i've ovulated only ONCE in almost 4 months.

i've channeled my frustration to work on things i actually CAN control -- like working out (i've lost 3 pounds!) and searching for the perfect standard poodle to rescue. it's actually working out really well.

i do want a baby with all of my heart, but i am doing everything i can to fascillitate that, the rest i have to the leave up to god. in the meantime, i'm enjoying keeping my head and hands full of other good things.
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Christy1980 - please move me to waiting to know.

I'm at dpo 5 and just trying to take it easy. I promised my DH that I'd concentrate on job hunting and I've been focusing on that. I may be close to getting a job, I will hear this coming week. I have to say that it has helped to keep my mind off of ttc. And that has been good for me since I am a tad bit obsessive!

I'm sure there is a pattern to my moods. I think FF should also graph moods to see how they correspond to your cycle!! Funny!

I'm now very excited about Jezzy's chart!!!!
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mosesface- here's hoping you O soon. And way to go for rescuing a dog! We just got our rescue dog (Lab mix) two months ago (she was taken by Detroit Animal Police for some unknown reason, transferred to a rescue organization and now she's our little pooch!) and she's added so much fun to our lives. We didn't realize how robotic it had all become until she jangled things up a bit!

I've always enjoyed cooking, but since TTC, I have become a maniac. I cook constantly. We have two refrigerators and two freezers, and both freezers are packed! I've also been canning and baking up a storm. Hopefully it will come in handy in those first few months when I feel too tired to cook after work, or in those first few weeks of bonding with the baby. In the meantime, I feel productive, and my house fills with all kinds of good smells.

ann109- I totally hope we meet up at some point- you seriously sound like my kind of people! You're in the Detroit area, yes?

Jezzy- I am also on a chart watch- your chart looks awesome! We should really pick a "chart/charts of the week" to stalk!"
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grief you guys move quick! :

jezzy, is this your first clomid cycle? I remember mine and i was SOOO impatient! I tested + at 12dpo. Good luck to you hon!

I'm breaking out the big guns this cycle. Got a list for the health store a mile long! Hoping the vitex really does work as a natural clomid, my post-O hormones need it bigtime! But hooray for a normal lp, first o'ing cycle, previous problems, and NURSING!
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DoulaClara - Me too. I'm cooking and baking like mad. And I'm so experimental, trying out new things like I never used to. Funny!
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Hi everybody!

CD 9 over here. I'm just getting over a bout of bronchitis. : I had to take a Zpack and some prescription cough syrup and it's making me extra juicy. For some reason I feel as if I'm going to O earlier than I did two months ago. This is my slow ovary's turn to spit out an egg and I usually don't O until around CD 18, but I'm so juicy right now, and RANDY!!!! I want to jump DH every time I see him, but I know that we don't want to burn ourselves out before we really get into it (CD 12-20). I don't know if I can hold out though.

I've had some really strange dreams lately. I had a dream the other night that I was in the hospital (I'm planning on a homebirth) having a baby and the OB tells me to prep for a c-sec. I told him nothing was wrong and he starts giving orders to the nurses. In the dream I think, "maybe if I squat the baby will come down quicker" so I do and then I see a head crowning. Then I give a push and this beautiful little baby comes out. The baby was really slippery so I couldn't get a good grip, but she was gorgeous! : I was so happy and then I was wondering where DH was. I woke up. Then I had a dream last night that I was helping another woman have her baby. Basically I just caught. I even did the perineal support as the head was crowning. That was cool. I think it's a sign. Then last night we're at a family style birthday party and my DH's best little buddy (9 month old) christens him with a good old puke. I told him that he's been marked for parenthood. Anyways, that's the update. No O yet, but we're waiting and watching....
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Changes made to here!

AF is sooooo kicking my butt today! : HUGE clots and BAD cramps!

Jezzy!!! wow, I'm watching you!!! I wish you didnt have to wait so long to test!! but I'm sure you feel more anxious than I do, lol!!

Welcome, Jyn!!
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Cross posting this between TTC in our 20's and here, just because now I'm a bit more... focused.

I have had cramps all morning. All of a sudden, they're getting much worse. I'm on 7 DPO, and part of me is wondering if my knowing that this day is a good chance for implantation is making it worse, or what. I do know that it wasn't this bad until I watched a fake eye test that a friend forwarded to me, where at the end you are concentrating on a fake eye test, and a horrible ghoul pops out and screams at you. Now it's turning into a "very interesting sensation." It's requiring a lot of my attention.

Any advice would be really happily accepted. I may take some advil or something and go lay on my bed for a while.

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Still waiting to O. Ugh, for the last 3 weeks I've been waiting to O. Cd 23 and who knows when I will. Last cycle was my first cycle charting and I o'd on cd 27. It'd be really great if it happened again around that time (honestly it'd be really great if it happened cd 14!). I've never had a predictable cycle though and it always varies in length so I'm trying not to get my hopes up for o-ing in the next few days.

I know it sounds silly but I really REALLY wanted to be able to tell the family at Christmas that I was prego and it seems that is quickly slipping away. I had this whole fantasy in my head of how it would go and how great it would have been. I know there is still hope as long as I ovulate sometime in the next few weeks but I guess I'm just feeling down about the whole thing.
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shelsi, i'm right there with you (and my name is rachel, too!). no telling when the egg is going to drop, but every day that passes i realize that the chances of a great christmas reveal are dwindling.

in fact, i've already secretly started on plan B, the great valentine's day reveal!

i have never had unpredictable cycles. i mean, i've never had the perfect 28 days, but i can't remember a month of my life since i was 12 years old that i haven't had a period. so this whole 70 day cycle thing has thrown me for a loop. i'm trying to be more calm about it this time (i'm on cd26) than last and just trust that everything will come together at the right time.
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Christy 1980, you don't owe me an apology at all. We all say stuff from time to time--I knew where you were coming from, I'm just one naked nerve ending over here right now. It's all good.
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So, I had a margarita today to relax for our anniversary and very shortly after I started to get cramps....Do you think that the two are related?? Do you think it means anything??? I really hope my doctor has some answers for me on Wednesday because I am exhausted over my body refusing to work properly.
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Fishie, not too sure. Still having issues with cramps myself, but not as badly as earlier today. I think a hot bath helped a little.

Here's to hoping for both our sakes that it's a little fertilized egg wiggling its way into the cozy linings of our wombs.

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Please move me to Waiting for December. Dh is going to be out of town on cd 15-18 for me this month. I usually o on cd 16-17. Frustrating to "waste" a cycle, but nothing I can do about it.

And in other news, I got my first stupid comment about ttc today. A friend came up to me at church today and told me that I looked like I had lost weight. As I was smiling and thanking her, another "friend" - the mom of one of my babysitters- came up and said "Well, you'll have to loose weight before you get pregnant. Loose some weight and that's when it will happen." : Seriously, why do people say things like that? What could possibly make that a socially acceptable thing to say?
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Oh Stacymom--- So sorry about the rude people....looks like we've all got one.
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Changes made to here!

all around today!! I think we've all had some kind of crazy remarks from others about TTC the past week or so!!! This is why TCOYF should be in high school libraries and used as a sex-ed textbook, instead of teaching girls that "it only takes 1 sperm and you'll get pg the 1st time you do it!!" That just sets us all up for failure when we WANT to get pg.
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subbing... nothing new here, just waiting to poas (next weekend) if AF doesn't show. :
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my parents took us out for dinner and boy was it YUMMY!!!!!!
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Thought I should add...

My nipples feel like I have razor blades in my bra!!!!! The ONLY time I ever remember them hurting like this is if I have underdressed for cold weather....it was 85 today!! AAAAAHHHHHH....good thing doc isnt doing an exam, ouch!
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