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Ryans Birth Story

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We finally got to meet our baby. First all of the stats. Born on October 26th, 2006 at 3:39AM. He was 8lbs. 10oz. and 20 inches long. He's absolutly perfect.

About 3 weeks before my due date my MW noticed my BP was raising. We tried to fix the problem via vitamins but those didn't bring it down low enough. She suggested I see chiropractor. I did, and I'm not sure how much help she was. She got a BP reading of 150/108 and sent me off to see a doctor close by. That doctor refused to see me because I was pregnant. I discussed it with my MW and she reccomended an OB she has heard great things about. She made an appointment for us, October 25th, the EDD of our baby. Before we got to see the OB my MW did a blood test to see if I had preeclampsia, the test results came back as early pre-e. We saw the OB and realized right away what an awesome OB he was. He works really well with midwives.

11:00AM At the OB he checked me and I was around 2cm. My BP was still high and he thought it best for baby and myself to go in that day if possible for an induction. We agreed that was the best thing we could do. So we went into Labor & Delivery right after our appointment with him.

12PM In L&D got hooked up to an IV for the GBS antibiotics and the Pitocin. After the rounds of antibiotics the nurses would unhook me from everything so I could get up and walk around to help labor get going.

The rest I don't really recall the times things were happening so bare with me.

I spent a few hours with mild contractions, hanging out with family and waiting for things to get going. Walking and sitting on a birthing ball. The doctor checked me at some point and I hadn't progressed any so he decided to break my water.

Next thing I knew I was on the birthing ball with some pretty strong contractions and my MW (who I think arrived around 5 or so) was helping me with breathing techniques to get through them. They kept getting stronger and I went to get back into bed and my MW asked why and I said they were getting very intense but she suggested I stay on the birthing ball to help things open up. I decided to try to stand putting all my weight on someone while swaying, it helped a little but I really just wanted to lie down.

DH was helping the MW with the coaching which was very helpful. He climbed onto the bed with me and breathed with me through the contractions. They just got way to intense for me so I asked for an epidural. MW and DH told me I was doing so good and believed I could make it without it, but I just couldn't do it. It took the guy over an hour to give me my epi because he was caught in a c-section. I was so relieved when it kicked in.

The doctor checked me after the epi and I was only around 3cm, and it was well into the night by this point. I fell asleep for about an hour, the nurse woke me up to checked me and I was 9 and half cm! She said in about 30 minutes I'd be ready to push. I was already starting to feel the urge at that point.

She came back later on with the doctor and they set up everything and got me ready for delivery. I pushed for a few minutes with not much change so the doctor decided to wear off the epidural so I could feel what I was doing. And that did the trick, I pushed for about 30 minutes and we had our baby!! I had 2 very minor tears and didn't require any stitches.

It wasn't the homebirth we planned on but I think due to the great Doctor we had, our birthing experience was a very good one. I was in the hospital from Noon on the 25th until Noon on the 27th.

We've had our 2 day check up with the MW and we are both doing great. He's becoming a nursing pro
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Congrats again and thanks for sharing your story! And I looked at the pic you posted in the other thread - what a cutie! : Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations!! Welcome baby Ryan!!
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Congratulations on your new arrival! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome baby Ryan!!
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